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  1. hi im needing some help asap as iv lost my only key for my altezza, how will i go about this , i phoned toyota and they want £1200 for new barrels,ecu ect, i have acces into the car and it has an after market sigma alarm, but can not start the car ! all help is most appreciated :winky:
  2. hi , im wondering wich dump valve is most suitable for working threw the supercharger, im running 7 psi of boost at the moment is this enought to run a bov!as i notice (Mr sing) had one on his altezza, and were can i get a light weight pulley wheel to increase the psi a lttle ! any helpls appreciated
  3. hi there i want to clear a few things up, can i fit an lexus sport lsd to my auto alteza!, im soon getting an intercooler fitted and its a large one for my supercharger will i gaet a loss in pressure i.e bosst ect or is there only really a gain on fitting this !, and finally i was thinking of fitting a dump valve either blitz supersound or hks sequential ! can these be heard and work ok through a super chrager , any help is appreciated
  4. checked out prolex and that but there does not seem to be one stated for either tezza or is200/300 ! were else could i get one or does anyone know the max sizes of the intercooler that can be fited on the altezza without stripping stuff out
  5. needing help getting a intercooler for the tezz that will fit behind bumper without stripping air con ect ! i know u can get the blitz one for this but ill not be paying the £850 they are asking when i can get one just as good for less than half the price , this may need to be slimline ect but was wondering if anyone had this problem thereself, piping is not a problem as i can make custom myself but would buy if not to pricy , any help would be appreciated
  6. yea i understand but cant brash boys only do this!
  7. hi mate is the power fc for an auto/triptronic tho as dont think manual one will work
  8. hi im after a power fc for my altezza auto/triptronic were are these available from! any help would be appreciated
  9. hi guys im lookin for a new splitter for the rear of my altezza as mines has been severally burnt from my exhaust spitting flames lol can anyone help, preferably a twin exit if poss as im putting on a dual exhaust , any help would be appreciated , thanks
  10. iv got a blitz sus filter thats really good
  11. mate i got a supercharged altezza without intercooler ect and it kickin out 270 bhp, i hear people talkin about this final drive ! what will this achieve on an auto
  12. i have now put my tezza on for sale if anyone is intrested
  13. wanting a honda s2000 and hopefully turbo it or a p1 subaru inpreza , thats what i was thinking of around that price , cheers mate
  14. Hey ppl im thinkin of putting my 1999 s/c altezza rs200 up for sale shortly , the car has got the blitz supercharger system fited, ful leather retrim,4 new toyo tyres and tenzo deep dish rims , hks silent high power syatem, 103k on clock but have new engine fited when supercharger was fited wich just had 33k so be around 55k on engine now, engine fully powdercoated in candy blue,triptronic,full standard legana trd kit, carbom bonnet, full service history, running approx 275 BHP . i dont know how much i should advertise this for and thats were i need ure help!
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