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  1. well the cars been recovered 10 or 15 miles away in a dump of an estate. unmarked, and no signs of false plates being on it, but forensics were powdering it up yesterday in search of prints anyway. Keys havent been found so locks, ignition and anything else they're linked to will need changing. Quite expensive i should imagine. The front door on the other hand alot cheaper, £50 excess and they're replacing the whole panel.
  2. my advice would be to get a tracker fit if there isnt already one on you car stav. the SLK200 she had last year had one and my bosses cars have them. Mums SLK never got pinched but my bosses car did. Police found their car (with driver) before they even arrived at the house to take a statement all because of the tracker. money well spent for the best piece of mind possible.
  3. So i was woken this morning to the sound of the window on my front door being smashed. went to investigate and discover some thieving C*** had grabbed the keys to my Mothers A4 cab and the car itself. Police were quick to respond but dont seem too sure as to weather the car will be recovered or not. Its nothing too exotic but the colour (gold) is rare as rocking horse poop so i think its going to get ringed and we'll never see it again. Mums on holiday in Bulgaria, so its not news she's going to welcome upon her return. Just thoought i'd share the news as it's infuriated me that there's people who wont buy a car they want and have to resort to p!55!ng others off by taking theirs. Now i have to take the day off work, sort out the home insurance to get the door fixed aswell as try and get the car insurance company to act now rather than when mum returns on Sunday.
  4. thanks guys. got it sorted in the end. There's a bit of recovery software in windows that i used and it sorted it.
  5. that takes me to the 'setup' options like chosing which drive to boot from first etc. ill have another look though.
  6. does anyone know how to access the bios on this series of laptop? my friend has one thats crammed with viruses and wants to factory restore it. Ive found somewhere thats say's to hit ALT + F10 on the white acer screen when its loading but its not working. I've tried CTRL+ALT+DEL, CTRL+ALT+ESC, F10 on its own and non of them work. Can anyone on here help?
  7. personally i think the 'LEXUS' and the 'IS200' badges look better below the fog lights. but leave the 'L' logo where it is above the boot lock.
  8. is the cable visible from the underside of the car?
  9. So i set of to work today, everything was fine. I pulled into a collegues drive as we car share and pull the hand brake up. It was really tight and wouldnt click into place. i jumped out of the car and ran round it looking at each brake caliper and disk but couldnt see anything. i got back into the car, drove it foreward a meter or so then reversed it the same distance. there was a couple of creaks when i pressed the brake pedal to stop but when i attempted to put the hand brake on it worked. I reversed the car into a parking spot and applied the hand brake, then killed the ignition and released the foot brake. the car lowered slightly (as it always does when i park it facing down a slope) well, with the exception of the front drivers side this time. Does anyone know what could be the cause? I'm hoping its just a seized brake as there is no damage that i can see to the disk's. The cars parked at my collegues house and i cant do anyting until tomorrow afternoon but would love to know whats happened as its going to drive me mad not knowing until then. cheers guys.
  10. now i see what you mean. Hydraulic susspension? im assuming you're drive doesnt really allow you to reverse the vehicle in. could you disconnect the electrics that make the tail gate open automatically? I know it would be taking away a feature of the car, but not when you compare it to what it may cost to have to get the tail gate re-painted. or swap your garage doors for some side opening ones!
  11. maybe Lexus Contact Centre GB could answer the question Tango. Must say it does sound like a lot of money, even though its a Lexus, i'd still prefer the Nissan. Chris.S did you ever sort things out with work? last time i was on the site you had handed in your notice.
  12. if only you were UK based id send you mine (with a fee for doing them of course)
  13. think he'll want to clean them too Rob. Got the same problemo on with mine, just couldnt afford a new set if i did mess up!
  14. is it really as simple as that sorted?
  15. have just been emailed by a mate, telling me where to go in the GFI configuration. Thanks for the suggestions though guys.
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