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  1. im about to do a few this week if your interested?
  2. i can help you with one of these if you cannot get hold of fargo?
  3. dont believe everything you read on the internet... i can 100% assure you that they dont make anything for either Toyota or VW..
  4. errr.. excellent quality??? compared to what?? they are far from excellent.. You will notice an improvement with a new HU, again if you go for a good set of fronts (look around the £100/£150mark)even more so if you went for a good amp to power them.. I have put these MB Quart in a few is200s and they sound great!! Make sure to fit a good mdf mount..
  5. tte shocks... 18" wheels.. sits perfect, no probs on speed bumps..
  6. what amp are you running them off? have you set it all up correctly? people tell me all the time that they need rears then i have a play and as if by magic they are no longer needed!! Quite a few members on this and another club can testify to this!! as long as you have decent enough fronts,sub and a good amp i would put money on it that i can get it to sound better.. @eddie, i have put the MB quart rua's in quite a few is200's now and everybody has been happy with em.. The key to getting fronts sounding good is quality of installation...
  7. as i said, all depends on how much boot you can lose.. i use 2 12s as they give a good balance between fast punchy bass and low end.. i had the box specifically designed for the car and thesubs are pointed upwards toward the shelf, pretty much where the 6x9s would be.. I think this gives the best balance of SQ and bass i have done a few other IS's with subs pointing to the rear and on the side.. it depends a lot on space, the subs, available power(rms),the box, power supply.. what sub, amp, box, HU, power supply are you using?
  8. there is a simple formula which yeldard mentioned. 6x9's are not needed and ruin the soundstage unless you are going for a proper 5.1 surround system with appropriate decoder.. the box/install depends on what kind of sound you want. to put it simply, more bass you want the less boot space you will have.. i have found that putting a sub up behind the the skihatch results in a loss of low end and a strangled sound..
  9. Can anybody recommend a paintless dent removal service in/near harrow?
  10. i take it you are changing the oem stereo? if so you can use the standard bypass lead availiable on ebay and then you need a nav bypass unit. PM me if you cant find the nav bypass unit..
  11. i was hit by an uninsured driver. went to a solicitor recommended by a friend who made the claim through MIB who paid out for repairs within about 2months.. the resulting injury claim did take 12months but it all got sorted and it didnt have to go through my insurance at all.. ipaid for repairs myself and then MIB paid me the chq.
  12. its a bit more than a lead.. u need a sat nav bypass unit and a conversion unit. you also need to consider how you are going to route the sound oem hu or aftermarket? i can help you with this if you PM me..
  13. i cant see any real change in price point or tarriffs happening anytime soon..
  14. just announced today..
  15. switch the ign live and perm live around.. should be a red and yellow wire that you can swap over on the HU loom
  16. lookin good mr mole..does mrs mole approve? she couldnt believe how dark mine were form outside but how much you could still see from inside!! think it sealed the deal for ya!! @monster-matt, do u mean tint-r? if so pm me as we had a v-good price off him recently..
  17. are you saying the 5240 without sat nav etc or was that a mistake?? There is the 5024 @£464 (no Nav) the 5240 @£622 (Nav no Bluetooth) and the 5240bt @£699 (nav and Bluetooth) If its the 5240BT then its not bad. The Facia and the bypass lead are about £35 and you would be looking at £100/£150 in labour, if its the others then prob a bit too much.. PM me of your interetsed in one of these as i may be able to sort you out a deal...
  18. i walked round early evening after the OJC awards.. saw the LOC pitch next to clubaristo but no cars??
  19. if your replacing the screen with a sat nav all you need is the housing.. if you look in the sale section, i have one for sale there or PM me if your interested.
  20. i posted up at the time.. they also had one painted in red that was up for £120..
  21. not sure where these prices come from but Lexus nottingham were doing these for £100..
  22. mute lead is only needed if you want the stereo to automute.. i hate these as some phones will mute the stereo even if you just press buttons..
  23. i think its also a lot quiter on here now and allof the main contributers have moved/topic starters have moved on
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