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  1. Happy Birthday GarethParry!

  2. I use a Tom Tom and have a vent mount for it fits weel, keeps dirty marks of the windscreen and keeps it closer to the hands for easier use.
  3. Fact of the matter is some things just aint worth as much as others fact is something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Sounds like hes gonnna get loads of money for not very much though
  4. There is only one well no i mean 2 ways to stop s decent car getting nicked: 1. Buy summit crap like a metro 2. Dont have a car lol unfrotunately it dont matter what you have if they want it they will have it just gotta live with it unfortunately
  5. awesome i like it. Some people ask some stupid friggin questions
  6. good luck with it mate im sure all will be well you wouldnt have booked it if you weren't ready. Let us know how well it goes
  7. link aint working me thinkgs Hope you get what your after for car, whats the move for you gonna get anothre lexus when you get there
  8. Must admit i've ordered a set dont find that to be to expensive for a decent set, ill let you know what they are like when i get them. Plus you can have any pattern you want added to them for free and thats £60 plus heel plates adds more cost Id say its defo worth a look
  9. Welcome to the club mate good luck for the future with the car
  10. I was luck and walked away with a plate that looks good and cost me sod all. LX07 ***
  11. This aint just a lexus thing this is pretty much all cars with steering lock, when you get out if the lock is fully on then when you try to start it the car cant release it. Happens all the time with our work cars just turn wheel away slightyly from the lock and press the buttong.
  12. So Iain how did this go you got any pics cause im now looking at this as an option
  13. dude why are you being so loud are stop shouting :-)
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