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  1. Oh by the way don't forget, if you do opt for bigger 18"ers then your car WILL look soo much cooler but 18" tyres are more expenseive than 17"... just something to bear in mind...
  2. I've heard some bad things about Rota Wheels cos i was compelled to buy them for they're price tag (very cheap) and their designs (very nice) but searching on the Internet for Rota wheels i stumbled across some other car forums which revealed that Rotas are quite Cheaply made too and as a result they can't handle much stress especially if you want to do some sportier driving maneuvers on the road or track the alloys will crack and break at the spoke seperating the hub from the outer rim and you'll be left with an expensive repair bill that is unless you haven't crashed and died. I value my life more than my car or my wallet so i'd opt for a more trusted brand.
  3. 2 Lady Owners?? Hmm... Have you noticed the contact details on the PistonHeads ad? Please contact... mohammed imran!! What a joke!
  4. Hi guys, I've seen a picture of an Altezza with a front lip which i find realy nice but have no idea what it is or where i can get one from, does anyone have any clues? the link is here:
  5. bit more expensive than EP, but they do a version with a carbon lip that looks fab :) I noticed it states that it comes with all the teimmings (grill, fog lights and mesh), maybe the one EP Racing supplies doesn't come with these, I'm not sure as i forgot to ask when i E-mailed them for the quote...
  6. Perfect timing! I am considering getting one of them too! Just to let you guys know, I Emailed EP Racing a couple of weeks back for a quote and they said "The Lexus IS200 TR-Style front bumper is £210 + £25 carriage within UK mainland." I was also thinking, even if the FRP copies aren't perfect, you're not gonna be the one spraying and fitting them will you? I'm sure you, like myself intend on leaving that job to the professionals, the body shop, who will make it fit perfectly for you, all you need to be worried about is whether you can foot the bill. so I'd say you should look for a good body shop as the priority than if the FRP bumper is perfect cos it's not, even if it were perfect, i doubt we'd be paying £200 for it if you know what i mean... but anyway i'd be interested in the group buy if it works out...
  7. Sang

    Need An Exhaust

    Hi guys, I need to replace my exhaust so i was wondering if anyone living in the Kent area had a standard or performance exhaust they want to sell... Anyone?
  8. is the exhaust still available?
  9. Nocturnal has a point, most sports cars produced are generally set to understeer alittle at first rather than oversteer instantly for safety reasons. Usually road testers in magazines like Evo do mention this point in the cars they test but they usually just counter the understeer effect by putting in more throttle, I suppose it's a good thing because you learn to control the car so it does what you want rather than it biting you at every corner and roundabout, next thing you know you just crashed the car you spent thousands of pounds on... abit of a waste... and dangerous.
  10. That engine bay look's sweet! I'm suprised everyone else with superchargers don't put the old panels back in to cover everything up cos without them the engine isn't a exactly pretty sight and looks even more of a mess with all the modded bits everywhere. Style and substance... i like it. B)
  11. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this, are the standard exhaust systems on the S, SE and Sport all the same?
  12. Hi guys, i've been very very tempted by this Cobra exhaust that's on E-bay, has anyone else got one of these? any insights as to the quality? sound in town and on motorways? any pics? Item number: 400032653612
  13. Out of interest, how much did you want for it?
  14. does it sit perfectly center in the exhaust "arch" under the rear bumper? cos i'll want it... my exhaust has a hole somewhere and you can hear that it has a hole... it's soo embarrassing...
  15. That looks absolutely excellent! What size are those wheels?
  16. interesting bit of light being shed there, thanks guys. It's just a shame the manufacturers don't publish some sort of rating system to prepresent the damping rate so you can have a better understanding of just how much comfort you will be sacrificing for the sake of better handling and a more lower look. like spring rates on a new set of springs... cos once you bought and installed the system it's abit hard to change when you find that the ride is unbearable.
  17. I know there are many of us looking to improve the ride/handling or appearance of our Lexus' so most of us opt to upgrade to lowered sports springs, a whole sports suspension kit or a coilover set. The obvious knowledge is that lowering springs have different ride qualities due to it's spring rate, ride height, coil spec etc... compared to the standard springs but does anyone know what differences there are in aftermarket sports shock absorbers or the the shocks in your new set of coilovers? is the damping different from the standard OEM dampers? I've noticed there is very little to no information regarding these, does anyone here know anything on this subject?
  18. i got a Maxi-Cosi car seat with the Quinny three wheeled frame i think it's called the Quinny Buzz i think...
  19. I just had my MOT done too on my '99 SE auto and it passed though it did get a few advisory notes: corrosion on both front shocks, corrosion on the fuel filler hose and the exhaust is also corroded and leaking alittle exhaust gas... strange that considering it passed anyway... still, at least i have an excuse to uprate the suspension and exhaust in a few months time... :-)
  20. sounds good, thanks guys, i'll give it a try.
  21. What's Brasso? is that the brand or the product name?
  22. Does anyone have any remedies for the front head light unit? The plastic seems to have gone dull with age is there anything i can use to clear it back up so that it looks as good as new?
  23. it's about 5-6 inches deep, about the same as folding the sun visor down in a vertical postion...
  24. hi guys, i'm due for an MOT in a few weeks time and was wondering if my visor was legal to pass the MOT. it's not one of those solid vinyl stickers on the outside of the windscreen. it's a sheet of window tint stuck on the inside of the windscreen. i know that solid non-transparent vinyl visors are only allowed to be a certain depth but i have not heard anything regarding tints used as visor on the inside of the screen... Has anyone heard anything regarding this subject? I REALLY love it cos it makes the car look cool and i really don't want to rip it off unless i absolutely have to...
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