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  1. Instead of finding childish irresponsible ways to get out of a speeding ticket, just accept it. You were driving over the limit - 2 weeks after passing your test - what will you do after a year or two and your confidence gets higher (although it seems your confidence is beyond your capabilities at the moment)? Just to pick up on the point that 'sorted vti' made - how would you define 'reckless speed'? Is doing 90mph on a deserted motorway reckless, and is driving at 30mph through a school zone at 3.30/4pm perfectly reasonable? What about if there's kids in the road - is it still ok to do 30mph - you're still in the speed limit remember..... but a car hitting a child at 30mph is going to leave a few nasty injuries? The basis of any basic driving and emergency driving course is IT'S A SPEED LIMIT, NOT A TARGET. Rather than seemingly finding this whole thing funny and trying to think of ways to outwit the police and the courts - grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. My father used to say that to me when I was young and foolish, and he wasn't wrong.
  2. I think Alfa should make an F1 team. These days F1 is too much about science and not enough about racing. Get the Alfas, stick them on a race track, get some friends round with some beers and be amused as they all burst into flames and disintegrate every time they go through standing water and then watch as the little hot-headed Italian driver shouts and waves his arms around. Now that's racing.
  3. The Audi is proof that care in the community doesn't work. They shouldn't be released then they can't do that to cars!!
  4. I love Barryboys! If I'm ever feeling a little bit blue, looking through some of those heaps always cheers me up! The worst thing is, the morons that drive them actually think they look good! That's the most tragic thing about it. This one gets my vote: Eww!
  5. That's kinda cool - I bet Top Gear knew someone would do that. Having said that, it is kinda, what's the word....... sad???
  6. I would have told him where to get stuffed when he asked for fuel costs. Like you say, every business has its fair share of morons who are just out for everything they can get and for some people whatever you do simply will not please them. You were more than reasonable - maybe even too generous. It's definitely worth putting a disclaimer on - all the fancy equipment in the world can sometimes make a mess of things and a small 'get out clause' could save your bacon one day.
  7. I'm stuck too! As far as the photo shoots go, as professional photographer I can tell you that the '£20 shoot' is nothing of the sort. You get a shoot and then a small print which when you get there you'll find not good enough and want a bigger one. To get anything anywhere near decent you're looking at mega money. A small framed print will START at around £100 from most places. It's not uncommon for a client to pay for a £20 shoot and walk away having spent £500-1000 on prints - most of which is a profit. If there's any information anyone wants on this - PM me and I can point you in the right direction.
  8. I never thought much to the old model of those but the new one is nicer by far. They did a great job of designing the front but I can't help thinking the rear looks like a smacked arse. Those big gaping tail lights just look disproportionate to the rest of the car. Having said that if that's the worst thing that can be said about them they're doing ok.
  9. I smell a rat - doesn't seem kosher to me. The 'Sun' sticker you see in the newspaper article is not on the visible door for a start. Added to which the somewhat minimalistic description with appauling spelling and equally appauling grammar doesn't ring true somehow.
  10. Umm, having owned a 2005 IS200 and nearly bought a new IS250, I would have to say the 250 without hesitation. The old IS I could never help feeling was just a Toyota with the badges taken off and Lexus ones applied. I know the 250 is much of the same but I think it has more identity than the 200 and it is undoubtedly better both safety wise and mechanically.
  11. Hehe. That's funny. You'd almost think he didn't like him. They only have a right to sell it if it's their details on the V5 - if it's the ex-boyfriends details they have no right to sell it even though he didn't pay for it. I do love their sales attitude - they can't even be bothered to find out about it! A well deserved £100.
  12. I still believe that the 'super fuels' on normal cars give no more than a psychological effect. If you believe something is better then it doesn't matter whether it is or not your brain will trick you into thinking it is. I concur it may make a difference on higher performance cars and those with tuned engines but for a normal family saloon, I think not. My opinion only. However tests have been done and Which? What Car? and countless others all state that they are a complete waste of money. Look below for 3 pieces of research on the subject. Independant article Thisismoney article From Using Super Fuels "One of our users commented that using higher octane fuel than your engine requires actually gives no benefit and may be a waste of money. This is because virtually NO engines require 98 RON over 95, and the market for 'super' fuels seems to be based on people's misunderstanding of octane ratings and the placebo effect of filling up with 'more powerful' fuel - making motorists think their engine is running better in some way."
  13. That would be really annoying. Was it the Police that stopped you? You could have said something like you'd come to find a house that you'd seen for sale (that only works if there's a house for sale in the street). Maybe they'd have been sympathetic, then again maybe not. It does scream of money making through dubious means. Bite the bullet, have a rant, blame everyone else and then forget about it. That's what I'd do.
  14. They're simply excellent. They're useless for graphical games but for a tedious airline journey or any time you need a computer without the hassle they're right on the money. Plus you can buy them for the same as a Wii which makes them remarkable value.
  15. No they are cakes. They came from a chef called Jason Licker. Here's his website: Jason Licker
  16. Happy birthday mate. Thought you'd like these mini-birthday cakes....
  17. It's all very well saying you might get £8000 for it on a forecourt but if no one will buy it then the cars' actual value is £zero. It's only worth what someone will pay for it. Add onto that all the costs of advertising and all the hassle it costs and so on and you're not really any better off. When I sold mine (on an 05 plate) it was on sale for over a year at varying prices - from run of the mill private sale price to bargain basement and I didn't have one serious call about it and only 2 or 3 'enquiries'. Even trading mine in was a headache as hardly any dealer would touch it because of how difficult they are to sell. With cars that are a bit more tricky to sell, then I always think part ex is a better option - ok you don't get as much for it but that's the pay off for doing things the easy way. It's never the part ex quote that matters - it's the cost to change. If you do try to sell privately, wish you all the best.
  18. This is the most important thing. Give the inside of the windows a good clean with something like white vinegar and the misting should decrease a lot.
  19. You won't notice any actual difference on the first tank as far as I know. You'll need to run it for a few tanks before you notice any accurate difference. In my opinion, a lot of the 'super fuels' only actually give you a psychological benefit. I was the same when I put my first tank of V Power in a few years ago - you believe it's going to work therefore you convince yourself everything about the car is better because of it.
  20. Just thought I'd let you all know that on Friday I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and she said yes!! Woo hoo! She's a brave woman to take on the role of Mrs Coyote lol!
  21. What a touching story. After all, what use are toys when you don't like what they're in? Glad you've got what you wanted. :)
  22. There's a clue in the name - FOG lights. Sorry, little sympathy here - they dazzle other drivers and there's no need for them to be on. It looks ridiculous and is dangerous. Just keep them off in future. PS if you'd have read your highway code you should realise they are not permitted for use unless visibility is poor due to fog. Ignorance is no excuse.
  23. Very nice. I don't like the black wheels or the de-chroming on the newer one very much and I think the grey one looks much nicer. Out of the two I'd have the grey one without hesitation.
  24. I don't know what this is doing for your own health, god knows I'd be almost having a nervous breakdown after all this if I was in your position. With a huge dose of 'in my humble opinion', I would draw a line underneath everything that's happened - fight the £370 bill if you have a price of £130 in writing and then just leave it at that. Take your car in its current state and either get it fixed elsewhere, or, as I suspect you'll never be happy with the car ever again, just go and trade it in for something else and never go near Lexus again. I dread to think how something like this going on would affect ones state of mind or that of their families - you'll never be satisfied with what Lexus do for you (and I'm not saying you should be either) but it seems like they're not going to move - cut your losses and get out of the situation before it stops just being an irritation and it starts consuming every minute of your waking life.
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