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  1. PLEASE BEWARE IF YOU NEED TO SHIP WHEELS OR ANYTHING DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE The guy is a theif and a Crook. Just to give you an idea of how bad he is. I booked with him to collect a set of wheels and misc package from Scotland last year in December. I booked online and paid through paypal and was sent confirmation emails saying that my collection had been confirmed and would be carried out. Collection day came and the items where not collected please bear in mind this is before all the snow. Checked my emails to see if i had correspondance telling me that the collection had been cancelled but no emails at all. I sent an email to the and 2 days later i had an email saying that the confirmation emails where not really confirmation emails and that my actually collection was booked for 2 days conpletely different to what i had asked for. So contact the people i was collecting from and gave them the dates. Those dates and came and what a suprise no collection. Now this was when it was snowing so i understood if the colelction did not take place. anyway contact the guy again. 4 days later got a reply saying due to bad weather and every excuse under the sun it was not collected bla bla bla. Would you like to reshedule so i said yes and it was resheduled. We are now in January and all the snow is pretty much gone, i even rang the guy at one of the collection points to ask what the weather was like and he said "no snow, its fine people have been in and out of yard all day". So booked again and yet again no collection, i was at this point starting to get angry. So in the end i cut my loses and asked for a refund and got the items collected by someone else (first time aswell and cheaper). The guy would not refund me saying that it was down to snow (which stopped three weeks previous). So i raised a paypal dispute and have found out this morning that the claim has been setlle in his favour.......WHAT!!!!! checked the claim history and where is says tracking info rquested it has tracking info supplied????? how can this be when he never collected anything. So Lesson learnt don't use trust or even associate yourselves with the robbing little faggen Can we please try and filter this out to as many car forums as possible as would hate to think that anyone else would fall prey to the antics and suffer as i have.
  2. Spc Turbo Kit

    couldn't agree with you more mate.
  3. Call Of Duty Mw2

    purple1gorilla is mine i wondered who purple1gorilla was!! lol nas911 is my gamertag!! lol ROLEXLOC is mine
  4. Call Of Duty Mw2

    Unfortunately I have a proper console uh no mate
  5. Call Of Duty Mw2

    got it monday, almost finished the campaign, played a bit of multiplayer last night. Everybody get the xbox 360 gamertags up so we can get a LOC COD 4 MW2 skirmish on the go.
  6. plus the finished fitment and shut lines on plastic bumpers is always better then firbeglass.
  7. its fibreglass the ones you want are genuine toyota ones in polyurethene like what i had.
  8. Engine Upgrade

    ask ellz he had one fitted in his is200
  9. Ecu Harness Help Needed

    pm monster mat i think he has the wring diagrams for the is200 loom.
  10. Get yourself a HKS FCD and wire that in.
  11. Stainless Decatted Manifold

    bump ends in 2 days
  12. Carbon Fiber Bonnet - Seibon

    i think siebon maybe discontinuing them, i looked into a few bits for my is200 when i had it eyeids etc and found a lot of it had be discontinued.
  13. Nice one mate ...real VIP... no mate more like real FAST.........
  14. Stainless Decatted Manifold

    *****bump******* item is now on ebay item number 230383797774