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  1. Hi All, My Altezza CD player has the err3 error so I bought one out of a UK Lexus IS200 and the pins are different. Does anyone know how I can connect the radio to the cars wiring as shown in the picture. The radio looks like it has come from a car with an amp and the Altezza wiring is for a standard CD player. I have the car wiring to ISO converter so im looking for either new radio to ISO or new radio to car wiring adapter. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info, ill give them a try.
  3. Hi all, Im thinking about converting my car to LPG and was wondering if anyone had done it or if they know what the best kit is? Cheers
  4. Hi Everyone, The link for the error codes for the altezza is broken. Does anyone have the pdf they could send me please. Im having problems starting the car and I need to read the codes out and find out what they are. Thanks
  5. Maybe I didnt notice the noise because I think my exhaust is on the way out. I get a raspy noise around 3000rpm so there may be something loose.
  6. Does anyone have the SXE10 ECU pinout? The link on here and Tezza world is dead. Thanks
  7. All done. Cant say ive noticed more induction noise. I have noticed that you dont get the kick at 5000rpm anymore as the power delivery seems smoother. Definately worth doing.
  8. Ive blocked it off now and reset the ECU so it can take into account the extra air flow.
  9. What do you do with the vacuum pipe when you take it off. Do you block it off or leave it open?
  10. Hi All, I have a CK-UN-09 speedo converter on my car but the grey wire (ECU Output) is not connected to anything so the car is restricted. Does anyone know what wire i have to connect this to. Thanks
  11. Cheers, ill send him a PM now.
  12. Hi all, Can you recommend a speedo converter that removes the 180kmh limiter and is accurate. I have read about a few and they all claim to do this but id rather get one that you guys have and know to work. The one I have at the moment is 10% out (according to the nav) and does not delimit the car. Cheers
  13. WANTED Passenger side front wing in silver preferably with no damage. Had a nasty experience with a ball joint coming off. Thanks
  14. WANTED Lexus IS200 genuine 18" 6 spoke alloys. With or without tyres. If you are selling your car with these wheels i can part ex you the Lexus IS200 17" alloys. Thanks
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