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  1. I dont Mod my anymore, since i sold it back to the dealer a fortnight ago, no more Lexus for now, but you never know, i will be back...hehe
  2. You sure that a Garage and not a House, Tango....hehe :whistling:
  3. Get Auto, much much better, and this is from someone who never even though auto is fun to drive, until i tried a auto 250se, if i have the money, i would go for auto next time...
  4. Lol Gord, i love to do the same too, I have the space, I just dont have the money... :duh: ;) BTW the garage looking good matey... :)
  5. Sorry for the late reply matey, yes Ad-Aware manage to remove it, so now i have a copy of Ad-Aware on all my PCs and nephew PC and even sister-inlaw PC also, hehe Thank for the advices guys... :) :) :) :)
  6. Cheer Steviewevie, downing the Ad-Aware program now for him...
  7. Hi guys, need some advices for my nephew, hes getting a invoice of £49.99 from a company called Plattemedia (www.plattemedia) after clicking a pop up that popped everytimes he use his internet the last few days, it said that he had signed up for one of the site from this company, but my nephew had no ideas which site, in fact he dont even remember if he had signed up for any site at all, im worry this maybe a scam, does anyone here heard or know of this company? what kind of site do they operate? i can check what site my nephew may have signed up without knowing it from their website, but he had to download more program into his pc, which i dont like the ideas, so any advices with be very grateful. Regards Maz
  8. Aye, nice to see some pictures of your mods, and Welcome to the club Matey..
  9. Congrats matey, all the best with the new baby, and many more sleepless night, hehe..
  10. Doesnt those part have serial number that people can check on? if they have then it will be easier to check if the part on your car is new or old. btw i do use Lexus Leeds, in fact for the last 8 years, from the Mk I IS200 to the now Mk II IS220D, i dont have any problems with them yet (touch wood), hope you can get this sorted asap...
  11. I start my by just having the clutch all the way in, then press the start button till it start up, work every times...
  12. I hasnt been driving the car for a month, think the battery just went flat, my own fault, should had take it out every so often, but it just been sitting in the garage the last month or so as i been busy at work.... ;) ;) ;)
  13. Thank guys, AA came and got it started and its running fine now, but i will get one of those charge station just in case. Thank Don, will goto halford to have a look... Regards Maz
  14. just got a flat battery now and couldnt start my IS220d, so going to be waiting for the AA to come, but was wonder if those lighter socket jump leads any good to use? or can they damage the electronic in the car? or better to use a proper booster? Regards Maz
  15. Hi Steve, hope everything go well for you back in HK, may meet you there in the future, all the best matey... :) :) :)
  16. Thanks maz, having both is cool really :D Depend what your kids (or you hehe) want to play Gord... if you going to play alots of online games then go for X-box, but if you want to play normal single player games with better graphic and able to watch Blueray movies then go for PS3, personly i find the PS3 graphic better than X-box (not by much thus ), but Blue ray is very good if you have a HD set up, as i like playing Fifa online, i spend more times on the X-box than the PS3....and use the PS3 mainly for movies and single player games (eg GT5)
  17. for me it will be the X-box 360 for all the online games, as X-box live is much better than the Playstation online, but for single player games and bluerays i use my PS3 instead, yes i do have both machine, so i get the best of both world....hehehe :D :D :D :D
  18. Depended on your LUCK.... ;) ;) ;) ;)
  19. Good Luck with your car matey, and do pop back whenever you like, love to hear from you, as for the BMW, i tried to price one the other night using the BMW site, for a 320d, wih all the extra i want it bump the price up to £43000+, alots more than the IS220d SEL spec, shame i couldnt afford it or i want to pay that much for a car....will try save some money and may change my for another IS in 2 to 4 years times, for now i just have to mods and mods my for a while...
  20. We are Hull, We are Hull, We are Hull........wish we had 32 millions ( wish i had 32 millions hehe) ;) ;) ;) ;) :D :D :D
  21. a unit called the spider was mentioned some months ago by nate 73 who i think has since defected to audi,i don't know if he ever installed one though. I have this unit installed, did it on sunday. Makes so much difference. You can feel the extra power, the car has less of a flat spot before the turbo and the torque is awesome, just testing the mpg at the moment. So far im averaging the same but havent really drove economically yet, although i did today and was getting in excess of 48mpg but did you had a 5th Injector recall done? i had my done and the flat spot problem seem to be gone, so unless this device make it alots better even after the 5th injector recall, then i will question if its money good spend. also which one you fitted to your car? Spider® diesel tuning system or the Venom system? Regards Maz
  22. aye, but would like to find someone who had it done first just to see how good it is... :whistling: :whistling:
  23. Lol, very nive, not the way i like to test drive a Merc thus, hehe...
  24. found it, sound like the one i mention above.... with this one its 1bhp more and 10nm more Torque than the one above...
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