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  1. I've identified my preferred parking spaces at a couple of supermarket carparks - when the 'line painters' get near the end of the parking area they often don't have enough space left for 3 bays, so split them into 2 giving lots of room either side. Doesn't always work but worth checking out at your local supermarket. Also means my wife knows where to find me! (+ or -)
  2. Lasted 2 Weeks

    My thoughts exactly Alan - and I do have my bus pass which gives me free travel all over Scotland! For me, nothing beats traveling in my choice of car for all the same reasons - love it! And to throw another spanner in the works re petrol consumption here's my dash from my IS250 SE-L! A few litres of petrol put in at Harthill SS on the M8 and drove to George Square Glasgow - 27 miles, mostly through 50mph road works with nose to tail traffic. Only put in a few litres as the next day I was going back to Edinburgh to pick up my IS300h!!! lex3 - should now be lex4! Ian
  3. Today was a good day...

    Just drove from Hamilton down the A77 to Portpatrick in my is300h and loved every minute of it, my longest drive since picking up my car 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow off to Keswick from Portpatrick returning to Hamilton up the M74 on Saturday - looking forward to every mile!
  4. Well - Mrs Jenkins and I are just back home after an afternoon driving my (oops, our!) new to me 13 plate IS300h Premium sunroof in Mesa Red with grey leather! The car is in immaculate condition, well pleased. This is my 4th IS, I love the cars, bought one of the first IS200 in Scotland after being narked at a BMW salesman and vowing not to buy another beemer! I've dealt with 2 Lexus salesmen (retired Glasgow gentleman) and 2 cars from Sebastien in Newbridge - excellent customer service which means a lot to me (and the cars are excellent too!). I've been a lurker on here for ages, not posted much coz I'm not as clued up as most of you guys but am grateful for all the info and tips I've used with my traded-in IS250 SE-L. And now first question with my Hybrid - I will be out the country for 3 months over the winter, which basic trickle charger is recommended to keep my battery topped up? Do I just clip onto the battery terminals in the hood and plug into 13amp socket? And rightly or wrongly got the Supergard so have to wait a few days to give it a good wash and then get some of my Poorboys World Natty's Blue Paste Wax for Darker Vehicles on it - or should I claybar it first? All set for a Saturday of setting up keys, memory seats, Mark Levinson sound, android phone and finding out the updates. One happy chappie! Ian J
  5. UPDATE 2 days ago my usual key fob wouldn't open the car. Tried my other key fob with no problem. Just renewed both batteries in the 2 key fobs and all working great again. I guess this may have been the problem with the car not starting?
  6. I used the same key all day - no more problems since that bad day!
  7. Wow! I had the very same problem today with my IS250, same sad sounds - first time ever I've had an issue with starting! Made sure all heaters etc were OFF, tried a couple of times with no success. Left it for 5 mins max, tried again and it started but was pretty weak sounding, eventually back to normal. I drove for about 8 miles through towns, stopped for 20 mins and car started first time on my return, then same procedure again with no problems. All I would add was there was a heavy dew this morning, then a good warm sun, looked out the window and my car roof was steaming with the dew and sun! Ian
  8. Just fitted Dunlop SportMax 225/45/17 on the front and 245/45/17 on the back. Only done 300 miles so far and impressed with how quiet they are. Called Blackcircles on Thursday, they delivered to their recommended tyre fitter on Friday and tyres fitted Saturday morning. £473.96 total, delivery, fitting, valves, alignment. Oops nearly forgot - 1500 Tesco points also!!
  9. I'm needing to change my battery - had a look at removing my old one and have the problem with the connection at the left hand side of the plastic cover frame. How does that come off - and then how do I get it connected again? Thanks ianj
  10. OK guys, I am Scottish!!! But honestly the real problem is the cover does not slide all the way back as far as it should and makes it very difficult to get things out of there. Will try the cocktail stick with Blue TackAlso - guess there's no easy way to lift out the console then? Thanks Ian PS: I think its a £1!!!!!!
  11. Can anyone give me advice on how to remove a coin from the slide down area at the back of the ash tray on the centre console where the cover gently slides down into? Thanks Ian
  12. Supargarded Is 250

    Thanks for all that - got some PS21 on order from Autopia - will be next weekend before I get time to even look at the tin!! Will be taking your advice about 24hrs between coats - and always garage my lovely lexus!! Will let you know when I get it done - thanks again Ian
  13. Supargarded Is 250

    Hi Jamboo So if I wash with Superguard shampoo - or Meguiars Gold Class etc - is it safe to use PS21 Carnauba Wax or Meguiars NXT paste to give extra protection and shine? Thanks Ian
  14. Autopia

    Is there a new code for discount on autopia - I tried SAVEBIG and it says this has expired! Thanks Ian
  15. Hi New on here - just recently got my 3rd Lexus - IS250SE-L auto - Cadoxton Slate, Oakham Leather. What's best way to keep (and enhance) the paintwork and shine on my Supargard bodywork. Thanks for advice. Been interesting reading so far. Regards Ian