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  1. Happy Birthday LEXUSBABY!

  2. Hi its not long now till i get a lexus and the one thing that scares me lol.. is the rear wheel drive! ive never driven one before and am worried its gonna be twicthy and slippery round wet corners etc etc whats the difference like?
  3. have u? and theres defently no hidden charges? thats the only thing im worried about selling my car in between, what do u think of the car? the alloys look mint which i was suprised to see on a lexus of that age.
  4. Hey hopefully this finds only people who already have an is200 and not people looking to buy one, i have found the perfect lexus! see link i really want this car and am trying to convince my mum and dad to lend me 5k then ill sell my car and give the the money back. has anyone ever took a loan out then paid it back within the 28 cooling off period?
  5. hey guys just checking out some lexi on autotrader the other day when i came across one with cream interior, hadnt seen it before just wondering what everyones opinion was on the best interior colour, as things dont look as good in pics as they are in real life. Dave
  6. good good, thats what i like to hear. ta Dave
  7. The problem being with the IS200 is that the engine does not spring into life until 4500RPM, Now when you are looking at statistics from 0-60 this is going to look fairly slow. Now if you are in the correct gear sitting at 50 and you plant it, its going to be as quick as all the rest if not quicker in its league. When people on here is on about it being slow what i think they are on about is that the engine takes so long to kick in and if you are in a hurry you need to keep on the gearbox as cut-out is at 6000RPM so you only have 1500RPM in each gear that you are really pulling in. But the thing with the Lexus is that you can drop a gear to overtake and you get a smooth response of power Do i sound like a saleman :shutit: More like a mechanic lol, im not really after a great deal of speed as i wont be racing, i just want to know that its quicker than my car(bloody should hope so) and that its got power at 50-60 when im driving down the motorway. the things i like so much about the lexus are...Luxury, Looks and prestige.
  8. you all say the lexus is not a quick car, yet i drive a 1.4 206 at the mo and when i put my foot down it can be quite nippy.. Yet when we look at the figures the lexus is 3 seconds quicker to 60 and has an extra 25mph at top end..and im sure if i was crusing next to a IS200 in 5th gear at 50mph and he was likewise. If we both put our foot down i'd expect the IS to pull away a hell of a lot quicker.. So my point is although it might not seem quick to you anymore, it will be very quick to me when i pick mine up.
  9. oh no what were they thinking
  10. The IS vs the A4, its just a normal 2.0 litre no turbos or anything
  11. Yep. The straight 6 is considered the best configuration for engine smoothness. A 4 pot can be very rough which wouldn't suit the Lexus image at all. My mates got a 2.0 liter a4 but thats got 4 cylinders, which would be more likely to win a race?
  12. Hey last night I was really bored, so I thought hey why not play the playstation and play GT3 so I can drive the Toyota altezza round and pretend it’s a Lexus IS200... But hears the interesting bit, as I went to buy it, it tells u a little about the summarize it said if this car looks familiar to European eyes that’s because its rebranded as the Lexus IS200(which I knew) but then it said that’s its only got a 4 cylinder engine compared to the Lexus 6,but it also said that its a lot quicker and has 200bhp+ How does that work if they have the same engine and the Lexus has more cylinders shouldn’t it be quicker?
  13. There is a post on here from someone who recently bought a lex and the dealer did ring them up after to see how they where getting on. I've never had a problem with the dealers but then i've not used them a great deal. I suppose everyone has different experiences though :) Thats it exactly it, i had great service when i bought from renault but i'd never buy from mazda agian aftre my experinces with them, they are so incompetant and they just dont give a crap! :(
  14. lol I would do it once just to see if i could and then that' be it.