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  1. Happy Birthday SIMMOIS200SE!

  2. Sorry to get most of you all up in arm's, Just trying to help the chap before involving any cost.
  3. Do you work for Lexus? Sure we have all the OBD readers here to back up are main diagnostic equipment. The only time we use the diagnostic equipment is if a car is in warrenty to print of the fault codes for claiming warrenty.
  4. No need to invest a penny, its the quickest way plus thats what we do here at the dealerships. see above^^
  5. I had exacly the same issue last week, Simple to diagnose witch one has gone down. Just take the induction housing off and eng covers all 10mm bolts, Then disconnect with the engine runing each fuel injector in turn (not the coil pack connector other wise eng will just cut out). and reconnect, the mis-fire will either be worse or stay the same when it stays the same thats the coil pack witch has gone down. When changed warning light will still be on just disconnect the battery for 2 mins to reset ECU. (Never had a pair go down either just the one). Just for piece of mind before buying you can move the coil pack to another cylinder basically moving the misfire then repeat above to confirm misfire.
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