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  1. When can we expect it to be available in the showrooms. Surely don't have to wait until 2006 !!! franmac.
  2. franmac
  3. I have an open diff and I leave 2 marks when i dump the clutch... ← Can someone explain this to me. I thought with an open diff you effectively have only one wheel drive i.e the wheel with least resistance. franmac
  4. I was quoted €2,500 +VAT or €1,250 + the old headunit +VAT for a new headunit here in Ireland . franmac
  5. Only applies really to a racing seat, I'm sure a bucket seat for road use would be fine. Just keep it in mind, they look good but can get very uncomfortable after a while. franmac
  6. A while back there was a thread to about a service for making a DVD player region free, or changing the region setting somehow. Santa Claus brought two Polaroid PDV-0820T portable DVD players to a friends house for his two sons this morning. He must have purchased them in the USA, as they are locked to region 1. There are two very dissapointed boys across the road and I would be very grateful if anyone has a solution. I have searched the internet and can't find anything relating to this players region settings, except that it is region 1 by default. Thanks in advance, franmac BTW White Christmas here in Ireland .... first I can remember. Seasons greetings to all.
  7. Be VERY sure you want a racing/bucket seat before you put one in the car. If you are doing a lot of driving they can be very uncomfortable after a while. franmac.
  8. Worst car I ever drove was today , an Hyundai Sante Fe .... absolutely awful. franmac
  9. If you push back the pistons before removing the old pads its much easier. If you drop the old ones back in and push the pistons and pads back together you'll find they go back with very little effort. Hope this sorts you out. franmac.
  10. Or turn off the traction control, drop the clutch and see if both wheels make a mark !!! franmac.
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