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  1. Hi. Yes I still love the mk1 but dated and few good ones left. I bought a few cars after mine but nothing compared. Last one was the audi a6 quattro but it was so unreliable. Been looking about a week for a gs but no luck yet. Your ls looks like a nice one
  2. Hi all. Looking at buying a gs300 for around the 9k mark . I used to own a great mk1 but was put of by the styling of the mk2 is there any thing I should look for on the newer model or any thing that essential when buying one.
  3. you have to bear in mind also that the speedo on the sport model is way out at high speed so 140 is prob more like 125 on a sat nav etc .
  4. yes it is easy to do . just take of the old ends and i cut the end of the exhaust down before fitting mine over the top . sold car now but pic some were in club album ? . the size i bgot was universal from halfords .
  5. hi , no it was a second hand turbo . but was seen on car not smoking . car will not smoke under acceleration only when left ticking over . and its a lot of smoke .
  6. yes all new rings , chemical clean etc . compression test good on all pistons . not sure on oil pressure as have no gauge at moment .
  7. Hi mat i was hoping you would see this . the block and head was fully reconed with new stem valve seals etc . but i am starting to think that it can be the only thing left as you say . i have another head but do not know its history . might be worth sticking it on just to see . will get some pics up mat , looks nice stting in there and go's like stink . looks standard on the outside , even used the standard rear pipe to keep it looking bit of a sleeper ..
  8. hi and apolagies for my first post in ages being a help wanted one . i have recently put the engine from a 220 turbo coupe into a rover 214 bubble shape . car runs great and boosts very well , problem is it smokes when idleing . no smoke at all for up to 15 mins of driving and then as soon as tick over starts to smoke again . once you drive it smoke clears until you tick over again . car was done just as bit of a project but problem is bit of a head scratcher . i have changed head gasket and the turbo but no joy . hoping some of you are die hard rover fans at heart and can help .
  9. honda nsx for me , also loved the toyota celica/supra with the wide body kit
  10. nice car , looks a bit like my old one . just needs some clear side repeaters and the orange removed from the front indicators to give it that clean look . really miss mine and need to get back into a lexus . bought a landcruiser colorado and regret it deeply .
  11. thanks for your help geoffers it done the job , real pain in the butt for a nupty like me but got thier in the end . thanks again for your help ... :winky:
  12. thanks geoffers ,but i really have no windows knowledge . is this hard to do .
  13. hi i have just noticed it will start if i unplug all usb devices . but i can only get as far as the username bit and as soon as i replug the keyboard and mouse it crashes again . problem is i need them to start it . bit of a vicious circle really lol
  14. Hi all , can anyone shed some light on why my computer will not boot and just comes up with a blue screen saying about non executable memory . the info states 0x00000fc with some other numbers . can not start it and it seemed to happen just after loading service pack 3 . any help is very welcome ..
  15. rad company i used advanced rads for mine around £105 , looked just like the one i took of and worked fine . lexus quoted £450 . when you click above link go to other symbol as the link for lexus is not listed . still quoted on site at £105 ..
  16. class 7 mate, commercial mot . no different to a car really just need to find somewere that can do it as most only do cars .just done mine .
  17. yellow pages , everyone has a copy
  18. i have a biorb 60l tank for sale with fish ,lights,pump and heater .
  19. looks nice matt , i would do the rad on it for peice of mind as it looks a bit rusty on top so condition of core prob not good , i had same problem with plugs , you did'nt steam clean the engine by any chance did you as the water really sits on the plugs and causes the ignition leads to pop of when engine gets hot .
  20. i take you do not live in england then . i agree mk1 a far better looking car but then it was styled by the best , mk2 always makes me think they went a bit of track with the design and i have never warmed to it . mk3 is a corker and i would love one ,seems to have the same lines as the mk1 but more of a modern look .saying that though the mk2 is a much better drive and the inside is a 1000 times better that the mk1 .
  21. lots in the boot mat ,right hand side , amp etc under the changer unit . neil diamond sounds good on any radio . :P
  22. got 9 today but changed first answer and would have got ten .. damm
  23. would be very surprised if it is crap in tank ,this was a problem years ago on old cars and not really something that would affect your lexus due to the amount of filters . could be old petrol that caused it and now you have filled up it could run fine
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