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  1. Nope, just means i didn't go over 60😂😂 04 ls430 so the facelift 6speed can do the same in my 600hl too around town around 33mpg! cant argue!
  2. When I had my ls600hl up for sale last month, this chap came to view it. Mike his name is. very genuine guy. he made an offer for mine but it was too late. id let the 600 run it's course on autotrader he didn't get back to me, so decided to sell our ls430 instead that was sold instantly then he rang me out the blue saying he went to see another 600hl but mine was much better and would like to make an offer.. i had to refuse as I couldn't lose 2 Ls's in one week!!! i txt him yesterday; said he went for a ls430 i asked if that was his ls430 for £995 and he said it was, so I presume sold now!!
  3. Hi Colin theres a low mileage silver one on the trader £5995 and a black one with acc / pcs for £7995
  4. Superb mate Yep got a new alternator on it and need to fit a new dizzy shaft oil seal, £3 from lexus!!! I get all my servicing done from main dealer and then source parts from euro eBay and breakers Currently need an air box and electric aerial and the cars sorted again. Superb ls mate If only I shouted we are selling our one haha Had it since 06 still beautiful Still tossing up which one to sell The 600 or the 430!! Yeah definitely I went to the first or second one but not been been busy / hungover to go too any others
  5. I've got a mk1 Gs sport and a 57 ls600hl Got a 04 ls430 in the house too Still love my Gs Currently broken down for the first time in 18 years, oil leak on to alternator!! Hopefully back on road tomorrow
  6. I have just had a very similar experience in my 97 mk1 sport Was driving home from work and when i flashed somebody through noticed the headlights dipped a bit Thought nothing of it Got home parked up for 20 mins then went to get a takeaway As I parked up noticed the headlights weren't on Then all the dash lights came on, I didn't bother turning it off Then on my way home i drove with the main beam on only These then failed Put hazard lights on and the engine start conking out I literally coasted it on to our drive with no power what so ever Although the power steering was working?? I just went back out then Started it started perfectly Turned it around and then left it idling for a bit put the lights on again and dash lit up again then could hear the ending start to struggle Turned it off and now it won't start?? Battery is fairly new and a Bosch one and usually you notice weakness in the battery before they go. Are we saying it's the alternator ?
  7. Hi guys I was driving up the m6 on Sunday afternoon in my ls600hl And a gold ls400 joined the motorway It was gold with faded paint and looked lowered He gave us a little wave and a flash of the lights Then as he exited the motorway gave it a little rev Wondering if it's anyone on here and if that was a standard engine?! It was the 1995 ish model 👍
  8. Join the club mate I'm only 23 haha People are taking the ***** out of me because it's a grandads car But I'm not bothered Love the drive in it My mum and dad are like we will get u a hat to drive us round.. Haha Got my mk1 sport out this morning Still love that car too.
  9. Cheers for your reply Yeah that is the rear relaxation pack which is solely a four seater It has a full reclining seat in the rear left which has a shiatsu massager But to use that you have to have the front passenger seat all the way forward So in theory car would become a 3 seater!! I just presumed this would have a massager similar to our 430 Ah well only one negative to the 100s of positives. Still going to sell the 430.
  10. Hi guys Been registered on this site for many years and a big lexus fan. We have got a mk1 gs sport 04 ls430 Is300 And I just recently picked up a 57 ls600hl (What a car) Anyway just wondering if anybody can tell me of these cars have rear seat massagers? It is the 5 seat one so doesn't have the full reclining seat. But it just seems strange it doesn't have rear seat massagers, as our 04 430 does. I was wondering if I have a remote missing? It comes with one remote but that is just for the DVD player? Thanks Anuj
  11. finally getting somewhere now, rang a bespoke place, he said hes done them b4, and its a massive job to get right, otherwise you get a droning noise, Price £650 and 3 weeks notice to get box fabricated any way rang lexus, and with all the loyalty discounts etc, got both boxes down to £431 all in, find out from mechanic how much to fit too, but cant see it being £400 that lexus want!!!
  12. Cheers mate But I took it to my mechanic as he was going to patch it, and when he took the boxes off he said the top of both of them were literally shot.. And he coulsnt repair them, same with a local welders, because the casing around the actual box aswell
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