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  1. dgman, could you _please_ answer about the insurance premium (or may be it is better to PM you? :) ) increase? anyway, i'm going to call my insurance tomorrow to clarify everything as i'm very interested in the "tuning box"
  2. "Also - would tuning invalidate the warranty?" it should not... as far as i remember (I'm not the citizen :) ), there a law in UK - lexus should prove that a breakage was caused by the tuning box...
  3. the big(esst?) question is the insurance premium... what is the "common" increase in the payment? are all companies allows that? to be honest, i'm enjoying the car, but it would be really nice to have more refine diesel engine...
  4. I've seen that there is 2009-2009 navi disk availible. Are there any significant changes? Is there anyone who got it?
  5. Ghm. One question is.... In Russia, there is a law (actually, some laws are really good) - in case of repeating of the same trouble more than 3 times, it is possible to return any good back and to receive whole amount of money... Are there any customer protection laws? Situation is really ridiculous...
  6. ...One more week in the service centre. ...One more ECU upgrade, 5th injector change, fuel cap replacement, rear view mirror change, rattle removing, hand brake fixing... Aah - forgot to say. Two complimentary bottles of wine from the Lexus. Ok. Things are much better now. Sound like a fantastic - but for now I'm easily got 30mpg in a city, and able to drove at 3rd gear / 20mph - engine works much, much better now. But - for how long? I've done that for the 3rd time... It looks like that it is a really good idea to replace 5th injector, reflash ECU and so on every 5000 miles. Ridiculous, but true. Frankly speaking - it's a pity that it is impossible to join forces and to make some class action against Lexus - diesel model is more than worse, even official Lexus technicians are agree (but they don't like to sign anything, for sure :) ). I'm trying to fix the dashboard rattle for the sixth time already. I'm angry... p.s. i've tried to test new Subaru Diesel engine... It's near from perfect. So much better than Lexus one... Really. But there are no any fancy toys either in Outback nor Legacy, and look && feel is much cheaper than Lexus - for the same price.
  7. heh. i've been to lexus service 3 times already only with rattle problem - and it seems to be still not sorted out finally :) it is going to be really funny... yes, rattle is really annoying especialy in cold weather... but - this is quite common trouble for many brands (sometimes you can hear some rattle in BMW too...)
  8. It is much better to have something like tomtom 920 additionally - just because there is constantly updated camera location database + mapshare technology (you can download any updates immediately using you cell phone) Regarding BMW - it is much harder to maintain camera location database in fresh state...
  9. yes, 32MPG in mixed case... on the motorway, it is normal to have 38-40, but 44 and better - no so rare too... btw - funny thing, i've seen <20mpg just after 5th injector replacement too :)))
  10. i've done that many times (at least 4) (for vaistech ipod adapter installation and for DVD/Nav mod) it is quite easy to do... there are no any screws definitely - only some amount of clips + some foam (anti-rattle perhaps) use any plastic tool... actually, there should be some photos which i were maid in progress - i'll try to find them.
  11. Really good to hear such things :) Hope everything will be really smooth - actually, I'm 99% satisfied by my 220D after previous servicing (ECU/5th injector/evereything else)... MPG is quite good too now - it is really hard to imagine to have 36Mpg when you are travelling at 80-90Mph with roof-box and 5 peoples inside... BTW Lexus Parklane is quite friendly - today i've received 3rd sms with notification that i should visit them at 22nd of this month.
  12. Sorry... Yes, dates :) I'm asking about just because my previous "visit" (2 months ago) has been extended from 1 day to more than 7 days (no spare parts, too complicated tasks to do, etc) :) Hope, this time everything will be faster... Thanks for the answer.
  13. My first service is booked at 22, but I'm definitely need to have my car back before 24 (going to travel to europe) How long does it take normally? Thanks!
  14. :) sounds funny for peoples who uses their cars (sometimes) at -50C :D the answer is simple - use winter wash fluid, not summer one (and for sure - not water) :)
  15. actually, as they were presented firmware upgrade adapter for me - yes, it will be like a test :)
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