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  1. It's many years since I had an RX300/400 but I certainly did not suffer this problem and so it was not something Lexus had to deal with. Is this not now a facet of what is an old car in industry terms? Have you tried a Lexus dealership if such a problem is commonplace they might well know the cause.
  2. Does anyone know what size SIM this takes - (Nano etc)
  3. Most motorists DIY shops will sell rolls of double side tape for attaching things to cars.
  4. This is entirely car specific, mine had 100,000 miles to its credit, stood for 16 days while I was in Hong Kong and started first time - on the original battery. And yes, it was a £43.000 car when I bought it new in 2008. Life has moved on and no manufacturer would be offering 2005 technology for anything like that money today.
  5. Lexus don't "claim" any fuel consumption data. They report EU data according to EU rules. No one would drive a car in the manner of the statutory tests so don't be misled or think it is a useful statistic. They are not allowed to use any other.
  6. Those faults should not be occurring on any car/vehicle with such an apparently low mileage...... Who had done the reported servicing?
  7. Your budget wil determine: The 450 is the newer model with refinements and improvements accordingly. The 400H however has an enviable record in most regards.
  8. Back to the dealer forthwith. His to cure, not yours to conjecture.
  9. You have bought quite an old car in detail terms and so you will have to have patience to upgrade certain things. Did you get this disc from a Lexus dealer or elsewhere - if the latter such places do not have the records of what YOUR car needs.
  10. 2008 onwards only I think you will find, maybe the some 2007regsistrations depending when they arrived here.
  11. Paddy No, there is no visual display but there is the increase level and continuity of the noise. It is quite cacophonous and there is no mistaking increasing 'danger'. There is a switch for the fronts in the saloon - spare slot with the patrol flap opening button and the reverse one is switched from the boot, only needed when towing a caravan. It is very effective and coupled with the camera a good system. I believe the RX450 fitting is integrated with the camera screen, but I doubt that it would improve the warning available.
  12. Lexus in Sheffield did my RX400 for £500 recently - front and rear
  13. Given that the original sealant should be good enough for life and this is a comparatively young car, has it been in a fight at some stage and been badly repaired I wonder?+
  14. Buy a case from Lexus and transfer both blade and transponder.
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