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  1. That looks very good indeed...i still use Collinite 476`s...Dont think its enough to make me stop using it but still very impressed.....
  2. Just got the may issue of Banzai magazine with a rather nice orange Lexus IS-F inside..Knocking out 625 bhp ( 574bhp @ the wheels ) And some pics attached
  3. Lexus Magazine

    I used to get the magazine,but i moved house and never told them...oopppsss. Here mate try ringing this phone number up,this is the number i used to use to get mine if it ever went astray.. 08452788888
  4. Hks Super Dagger Vs Hi-Power

    I had the HKS Silent Hi-power on my car when i had it....the sound was great... a nice throbbing noise @ tick over and sounded great when accelerating to the redline....but never intruded into the cabin at motorway speeds...Also it was made very well. I would definatly reccomend it mate.
  5. Lexus Is 200 Sport - Styling Kit

    A friend of mine might be interested in your car matey. Has it had the cambelt,idler,tensioner done.? also is the service history all up to date etc..? \what about the keys does it have the spare black and grey master key.? Thanx
  6. Newbie Saying Hello

    Hi welcome to LOC..dont forget a few pics...
  7. Tappet Type Noise Any Ideas?

    You should only get a tappety noise for a couple of seconds when you first start the car...should be smooth and quiet from then on. ..Check your oil level...and also what ormi said about checking its not the injectors getting noisy
  8. My Is-F

    Congrats on the purchase Yemgi...she looks stunning... .how many more mods do you plan to do.? have you still got your stunning IS200.?
  9. Lexus Ct200h Section

    At first i didnt like the new CT200H....But now its kinda grown on me,i love the new hatchback shape,the new front end that looks like the new RX ,and the interior i really like and think it will be a nice ,cool ,funky car to drive and a little quirky to some people..(bit like myself LoL.!! )and will be very comfortable..( and of course lexus build quality )..but i dont think it will be as sporty like they seem to say,even with the double wishbone rear suspension... Got sent a brochure from lexus hatfield ( thank you ) and it says that it goes into production december 2010 and orders to be taken then. cant wait to see it in the flesh now.
  10. Bodykit

    Best bet is get one from Lexus as the other kits are poor quality IMHO.. This is the TRD styling kit..
  11. This is my IS i had (05 plate ) standard apart from the TRD styling kit...
  12. I have one.BUT its of my old 05 plate IS..( got the darker inside ).PLUS it has a small hole in it ( about 4mm by 4mm ) you can have it for free if it keeps you going for a while untill you get a new or better 2nd hand one...all you have to pay is the postage if you cant get to me..?
  13. car4.jpg

    From the album car

  14. car

    my car
  15. car2.jpg

    From the album car

  16. Chip Or Re-Map

    Like the others have said....good luck with that..
  17. PLEASE DONT.... they are awfull....
  18. I think it all depends on peoples tastes... Whats the best (standard) Whats the best (modified) etc. :)
  19. First Lexus For Me

    Hi mate welcome to LOC. :) Have a look on Ebay,there always a few bits floating on there..Grom Audio do an ipod interface for the IS200 but not sure about an RX...
  20. Damage!

    OMG how lucky are you,glad you are all ok...how fast was you going.?
  21. Knocking Noise Front Suspension

    Have a look here matey.. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=58984&st=0 May take a bit of time to read though.
  22. New Brake Discs And Pads (is250)

    Have a look on Ebay for dome Mintex discs /pads...or go to Allparts as they do ADL Blueprint discs and pads for an IS200/300...and im guessing they should do them for an IS250....they are very good quality and dont cost as much as OEM but are just as good. You could fit them yourself ( theres a tutorial in the archieves section or do a search on here )or get a local mechanic if you know one to fit them..
  23. At Last She`s Finnished

    Looking great mate...defo get a sport grill though..that will set it off perfect.
  24. Normally an attractive blonde or brunette in the passenger seat... :P
  25. The trouble is any noise in a car will travel making it very hard to locate....have you had a look at the door seals. at the rear.? sometimes if the rubber has perished or come loose it can cause a whistling noise.