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  1. dont want to sound rude but....they call this the f-sport model, but it dont look sporty at all. Lexus need to take a leaf out of bmw/merc's book. Like the M-Sport spec cars for example, they look proper sporty not like lexus by just changing the front grill and adding a few fsport badges here and there.
  2. cos its too slow!!..........only joking
  3. The government put up fuel tax by 2% when VAT was reduced to 15%. Now that the VAT has gone back up to 17.5% they have not removed this 2% levy making it a nice little stealth tax. Please sign and post this on another forum. You might think they don't take any notice but if you don't sign then they won't!
  4. I hope the dealership remembers this when I trade my mine in shortly! i woulld'nt count on it...i changed my is300 in December..i took it to lexus to see how much id get..they only offered me £3500 - it was an 02 plate.
  5. the 300 is one great car...i p/x'd mine back in november..and still miss it to this day..(could not afford to run it no more, so got a bmw e92 320d) ..i did leave some LOC sticker on the car, so if anyone see's a black 02 plate with TTE kit IS300 for sale or at a Auction it might be mine!...ould be nice to knwo where it it now!
  6. i work with a guy who used to work @ Jag in brum where they build the car....he said he would not touch that thing with a barg pole...saying that he also said any current jag....he worked there for 13yrs and not once bought a jag....just my 2.9pence worth
  7. *******!!.....there bending you over and emptying ur pockets at the same time....will they lube u up for that price aswell :)
  8. i just traded my lex in for £4000 at a bmw dealer, they were first offering me £3100 as from 60k i had no service history(did servicing myself, current mileage 90k) but after a lot of hours managed to get a p/x value of £4k which i think was pretty good.
  9. yeah i know, but there part of the m sport highline trying to change them a different set
  10. well, i signed all the paper work today, took a quick pic. Felt sad doing the 1h40min journey back home in my lex..cant belive how much i will miss the is300.....anyway picking the bmer up on friday morning.
  11. After 4 years of great ownership my 2002 IS300 will be p/x'ed for a brand new 320d Coupe M Sport Highline, next week - done the deal today. Its been one fantastic car, best car i have ever had but due to its running costs i can no longer afford to run it. ...i would off gone for the is220d but after all the negative reviews it put me off, i did have a test drive in one but prefered the 3 series plus BMW were giving me £4800 for my lex and lexus were offering me £3900. Got a set of Brembo discs for sale in the sale section.
  12. nice alloys, what are they?
  13. my brothre has a 06 honda civic, where it has the start button standard, u have to put the key in the ignition first and then hit the start my eyes its pointless, as said above keyless or nothing
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