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  1. Hi. 2005 Lexus ls430 with 17” rims. Looking for owner’s recommendation on suitable tyres. Hopefully available in 2020. Thanks
  2. Hi. over the moon with the I turn to the lest or return to straight, I can feel a small amount of “notchiness” It is so little that sometimes it can hardly be felt. Any ideas? PS. The garage checked the suspension and steering, wheels and tyres and even they are at a loss, other than fit a rack and they weren’t even sure if that would cure it. Thanks
  3. Well.... How stupid did I look. My lock all garage had it on the ramp, checked from front to rear with no fault found. Never having owned a 250 before I thought it sounded raspy, if it does it is not the exhaust causing it. Best £20 spent in a garage.
  4. Thanks. you guy’s are stars. Booked in for investigation on Wednesday.
  5. Thanks nomski2 I have contacted this chap and he is very helpful but, can’t advise if this will fit the 2010 model. If all else fails this could be the only way forward, possibly with a little modification. I will keep the group informed, as Guess I won’t be the only one with this problem. Thanks again
  6. Hi. Have purchased my new to me Lexus is250 auto It has a rear exhaust blow, so will get it checked. Looking at rear exhaust sections it would appear they are only available for cars built up to 2008. You guessed it, mine is a 2010. My question is....Could anyone tell me the difference between an up to 2008 and a post 2008. I am not overly keen on a SS system as I really love the silence in the cabin. Thanks chaps.
  7. Hi. Now we are able to travel again I am going to resume my search for a is250. The main must haves are listed below. If you have a car for sale it is vital to send all of the information requested . I would hate to waste your time. Automatic, sat nav, leather. please supply these details. service history including date, mileage and dealer. Any known faults. Tyre make and condition. Any rectification carried out especially alternator, spark plugs, gear box and exhaust. Location and price. please be realistic . i have a budget of up to £5000 for the right car. Thanks
  8. Hi. Have tried that.....Fed up with traders trying to pass themselves off as genuine retail. Miss described cars eg full service history but, I have lost the book and receipts. How long have you owned the car.....No reply etc, so thought I would try my luck here.
  9. Hi. I am a very genuine buyer with funds in place. I am happy to travel for the right car. Genuine descriptions from genuine sellers. No traders pretending to be retail. Sat nav would be nice but if the right car came along without, that would be ok. TIA Terry Rich
  10. Hi. Have had a love affair with many SC430’s and am looking to purchase a 250C. I would like to tow worth it but am struggling to find anyone that can supply and or fit a tow bar.....Any suggestions would be most welcome. if any members are aware of a “good” car for sale, again, I would be very grateful. Thank you.
  11. Hi. I am tempted by a 2005 LS430 with 125K and also a 2007 GS300 with 95K. Could you offer this poor sinner some advice....What would you have and why. Thank you
  12. Hi I have dealt with these people for 2 years and have found them to be a good source of used cars. They allow you to road test as long as you want, to check what you want and if you are not happy, walk have to take the descriptions as any descriptions you read, eg with a pinch of salt. The cars are sourced from auction so the advantage we have is as above, we can poke, prod and test. You can't do that at Auction As with all things " buyer beware " is key. The Lexus in question is very good, it has had a little paint, done to a high standard, and the adaptive cruise does not work, the ordinary cruise does. I would imagine the first real bid of £12000 will buy it and as far as I can see....That is a cheap 460....
  13. Hi As I once read in a Motor magazine, "If you have a convertible, the only space you need is for a contraceptive and a toothbrush" Regards Tel
  14. Hi. There really is no choice. The LS will stand comparison with any aspirational luxury car. It will delight in every way and bring a smug grin to your face every time you get in to it. You will change the way you drive, you will cruise and smile yet again when you get over 30 MPG ( On a run ). The most important thing is that it should be TOTALLY reliable. If you were asked to drive 7000 miles in Europe, within a 10 day deadline I believe there is no better car to do it in and the only thing you would check would be the washer bottle. Regards Tel
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