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  1. saw a post on the JAE site saying there was no way it would be cancelled thru bad weather & the drainage was excellent.........Cant remember if it said they'd recently improved it but hell who cares as long as i aint camping in a lake & im wet on the inside :D lol Si Si
  2. is it anything to do with the US market only i was reading about the vauxhall monaro the other day & the earlier 04 models have bigger boots before they had to revamp the tank to go behind seats for US safety sumin or other. Sounded wierd but that's the yanks for ya ;) lol Si
  3. So i'm looking at a set of 8j 18" offset40 wheels which i'm thinkign should fit, any thoughts? Would 225 40ZR18 be the size of tyre i'd want to keep sameish size? Si
  4. personally i would only want a decent tyre if i'm buying them which come with a nice Z mark, not sure what the general opinion is thou & i probably have some right sh!tters on there now so dont worry too much but if your buying new & go eagle F1s or such like then no worries anyways. All IMO Si
  5. im going to be starting from Cov area on the M6 if that's any good although i digress not sure what day let alone what time so probably best to make own arrangements :D lol Si
  6. (john virgo mode on) does he go for the easy pink or the tight brown...........
  7. models kept feeling me tits all day i felt like a piece of was great! lmfao oh i gota get me a captain chaos outfit some time Si (darn daaarn daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  8. or is it 38 or more as i dunno some prats have labeled IS200 wheels on ebay as 38 offset & another as 50 so i'm still none the wiser & wana go wheel shopping :( Si
  9. i have been known to dress up as silly things at cars shows , did a strange version of superman with efini RX7 logo on it at rotorstock one year, dressed up as woman at USC a few years back which got a few good shots with Ashleyne before she went in big bro when she was doing slutty modeling thing & with these less attractive fellos: Or i may just go with my namesake? Si (shy retiring & powered by stella!)
  10. so lets see if i have it right, IS200 has offset of 50? so anything less than that should easily fit (if i recall correctly that smaller number means it sticks out more & thus clears brakes easier?) on a 5x114 pcd wheel generally speaking? ta Si
  11. Attending: scooby_si Vehicle: LS400 Camping: Yeah Friday night Curry: No Saturday BBQ: No beer is food Bacon butties: Nope see above ;) oh & i'm a vegy how dull
  12. gota say lexus treated her well if im to believe all i was told, they had her for a day & half trying to find out what was wrong & had done it on basis it was free as long as i did work with them, which i would of said fook off if it turned out to be a big job. Still a little bit stuttery & they didnt want to spend any more time looking (+the usual dealer didnt like them not being lexus HT leads i'd used so couldnt rule that out) but as they spent that amount of time & only charged my hour or so + parts to do the dist caps etc i was pretty pleased with my first dealings with lexus dealer. But still happy to work on it myself as well so it;s good all round till she goes pop ;) lol Si
  13. Just wondered as i know the seats are comfy & the boot looks massive from the outside but there's not really a mahoosive amount of space in it? Good dont get me wrong it just seems like the seats go way back, didn't know if there was any goodies hiding behind there? I saw in other post there's a sub somewhere? Si
  14. is there an easy or hard way to check the belt? Mine wa sallegedly done at 120k but calling the place it was serviced at they cant confirm it as it was pre computer records & no paperwork. Normally i'd just get it changed so as not to risk it but i recall reading it's not terminal on the lex engine if they did fail? Or is that optimistic/stupid? Si
  15. dealer replaced caps & a couple of other bits. Much better now, does still stutter a little but going to live with that occasionally & hope all is well...... Si
  16. So OK to just turn up at stand or is it parking on the outskirts time? Is there a map out yet for who's where? Si
  17. i'll be there drunk as a lord :D lol Si
  18. so what do you actually get with premium membership in terms of discount & also what ie how much is the "lexus priviledge programme"? Ta Si
  19. looking good. What offset did you go with in the end & any probs fitting? Si
  20. Stupid question mode on what/where is the butterfly valve then as i'm looking for the next thing to fix? check out how dirty me throttle body thingy was Oh oil filter & i guess fuel filter cant hurt from previous comment..... Ta Si
  21. As per various other threads i've so far fitted a full new exhaust + cats, new spark plugs & HT leads & last weekend i cleaned the throttle bodies from this: amazing what 145k of carbon looks like to this: Which having put her back together has notably improved the hunting idle out, although it does still very slightly do it when in D but on brake. However it still isn't quite running perfectly. Best way to describe it is it still stutters somewhat when going through the rev range & can certainly feel it isn't pulling smoothly. When it's cold, not sure if it's related to the dials often being out in the morning, but sometimes it really wont pull thru the revs at all & just sticks at 2k or so which aint nice if your trying to pull out of a junction & then accelerate like a granny on an electric scooter. Any other cunning plans for what might be up before i take it to lexus or toyota garage to ask for their expertese? My only other thought is sensor somewhere but would that have that effect? Ta Si (hopes it;s nothing too major but doesn't hold breath......)
  22. gota say, que it comign back to curse me, it is proving really easy so far despite the occasional droped nut & Fing & blind which is inevitable been pretty easy so far although i think the LX guides are a godsend. And i'm an Si
  23. well i spent nearly as much on exhaust as i did initially buying car although it does sound a lot better, i'll get some pictures up when i have a poke round me back end, so to speak :o lol Didnt solve all the issues but no more backfiring at least............. Si
  24. Crap i must confess i'll be hanging round with the chavs at USC at santa pod that weekend as i recall..... Si
  25. not bought any yet, i still have crap set, but very light & good for track days which i'll probably use for getting thru MOT & as my cash flows sorts out look for a blign set. Still focusing on gettign the bugger running right before i look at the cosmetic side too much..... Cheers for info so far all usefull stuff :D Si
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