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  1. Isnt that cluster for the 12-16 (prefacelift?)? 17 onwards has LED indicators
  2. Wow £300 sounds extremely cheap even if its all without the grills. Last time I checked it as around £700+ for an F Sport
  3. Hood popper delete is quite popular in Japan. The remove the rams and fit an SRS plug with a resistor in to 'fool' the ECU.
  4. I coded the card key using an xhorse compatible cable for what its worth...
  5. Any 3IS owners going sunday? we could start the 'cleanest' convoy there lol
  6. If you can see and adjustable steering wheel knob (from pics) that means it has premium leather pack iirc.So that means memory seats and heat/cool function
  7. I have an F sport and the salesman told me that memory seats is part of an optional pack. I think premium leather or something.
  8. I use a magnetic air vent button that clips on the air vent, and I use a slim magnetic case . Holds it well Samsung S8+ so its not exactly a small phone!
  9. Wow never seen red on red before.. Dealer must be bending over backwards for a sale!
  10. Hi mate, Auto or Manual? Has it had the filter and ATF changed ever? Anyway, this is generally for 3rd gen IS topics and there is an IS200 section when you click on 'Forums'
  11. Friend from China.. Car is IS200T however he had other things in mind if you look closer...
  12. Haven't looked at in depth but normally there should be a diagram of the pinout numbers on the female side of the plug?
  13. I find it hard to believe the piston in the caliper has seized - Overkill if you ask me, to replace the entire caliper. Try a reliable independant to 'clean' up the brakes and see what happens. On a side note, I upgraded my 300H brakes for the same price using the GS/IS3500 4 piston caliper along with brembo pads and ATE discs (from 296mm diameter to 342mm!) If you want to go the original route import from Japan even with paying duties etc its alot cheaper than Lexus UK
  14. Depends where the 'fault' is mate. Might not be faulty and the caliper sliders could do with just a clean. I would try that first. Normally this is the case. *fingers crossed* I doubt if the piston itself has seized.. You would know this once you have the wheels and pads out.