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  1. Andrew888

    Service - Brake Discs

    I seriously doubt if the discs are covered as they are also considered a 'consumable' Unless its a design fault etc, my opinion it will not be covered.
  2. Did you get the complete kit? as I believe the spoiler comes with new boot springs to compensate the weight. rear high level light cover and of course the all important template to drill!
  3. Its a genuine spoiler, but for the US market. If the UK one its in excess of 600 quid.. Slightly different styling. So £20 what you paid if genuine is a bargain
  4. Andrew888

    New Lexus's

    From a Product Management perspective deciding to scrap a product contains some certain factors: ROI - Return on Investment - Is the product profitable in that particular country/market i.e worth doing with all the Marketing campaigns etc factored in Sell out figures- obviously this is very important - to gauge again whether its worth continuing your product OPEX costs etc SWOT - Analysis , Strengths, Weakness Opportunities and Threats - Again, Scrapping the 200T and introducing a 300, 350 etc - is it viable vs other Petrol competitors (Probably not) 3 Year Strategy - This is already set in stone in Japan for the UK - So scrapping IS200T was more than likely on the cards for a very long time Did the IS200T do well in Japan ? We are only a handful of countries in the world that are RHD that has a viable market. If a collective figure is way below forecast, they need to cut their losses and scrap it as not making money is not on their agenda! Making these cars take alot of planning - If its not making the company money then there is no point in making it. Focus manpower and increase production on a line that is far more good selling and again - Profitable... Know your market - Does the UK audience/consumer require an IS300/350 big petrol engines? again probably not... Thats what I would do anyway ...
  5. Andrew888

    How to find part numbers

    I have a spare pair stripped of chrome already.. It was trial and error of chemicals but i finally success! Pm me if you need help mate Ps still bumper off to access the clips from the back.. Fairly straight forward
  6. Andrew888

    How to find part numbers

    I seriously doubt if they just fell off as they are clamped with 2 horseshoe clips on the other side of the bumper (as I have taken this apart when I fitted colour coded covers) and also the JET clips inside of the cover AND then clips to the actuator. See attached pic for you to have a better understanding.. PS ...part numbers are for the F Sport as I believe the non Fsport although look the same has a different part number. Cost is around 8 quid + vat each (per side) - However please check whether the Jet/Actuator isn't damaged and the clamps are still intact. This means bumper off I'm afraid..
  7. New dustshields? :)
  8. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    Here's the finished article.
  9. Andrew888

    expensive mot

    Yep it is.. newer bumper and headlights
  10. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    Well I didn't plan it to be a 'quiz' maybe I'm a little naive that IS300H owners would know what this part is.
  11. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    I must have bunked alot of lessons at school. Did not understand what that statement meant tbh...
  12. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    Add a little fun to the conversation I guess.
  13. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    To each and their own as they say..
  14. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    Correct! they are headlamp washer covers. soon to be colour matched to the bumper.
  15. Andrew888

    New Mod..

    I'm sure someone will pipe up with the correct guess of this mystery part...