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  1. Wow £40 quid? a few years back when I bought my car they were like £15 for the 4
  2. They 'had' an offer of £125 fitted. Its not a super duper special battery so to speak.
  3. I have a 2016 F Sport- Its weird as when I was at Goodwood FOS on the grass parking, both wheels spun. However normally I get the single wheel peel though. I doubt if it has an LSD though...
  4. Well apparently Carista can read the pressures for you via their smartphone app, If you are seriously interested in having an "OEM" solution albeit reading in KPA and NOT scared about taking interior panels off your car, drop me a message
  5. Its a module I got that works in a daisy chain with the TPMS receiver. This module enables the cluster to show the pressures.
  6. The air pumps round my way are now new contactless payment ones and the machine wont even turn on the display until you tap your payment in. I find it useful to actually identify which tyre is slowly deflating so I can check whats wrong with it rather than pulling into a petrol station, checking all 4 to determine which was the deflating tyre. So from my viewpoint despite the cost benefit ratio its handy for how I I want my Lexus to perform no matter how trivial this issue could be to some.
  7. Not round my way mate.. 50p these days 🙂
  8. No idea about the miles conversion bit as I'm pretty sure its quite involving to reprogram the cluster to do as we would assume a simple task. The TPMS module, are you handy around taking trim panels out? you would need to access the TPMS transmitter module in the passenger REAR C pillar trim. To do it properly you would have to strip quite alot to get to that panel.
  9. Morning! Finally have a solution to show tyre pressures on the dash for the IS 2013-2017 I know its not perfect and showing in kPa as oddly enough the ECU via Techstream is programmed in this unit. In my eyes its better than nothing at least its an indication to identify which Tyre is low when the TPMS light is on. Its not as simple as using techstream. In fact Techstream is not even part of the equation. Its a module that bypasses the TPMS signal from the receiver to the ECU/Canbus/ This Module then communicates with the cluster and displays the pressures. Still in its development phase but its better than nothing! Cost some of you might be asking - its around £175
  10. Mine is a 2016 F Sport and I've never had them light up.
  11. My smart key card lasted for about 8 months, battery for these are a little pricey as I think Panasonic only makes these. However hard to say how long the key was in storage prior to programming as when I opened my key from new it didnt have the battery release tab.
  12. Isnt that cluster for the 12-16 (prefacelift?)? 17 onwards has LED indicators
  13. Wow £300 sounds extremely cheap even if its all without the grills. Last time I checked it as around £700+ for an F Sport