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  1. Was this in Auto mode or just footwell mode? I find Auto doesnt have much going on
  2. Your air mixer mechanism could be a little 'confused' as this diverts either hot or cold air. Best to disconnect the battery as suggested above for 10 mins and the ECU for the HVAC system could reset. Apart from losing radio station memory and a few custom settings there is no harm in disconnecting the battery.
  3. I would double check with them as I think these are the smaller facelift ones (2017 onwards) Unless you have one of course
  4. If anyone wants to know how to change their HID bulbs links below - I've upgraded to the New Osram Xenarc Laser Gen 2 Bulbs - huge difference to the OEM Osram bulbs. Took me 10 minutes to change out.
  5. Scrappy? Or
  6. If I recall the cap pops off and I'm pretty sure there was a screw underneath.
  7. Taiwan you mean 🙂 Theres loads of 3IS 'trunk' spoilers on ebay?!
  8. Speaking of parking.. I was in Poole out and about. Drove all the way up to the top deck to avoid door banging.. AND it was a tight squeeze to get in..
  9. Well the IS cat for some bizarre reason is around 600 quid.which is cheap. however if some unfortunate bugger does get it nicked, they'd have to pay for the O2 sensor and also possibly a new wiring loom as the plug will be snipped off. Like the 3 written off hondas my mates have.. Also on the IS it looks like the EGR system is tagged onto it as well - If I was a thieving toerag I wouldn't bother
  10. Hi guys Anybody know of any RC's being broken for spares/parts? Cheers
  11. 3 of my mates who own 2003-2005 Honda Jazz's non hybrid had their cats nicked, One at home, Ikea car park and Train station car park.. This all happened last month. All around Herts area. For the IS the cat sits pretty high up. Not so easy amongst the multitude of covers also.. Also Tool Technology these days doesnt help.. Everything is cordless and my Snap On dealer flogs a battery powered pipe cutter that will literally chew through exhaust pipe within seconds.. Really need to try to stem the flow as scrappies are hitting social media offering £500/£600 publically for 'used' cats.. Maybe the Government should regulate more for scrap being 'weighed' in for cash?
  12. Wow £40 quid? a few years back when I bought my car they were like £15 for the 4