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  1. I have Calipers, discs and even the pads thats done 10k miles on my 2016 IS300H. So you can imagine these are fairly new. Please PM me for more details
  2. You will need to undo the 4 x 17mm bolts to release the hub bearing assembly. Have to be super careful as the ABS ring is built into the bearing and its kind of pressed into the suspension knuckle. If your mechanic is competent he will be able to figure it out without damaging it. The shield is 'sandwiched' between the hub and suspension knuckle.
  3. On a side note: as the old calipers and brakes fit IS220D and IS200 - I'm sure these can be sold to these owners to recoup the initial investment. So the whole setup could be cheaper.
  4. After having a near miss in my IS where I personally found the brakes wasn't there when I needed it. I have decided to experiment with 4 Piston calipers. Yes I know my previous post contradicts myself however (Yes I will eat my hat) I decided to upgrade on a budget. This does not foul under the standard f Sport 18's I bought the following for this conversion in which some things may not be necessary. 2 x GS300H recon'd calipers. (these are GS/IS250/IS300 (MK2) also) New IS350 Dust shields as the IS300H are too small to clear the calipers New bolts - Carrier, Hub New shims New Pad plate and pins Brembo pads (18 quid on Amazon) ATE discs (from Mr Auto) New IS350 Brake lines *however I think standard IS300H will fit Techstream to bleed the system VHT Matte black engine enamel VHT Laquer Fleebay Lexus Decals. All in all with all the genuine parts it costed me around £500 - From a 296mm with 28mm thickness to a 334mm with 32mm thickness I can say the brakes are extremely sharp with less effort from the old setup. Old brakes still was around 27.8mm thick and pads has plenty of 'meat'. Bang for buck for a piece of mind safety aspect I found it well spent in which I am sure other forum members disagree and could spend that elsewhere. Happy to help with part numbers etc I have this documented. However I did not buy from Lexus UK for any of the parts as they were 30% more expensive.
  5. You reckon matey? 16 quid new.. Didnt think they were worth much :)
  6. I have 2 massive blue ones on my mantle piece now lol
  7. Ahoy! Part II of Stealth Mode.. Black Pearl Front and Rear Badges and OEM Lexus Rear Spoiler.. Thats it.. Skint now... :( Enjoy
  8. So Whats Your Profession?

    Wow some really interesting careers guys!
  9. So Whats Your Profession?

    That'll be the lease company motors.. its either a Golf or Audi lol
  10. Apologies if this topic has been done to death, but curious what forum members do to bring in the 'coin' :) I 'was' a Product Manager for Vodafone (Newbury) and at the moment looking for a new job.. I'm also a silent partner with my best mate in a small workshop in Essex who specializes in fettling and repairing Hondas.
  11. New Firmware - May 2016

    I pulled that file from Lexus Tech last night..
  12. New Firmware - May 2016

    Try this For VD12103A
  13. To each and their own purely my own opinion. I would use the cash for other bits to enhance the looks personally.
  14. The braking 'feel' is different on the IS300H as the gearbox itself is a generator to charge the battery pack. So when the ECU knows that the car is coasting it will activate a clutch in the gearbox and magnets spin up like a dynamo to produce charge. I am a fan of big brakes as I have fitted Alcon, Brembo, Spoon, Endless, Project Mu and AP Racing to cars but however these were 400whp onwards. I personally wouldn't on the IS300H is more of a cruiser/econ model compared the IS350 and IS200T - I would focus the cash for other priorities like saving up to get the thing serviced lol.
  15. I'll have a go and using a da trying to get it out.. However noticed the drivers side also has a pin dent.. Looks like its surface however just wiping it with a mild alcohol didn't work. Tbh lexus Twickenham was a pita to get to and also the workshop was a few miles down the road so they had to get a driver to take it down there. No reason was given and just said this is not under warranty.. I dont think I'll be servicing mine there this year.