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  1. If youre old like me Fast Lane and Performance Car were the best I've read.. Thats how I got into cars at a very young age as my uncle used to give me his copies when he was finished with them.
  2. Bring back Chris Goffey and WIlliam Wollard lol *old age alert*
  3. Devils advocate - I don't find The Grand Tour engaging either?! Too scripted imo
  4. Andrew888

    IS300h - mpg question

    For me the winter time I'm averaging around 42mpg, in the summer I'm probably hitting 45mpg or so
  5. Andrew888


    No ashtray mate. In fact theres not a huge amount of storage in the 3IS unfortunately...
  6. Andrew888

    aircon set to AUTO

    Theres 2 in the rain sensor part.. the black square is for the wipers and theres a tiny lens underneath that. Lexus tested these components as I was having "blue sky syndrome" with my auto setting as they were activating in really bright weather.
  7. Andrew888

    aircon set to AUTO

    Indulge me as I can only see a speaker by the drivers A pillar?
  8. Andrew888

    aircon set to AUTO

    Yes it works in collaboration for 2 functions. To sense check the auto climate setting i.e. I think fan speed and also for the headlight sensor. It gives off different voltages 0-5V depending on intensity.
  9. Andrew888

    aircon set to AUTO

    That sensor is dual function, just like the Hondas. Technology nothing special there.. Also the auto headlight main sensor is by the rear view mirror.
  10. Andrew888

    aircon set to AUTO

    Auto Climate depends on 3 sensors - Outside ambient (which shoild be ok), Solar/Sun ray sensor (this measures the intensity of the sun, sensor is by the windscreen heater vents (passenger side) and looks like a little black dome and you'll also have a cabin sensor which is by the left hand panel under the steering wheel (its like 2 or 3 slits in that panel) and depending how old the car, it could have got dusty, you will need to take that panel off and get to the sensor behind it and lightly vacuum it out as dust etc gets in there. if all else fails Solar/Sun ray sensor could be iffy.
  11. Engine bay I believe on the right hand side next to the fuse/relay box
  12. Andrew888

    New tyres fitted

    Exactly what I want to do buddy.. However these OEM Bridgestones are like Termintor tyres.. They never wear! lol I've used the asymmetric range for all of my cars and cannot wait to the 3's on the IS.
  13. IS300H comes with an AWD variant in Japan only..
  14. Andrew888

    Horn Help - IS300H

    I bought some Toyota Premium Horns for the Prado etc.. Google them and theres a few thats available with sound clips and part numbers