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  1. Engine bay I believe on the right hand side next to the fuse/relay box
  2. Andrew888

    New tyres fitted

    Exactly what I want to do buddy.. However these OEM Bridgestones are like Termintor tyres.. They never wear! lol I've used the asymmetric range for all of my cars and cannot wait to the 3's on the IS.
  3. IS300H comes with an AWD variant in Japan only..
  4. Andrew888

    Horn Help - IS300H

    I bought some Toyota Premium Horns for the Prado etc.. Google them and theres a few thats available with sound clips and part numbers
  5. There is actually a filter assembly that you can clean as it collects alot of dust.. However it means stripping the rear boot side panel.
  6. Andrew888

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    Lexus Reading wasn't having any discounts as they claim the service is 'fixed' cost any other things they want to rip you off on that isn't fixed cost, then they can 'consider' the Lexus discount.
  7. Andrew888

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    Tried to barter mate.. However cost of aircon gas has tripled and my mate who is a HVAC specialist would charge me 80 quid.. so for the sake of 35 extra, if anything is iffy Lexus will have the responsibility.. The car is serviced for the sake of the existing warranty.
  8. Andrew888

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    £495 for a 20K 0r 2 Year service - this woas brake fluid flush, Oil and filters... Then I paid another £115 for an aircon refresh and also £15 loan car excess..
  9. For the life of me I cannot see it on mine (TPMS Reset) (2016 MY)
  10. Andrew888

    Help Required (IS300H)

    For the complete switch I was looking at around 160 quid which I had no choice as you can see some monkey at lexus broke the trim and couldn't get seperately. Glad you got it sorted
  11. For a defined part number use Lexus EU Tech docs, enter VIN number and goto the EPC section. This should verify the part numbers. (Have to pay to have access) Then goto and check the price - shipped from JPN is around £200 quid - then you have the pleasure of Parcelfarce UK charging VAT and handling. Still cheaper than UK prices.. Part number for my fsport WITH seat memory (2016 reg) is
  12. Andrew888

    Help Required (IS300H)

    Part was £20 that was the whole assembly.. I believe I sold Adrian this part lol.. I bought a brand new assembly as someone from Lexus (prior buying this ex demo car) superglued a thin part of the trim as it was removed incorrectly.. it bugged me and was too late to point it out when I bought the car cos I didn't notice it.. D'oh
  13. See the connection?? lol.. Yep twas me bought it in Jan.. Never programmed it as my buddy at the same time bought one for his.. His pairing failed despite Techstream bonging away saying it did.. Then I dug a little further about frequencies and searching Denso's certification for RTTE for Europe. So yeah its me.. *sigh* Oh well as I say crap happens lol
  14. Joys of having NO kids mate so extra disposable income 🙂