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  1. Hi All. I adopted this iQ yesterday. I thought going to Asda, school runs and city driving some times I don’t fancy taking big LS and then have to find big parking space to park my LS. So for little tasks I bought this wee fella. This wee boy will do short runs whilst big grand paa is having some rest smoking pipe 🙂 AJ
  2. standard 501 led bulbs. i bought mine from ebay. i 2004 face lift no warning at all.
  3. Hi all. Thinking about this. Any one here used it before ? And any pros and cons ? Thbaks.
  4. 501 they are. here is link to phillips bulbs non LED https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/501-philips-white-vision-ultra-12v-5w-w5w-wedge-bulbs-pair.html
  5. I have done this so far. 20” wheels cat back exhaust with 4” chrome tips tints 35% back and 50 fronts carbon roof spoiler wind deflectors heko chrome stickers on side window LS430 8000k hid bulbs led fog light bulbs led side lights led interior lights led long strip brake light like Bentley third brake light bulb replaced with small red led strip number plate led bulbs private plate which means nothing but hides age of car risen 3D carbon gel plate which gives glossy shine Thats all for now. Next in list is to paint callipers.
  6. cheers. TBH it was not that hard, just clips and connector itself. Only slight problem was tight space and not enough room to see or twist your hand. I got my son to hold small mirror while I was changing bulb looking in mirror 🙂 I also have full spare headlight at home if you want me to take some pictures. I have few just now, leme share them.
  7. Just quick update. few days ago I replaced battery on my car, which was getting bit weaker and not holding enough charge. fitted new battery and no more key fob issues. So I guess due to weak battery it was affecting computers and hence key fob issues. New main battery and no more issues.
  8. my hand brake / foot brake padle is bit dodgy. I have to put my foot behind it and pull it to turn light off. so when i release brake, light stays on but i put foot behind it and pull padle up and light goes off.
  9. I can confirm LS430 does have flat headlight pattern. left horizontal line is slightly above right horizontal line.
  10. This is battery I have just now. But not finding much luck online with 317 type.
  11. hi all time to replace battery. looking online so much to choose from. 70ah 75ah 570cc 650 cc bla bla means nothing to me. please suggest me which one is best battery for my 2005 facelift 430 many thanks AJ