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  1. Hi,Any idea's where I can source a new automatic gearbox for a Mk 1 RX other than Lexus themselves who want £4000 including labour.Heard that there are some specialists around who can supply and fit for less than £2000 ?.Any help appreciated. H
  2. Hi,need the part number for a speed sensor within the transmission for a Toyota Harrier 1998 VIN MCU 150003473 engine 1MZ - FE 3.0 4WD I have obtained the part numbers for the sensor speed that are external but it appears the internal sensor is the one with the fault. Thanks Harold
  3. I did not bother trying as I soon realised it could cause all sort of problems with electrics which would cost more to fix.Went to a local specialist tow bar fitting company who did the whole dual electrics thing for about £100.
  4. I have a Toyota Harrier (98) but unfortunately my local Lexus dealer cannot read the fault codes on his OBD II reader as only set up for UK vehicles,also tried an independent garage with same outcome.I am intending to buy a universal reader on ebay and just wondering if anyone has bought one or know where to get one that will work.I have the fault codes list just need to find a reader to tell me what the they are on my vehicle as have an intermittent transmission fault.Any help much appreciated. Harold
  5. Graham: Thanks,great site but I bet the prices in USD is what we will have to pay in £'s. Hours of fun ahead. Harold
  6. I would check the ATF to see its colour before buying and if black/brown avoid buying.I bought mine with the ATF like that and had it changed and discovered that the transmission now engages 4th gear very reluctantly and the OD light flashes.It has only done 61,000 miles. I know from the US sites that the the initial models were prone to transmission problems on the first vehicles.Lexus has quoted me £3500 for a replacement transmission plus labour ?.Otherwise I think the vehicle is great so make sure you get a good one. Good luck Harold
  7. On the dashboard display my outside temperature reading is showing incorrectly,today + 33 C ( I wish !).Does anyone know where the outside temperature sensor is located or had a similar problem and able to fix it ?. Thanks Harold
  8. Sorry to say but the only way to get at the small side/parking light is to remove the inner wheel arch liner.
  9. Lexus deserve a lemon on this one. Too much saki I think.
  10. Hi Sal Have replied in detail under seperate cover.Just to say I replaced both headlights so you should only be looking at Max. £115 all in after discount for original Lexus unit. regards Harold
  11. Just an update managed to fit some RX300 MK 1 lights @ £120 each but due to the dipped beam connector not being compatible with new headlamp bulb required (HB4) after some effort found some BMW connectors which allowed the conversion to be done in a neat way.(approx £10) No help from Lexus or Toyota on this other than saying they could sell me a loom???.BMW dealer most helpful and as had dismantled the lights arranged propmpt delivery within 48 hours. Most impressed. Checked with Toyota and OE lights for this vehicle are £550 + vat each. Removed road wheel,front grill and front portion of the wheel liner to gain access which more time consuming than anything else.
  12. Any help much appreciated
  13. My Harrier lights were misting up and filling with heavy condensation and tried everythting to seal them but no luck.Bit the bullet and ordered two RX300 MK1 headlights- only one option on their computer.So seemed straight forward.Cost £225 all in When I went to install them found my Harrier has HID lights and the Mk 1 only came with standard type of lighting. Lexus tell me they cannot get hold of any others. The new units fit OK and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of there being a problem of not having HID lights as quite happy to have "standard " lights.Better than water logged ones.Does anyone know if I can just wire the new ones up. Thanks. As I delayed fitting them after getting them on the 6.11.2007 due to poor weather etc. Lexus said they might not be able to take them back also no other way of getting identical OE units for the Harrier so might be only option. Harold :
  14. Hi Chips, It is not the connectors as all cleaned up etc. I have noticed that if I take the engine up to approx 5 - 5500 rpm in 2nd when ATF is hot that it will suddenly engage the 4th gear and appears to be ok after that.I presume it has something to do with a sensor which measures engine speed.Any idea which one it could be ?. According to the manual the sensors can be installed by removing battery and air filter only so does not seem a major job. Have contacted Lexus and asked them to get prices on sensors as it has two and might replace both to be sure if not too costly.What do you think? regards Harold
  15. Terry, Pleased to report that fitted towbar myself no problems as all the holes were in the right places etc.Took about an hour. Only snag being that I did not want to cut through the bottom of the bumper stay to enable the two electric sockets to fold up so they are visible but does not look too awful. Detachable hook is great as my dogs do not catch their "bits" when jumping in and out. Had local company who know what they are talking about do the twin electrics for £120 so off to look for something to tow now trailer possibly caravan. Tahnsk to you and everyone for their input. regards Harold