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  1. The part you refer to is the Rear Seat belt comfort guide, on the outside rear seats. The manual says If the shoulder belt sits close to a person's neck, use the seat belt comfort guide. Pull the comfort guide from the pocket. Slide the belt past the slot of the guide, the elastic cord must be behind the seat belt. Obviously when not in use, place back in the pocket on side of seat.
  2. Maybe the registration was changed for that period. When my DHP was taken away from me by the insurance as uneconomical to repair, I moved the plate to my RX. A new plate was put on the DHP . I'm not sure if the MOT history is reallocated to the new plate, so possibly is lost for the period I owned it.
  3. RX450H Gen 4 SFlow

    Looks like its time to RTFM ??
  4. RX450H SE-L 2009 12k miles annual 6k miles business £725.00 xs - renewal quote £513.89 up from £495.90. West Sussex post code near Gatwick
  5. I carry my wifes' disability buggy in the rear of my SE-L and have a LEXUS rubber boot mat to protect the floor, and use a blanket that I rollout over the bumper to protect it. I have tucked the end under the boot flap, over the spare wheel, to keep it from slipping out. Maybe not elegant but does the job.
  6. Surely easier to provide discount for cash ??
  7. I have a 2009 RX450H SE-L that has air suspension and DAB. I find the ride comfortable as does my wife. My son-in-law, who drives a C class AMG, was impressed with the ride. I see in the service history and repairs that a strut was replaced, but that may not be indicative of a problem across the range. With regard to the DAB radio I must confess to not using it a lot as I do not travel long distances regularly and tend to use the CD or Hard Drive for my music.
  8. I got Halfords to do it when putting my private plate on. They used sticky pads after cleaning the surface after removing the old plates. Insurance company was paying so cost no bother.
  9. I believe that the DHP (Dynamic Handling Pack) was only available on the MKIV, the model with touchscreen Sat Nav and 1 piece headlamp/sidelight.
  10. The car in the picture looks like a MK3 with DHP wheels..
  11. Have you spoken to the previous owner/dealer/garage ?
  12. Reviews

    I changed from a MK IV LS400 to my and initially found it somewhat larger, but with a higher driving position and the cameras etc now find it a dream to drive. It has also slowed me down somewhat, although I have been known to let her rip occasionally to clean her out. I looked around for a week or so and test drove and bought the first one I saw, as I was placed in a position where I needed a vehicle as the LS400 was written off by insurance company. I haven't regretted the choice even though I was thinking of an LS460 or maybe 600H before the write off.
  13. No such finery on a 450H, the socket is in the centre armrest console next to the USB socket.