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  1. Having just registered and not knowing the past topics I thought I would post this question.How does the RX300 perform with a trailer attached?Whether cargo or travel.I'm thinking about buying a new ultra-light 19 foot trailer that weighs 3200 pounds.I won't be driving over 60 mph and will be using a stabilizer hitch.Any info would be greatly appreciated.It may make the difference between purchasing and not purchasing a camper trailer.Also for those interested I did have a slight sludge problem that showed up on the dipstick after about 35000 miles.The vehicle has been Lexus maintained since new and oil changes occured every 7500 miles.Switched to Amsoil 5-30w @ 5.00$ a quart and noticed less oil usage and a spotless dipstick after about 7000 miles.I now have 57000 miles and haven't had a problem yet.Fuel economy went up but not significantly.My driving is mostly freeway to work.I also installed an Amsoil foam air filter after reading all the benifits of oiled foam.Sorry.I'm just a car gadget guy.I really enjoy my Lexus and plan on driving it for a long time.Chow.