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  1. Hi, I was in Halfords at the weekend trying to buy a few bits that would have cost well over £200. Got to the checkout and presented my Lexus Owners Club Halfords discount card and they just gave me a blank look. They tried all 5 staff in the store, they could work out 15%, but did not have a clue how to put it through their till. So I just left. Can anyone tell me what I need to tell the children that run these stores, what to do? Thanks, Kenny
  2. For some reason the grille.pdf file had disappeared. Have now uploaded it again.
  3. Hello


    Would you send me the link on how to change this grill.




    Martin 07976 942744

  4. Had HID's in my car for ages. Same 6000k as mentioned above. Went through it's MOT 2 weeks ago without any problem. The law states that they must have automatic leveling and headlight washers. So technically they should fail an MOT as we only have manual headlight leveling, but I've had HID's in cars for years and not one MOT station has failed my cars.
  5. Thanks Matt, I'll have a scout about. My TomTom Start 60 auto powers on when it gets power from the cig lighter
  6. Same with me Matt. My IS200 is my second car. (Got an Audi A6). I am trying to figure out my battery problem. Got ERR3 so bought a nice Sony double din and the amp bypass cable. If I drive the car every day, its fine. Leave it for 3 days and the battery is flat. I do notice that the clock stays illuminated all the time after the install. Disconnect the bypass cable when I'm not using the car and the battery is fine???? Once I get this sorted out, I can confidently wire up the Sat-Nav
  7. Well done Matt, Following this with interest as I am starting on the same project, except I have a TomTom Start60 to go in. Just figured out the wiring from another forum.
  8. I have this in my car - Works a treat -
  9. I've sold loads of cars on eBay. Never had a problem
  10. Forget the diesel. Agricultural gearbox, 6th gear completely useless. Noisy engine sounds like a London cab. I know, I had one. Direct from Lexus with 40k and full dealer history. Dreadful. IS250 Auto is a much better car for the low miles you do.
  11. Sorry no. Mycarcheck does not have any details. This suggests the car does not exist anymore and the registration has never been reassigned.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^ What he said
  13. Hi Rob and welcome to LOC. The questions you raise have been asked and answered many times on here. CD Player, double din is what you are after although a single din can fit. You buy an Auto Leads fascia adapter and possibly a amp bypass cable depending on which model of IS200 you have. Wind deflectors will fit IS300 gets Xenons as standard and auto dimming rear view mirror plus some other bits. Have a go with the search facility.
  14. I have Bosch Aero Twin flat blades on the car for the last 9,000 miles. They have been great.
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