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  1. If there any water marks dried on I use Maguires glass cleaner then 50/50 white vinegar sprayed onto a cloth not onto the actual glass then finish off with a fine mist of Maguires glass cleaner again and decent clean dry microfiber- comes up superb Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. I couldn't believe this but white vinegar 50/50 mix with water - spray on to a microfiber cloth - not direct onto the glass - comes up a treat and those water Staines are gone - so in order - wash - glass cleaner - vinegar- glass cleaner then buff - sounds a lot but doesn't take long and actually works [emoji3][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks to this great thread i am back on track looking for a LS 430 i googled lots of places and was really disappointed with the bad MPG then the penny dropped i was directed to lots of USA sites and there the US and UK gallons are different so the MPG was reading really bad this has inspired me to keep looking got two to see on saturday what has amazed me is how many people selling these cars have ooppps lost the service history or oh yea its a cat c bla bla bla will update as and when i get mine and a big thanks to all who took the time to keep this thread going Gaz
  4. it just gets worse everyday got the news on they have now found human DNA in Welsh lamb
  5. Thanks very much Will i did smile re the PCS so if i was doing 155mph at a brick wall would it alert the undertakers that one is on its way those guys at Lexus they think of everything eh
  6. this site is superb answered quite a few things i was unsure about but whats ACC/PCS i think ACC might be adaptive cruise control - but how does this differ from normal cruise control ???? PCS - not a clue - anyone ???????? help thanks very much Gaz