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  1. Happy Birthday Gus Woodcock!

  2. Happy Birthday Paul. I'll never forget your help, along with Zee, in helping me get into my car at JAE when I locked the keys in the boot Glad to see you have still got the green girl.
  3. Hi Gus, you making a comeback :D Would be tempting. I have a lot of good memories. :winky:
  4. Well it would be good to see you. Keep in touch! :)
  5. Tip Top thanks mate. Long time no see!! It would be nice to meet up again sometime and catch up with things!!! :winky:
  6. Very good Zee, Not seen it before. Great to see Capital One is keeping you busy!! :P
  7. If they are the York dealers (n/a for Lexus) Thom, your experience mirrors mine, except you could substitute saab with jaguar. Merc York have sold three new cars to members of my family in 12 months. The way they look after us has a lot to do with it.
  8. Best Wishes. Long time no speak!!! :winky:
  9. Tony Thought I would go up the A1 and cut across. What about you Dunc?
  10. Well Zee, there is more to you Capital One boys than meets the eye! :P The technical detail is spot on. I just thought you were an IT boy. :winky:
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