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  1. I've only ever been to Edinburgh but not had an issues with them. They do know that I am very fussy indeed so I'm not sure if they take extra care with my LS!
  2. I bought and fitted the mast from the ebay link earlier this year and it works very well indeed.
  3. Anyone got an update on successfully fitting bluetooth to a UK spec MkIII?
  4. Sounds like you are having exactly the same problem as me as I mentioned in the 'Bluetooth' thread. I was given assurances by various companies that they have 'plug and play' harnesses it has not been the case. I am planning to try to go in through the amp. I am going to speak to a local 'Bluetooth expert' tomorrow so I will see how I go. Attached are some pictures that may be of some use! Sorry if they are a bit big! From the wiring diagram (pdf file lf1rap96), I think the blue plug is for the CD changer.
  5. I am not sure it is caused by vinegar-based window cleaners, at least in my case. After I got the door fixed a few years ago I got the car detailed and the body and all the windows were treated with Gtechniq. There has not been any other products used on the outside of car other than snow foam and water since. I wonder if it is just a strange design flaw - just about the only one I can think of on the LS! When I eventually get the car in to get fixed and resprayed I'll get a good look at the stripped door and see if I can figure out what caused it.
  6. Many thanks for the replies, I'll take them on board.
  7. As the sun made an appearance in my neck of the woods today I decided to get the LS from the back of garage from her winter hibernation! The winter ‘hacks’ can take a rest for a while! Heading into pick up my better half (her words!) from work, sunroof open, stereo on, arm on the door, I reminded myself just how great these cars are. It is such a great all rounder – ultimate cruiser, ‘sufficient’ power on tap, road presence, fantastic! You can tell a lot of money was spent on quality control as she feels as solid as the day she was built, almost twenty years ago. One flaw that has reared its head again for me is some tiny rust patches under the chrome strip on the offside rear door. I believe this is caused by the clips that hold the chrome moulding. Although very small, I am going to have this sorted when she goes for a full body respray as she has some stone chips at the front as well – someone with OCD once said to me “you are being a bit picky, aren’t you?”! Having had this ‘sorted’ once before, has anyone found a long term cure for this, maybe modified clips or tips on how they should be fitted? It is strange it is on one one of the doors but I am not complaining about that!
  8. Rob - any update on your install? I am looking to fit a Parrot MKi9200 into my 1995 LS 400 and have been round the houses looking at the best way to install it. I have looked at a Dension kit and KRAM connectors but nothing is 'plug and play' despite the claims of the various companies. If I had a MKIV LS then it would be fine but there does not appear to be anything for the MKIII. I am having a similar problem with my Daimler but that is a story for another time in another place! I have the wiring diagram for the amp under the driver's seat and I am considering going in that way - although I am not sure if my car has an inbuilt 'mute' wiring as it was never supplied with a factory phone. If I do go that way then I am going to have a harness made up so I don't hack into the factory wiring. If it doesn't work then I can simply plug everything back to where it was and leave my phone at home! I would be interested to hear how you get on with your install.
  9. I'll add to the 'I've got a '95 with heated seats not working' clan! Having said that, I am not sure I have ever tried them for a about ten years or so! I too can live without them but a heated steering wheel is a nice thing though! If I had one in my LS that didn't work then I would have that fixed! Having said that, I have surprised myself that I have not done something about it as I don't like things working or 'just being so' in my cars. Did someone say extreme OCD?!
  10. While the R8 is a great car (especially the V10 Spyder ) and a good all round every day car, it is a bit more of a, em, 'Prima Donna' than the LS 400! One thing to watch out for are that there are only certain Audi dealers who have R8 trained 'technicians' (ah, remember when we had mechanics?!). Still, in Scotland, there are more of them than the two Lexus dealers we currently have! It is so annoying when things are not right with cars! My wife just sighs and lets me rant and rave - well, to a point! She told me today that I had "extreme OCD with your (flippin') cars" as I was trying to trace a tiny rattle in the Daimler's driver's door! Found it though! Ha! I hope your LS gets fixed to your satisfaction.
  11. The courtesy cars being used by Edinburgh (at least at the end of last year) were CT200h. I had the 'pleasure' of having one for over two weeks as they had to wait on a part coming from Japan. I really can't think of anything nice to say about them! Luckily I had enough other toys to play with so it just sat on my driveway gathering dust for most of the time! I have had a GS from them before but that was a couple of years ago. I am sure the Shogun will make you appreciate the LS even more when you get it back!
  12. This question of ‘worth’ has come up before. I have previously mentioned that I bought my S8 for way (way!) over book price, even after negotiation! However, I was not forced to buy, it was my choice and I did so in the knowledge I was paying over the odds – but it was the exact spec, etc. I wanted and I have not regretted the purchase for a moment! At the end of the day, in my view, if someone is prepared to pay a certain price for a car that both seller and buyer agree on then so be it. Now to LS. Is this car ‘worth’ the money asked – who knows! It is encouraging though that the asking prices for used LS 400’s seem to be going up in recently! Maybe, at last, everyone is catching on to just how good these cars really are (although Quentin Wilson did say so years ago!). I’ve said it before that I consider my LS to be the best car I own and would be the one I would save first if the garage was to go on fire (great, no sleep for me tonight thinking about that! What a day to give up religion!). I am not sure I could put a value on my LS to me. One thing is for sure, whatever price I did come up with it would be a bargain - and it would be over £4k!
  13. Typical of a dealer to say that you need to replace the entire mirror unit - I could be sounding paranoid or cynical but I do get impression that Lexus dealers are now trying to get more money out of owners based on a couple of my own recent experiences. Disappointing to say the least. I would try my luck with various online breakers as I've often found that there are plenty of used Lexus LS parts readily available. I have managed to source good used parts for my LS430 but I am sure there are LS400s being broken up with parts such as mirror glass being available. Google will give you plenty of sites like or amongst the many. Good luck Many thanks for that. It did wonder about that but, to be fair, the parts guy I normally use has been OK with me in the past. In any case, I tried a couple of others and it does seem to be the case that it is not available! My preference is for a new genuine part (nothing but the best for the LS!). The one on my car is not too bad at all but I'll keep my eyes out for a like new second hand one if it comes to that.
  14. Sorry I can't help with your question. My passenger mirror glass is just starting to go around the bottom edge. It still works fine but will need replaced over the course of the next year. This happened to my driver's side one a few years ago and got that replaced without any problem. I gave the dealer a call (while sitting down!) to get a new one ordered. He said the mirror glass is no longer available but the complete mirror unit is - at over £500. I have tried to source one from abroad but any place that I have found that has one won't ship glass to the UK! If anyone knows of a new (part number 87961-50220) please give me a shout.