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  1. Worked for mine as well. Note It does say you have to change battery in 10 mins to keep the code. pressing the buttons with the battery out discharges the stored code. You may have to strip the button area and clean it so that the buttons make contact properly
  2. bribarb

    Key Codes

    I have a 91 soarer v8 and have lost the only key that came with it. It is not a chipped version. I have removed the lock from under the ignition on the assumption that it is the same as the ignition. the code stamped on it is 8072. I am told that this is not a valid code and I would have to take a door lock out and read the key code off it. Any body know a simple way of getting the key code?
  3. I have a converted radio in my V8 soarer with naff reception. My solution was to use a Genus DU1 DAB adaptor. This required using a voltage converter to give me 7volts dc. The right and left outputs go to the amplifier and the antenna I use is a stick on type on the passenger side of the windscreen. If you are in a reasonable DAB coverage area you will get good reception perfect sound and many new channels. Also come with a neat remote control and can store 20 stations.
  4. I have recently bought a soarer 4.0l limited with 255/40 ZR 18 tyres. I have had a look around the forums and cannot find an answer. The car was resprayed so it's not got any labels. I would like to run with one passenger round town and motorway. Is 32psi all round ok.
  5. Does this happen with the audio switched off, I have noticed a clicking on my sc400 with the audio on.
  6. With the road system changing every week how do we ensure that we are getting an upto date nav system? I live near Swindon and many of the new roads are missing from my 2000 cd, should I wait for the 2003 one?