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  1. Try these guys. I know they're not really local, but they have some cracking stuff. I bought from them in the past, and would highly recomend them. Parts arrived within a week, labled as "gift" so no import tax .....
  2. Hi Duncan mate, doing fine , you still have the Nissan ??? Car has has had some changes mate, all good :D going to get more power out of it. Talking to Gus the other week, he doing fine, See Besty too, had to take a puff up to him (long story) He is very well to, and his car is looking very nice again. Yeah, still got the Nissan. I'd love to meet up again with all of you, to see how all the cars have changed over the years. Is there a local meeting coming up soon ? I thought Besty was the puff !
  3. Stick another 0 on it and you might be near that for an IS Dont know what you mean Adie Hi there Gord, How are you and the guys doing over there. I just had a quick scan through this thread. Is it right you have my old car now, and your planning to run 300bhp ? Can you post up some pictures of it ? The last i heard, it was in the Sunderland area, but i haven't seen it since i chopped it in for the GTR.
  4. Hello mate, long time no see, how's things? Things are ok with me mate, how about you ? I haven't looked on hear for ages..... I'm trying to catch up, to see if i still know anyone on here. I see your doing some new mods.... Are you running a turbo now ?
  5. If anyone needs a black ECU, i have one spare, along with TTE supercharger fitting instructions.
  6. Hi Pete and Tony, it must be the day for passing through. How the hell are you guy's ?
  7. I'd also like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, and i hope to see you all in the New Year Best Wishes, DUNCAN.
  8. sorry to hear of your misfortunate accident Mat. I'm off work at the moment aswell with two fractured ribs and internal bleading, after a friend decided to drive his new civic type R into a tree at 70 mph. I did however come off better than the car. Should take you about 6 weeks to recover........
  9. Hope you enjoyed your Birthday....All the best :)
  10. thanks for the info.. i have done the battery reset thing yesterday, drove it and gave it a good boot on dual carraige way.. only ting i noticed was after the reset when i started the car the idle was really poor, had to hold revs with allcelerator.. The throttle motor ticks, as you said when it can't hold the idle etc.. apply bit of gas it's fine, let go and then its same.. after a bit of drive rev are fine.. but no kick.. is it one big unit or differnt bits into one? any idea of a cost for the throttle response motor? will it cause any harm if i can carry on driving till i get checked out? Thanks ← Hi imi, If you need to buy one, try giving "simpson Brothers" of york a ring. They're a breakers, and they've got an IS200 in.
  12. Oh yeah, anyone get any photos of the girls at Temple Laugherne Motorsport!!!?? (well one in particular) or any of the others?? damn fiiiiine ← How about these two lovely laydeez !!! Click
  13. I paid £240 to have all mine done with 35% at " G-Force in Middlesbrough (Linthorpe road). It took them about 3 hours. There's another place in Darlington but i'm not sure what it's called. It's opposite the turning for B&Q, on the main road. If you pass by that way, you'll see their advertisement in the window.
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