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  1. Happy Birthday evoelf!

  2. I got my baby almost a year ago now. I've done about 12.5k in it so far with no probs. The most reliable car i have ever owned.
  3. Anyone Fancy Teaching Me?

    That's not aimed just at you, evoelf, as you sound like you have seen one or two things to make you think before routinely whacking the throttle wide open and watching the horizon rush towards you. But a lot of people say things like 'you need the power to make sure you can get out the way' which is great when explaining to the missus why you need a 1000cc missile - but in reality what happens is that someone cuts you up on a roundabout, you pin the throttle and 0.1 seconds later are flying through the air after a massive highside and end up with a smashed bike... LOL you dont sound like a preacher... Just someone with a few words of wisdom :) . Being cut is or hitting some diesel is prob my biggest fear when it comes to riding. There are far to many loons in 4 wheels that are completely unaware that they share the road with anyone but themselves... turn...look... oopps... you know the story.
  4. Very honourable......but then, Now this is where you let yourself down. Too true lol
  5. Anyone Fancy Teaching Me?

    This has been an interesting read seeing as i'm looking to do my direct access next month. The only thing i would point out is that tooo many people make assumptions about any rider under 25... Fair enough if you have never rode before but just because you dont have a CBT or a licence yet doens't mean your a maniac. I have beenriding bikes since i was 12 you name it i rode it be it at CB90, my SP125 Runner, KX100, CR250, 500... to RS125's and ZX6R. I will be getting a ZX6 when or should i say if lol pass. I wont be spending my money on a bike with a smaller engine as it will only cost me more money in the long run. IMHO if you ride a larger CC bike.. yes you can get into trouble, if you ride like a lemon, but you can also get out of trouble if it decides to come your way. For me i would rather not be a sitting duck. I have seen many an accident so i am fully aware of the dangers that come with riding...watching a friend do 8 flips over a car and land on his head was not a joke and is a firm reminder of why not to ride like a c**t. Education is better that restriction IMO i acknowledge that i'm not going to be a V-Rossi the day i pass my test lol and that with miles comes experience.
  6. One is loving this topic lol...But one would like to add that they are aware of a certain person that has very recently...discovered you are able to access the lexus side of the EPC with the assistance of numerous aquintances...
  7. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to all :D ... robgosty, Lecars, cenwesi, Sipey, Ally, P38Aaron, eynman, robbie1988. I didn't realise May 29th was such a popular birthday on the LOC
  8. Hks Super Dragger

    oooh I want it ... but i'm saving for my bike test :D Cant believe this hasn't been snapped up already.
  9. Trouble Starting

    The plugs are fine. I only changed em a month ago. There is no water buildup anywhere i the engine bay i can see that would be affecting the idle.
  10. Trouble Starting

    Interesting you suggested steam cleaning the engine... was on my list of things to do this week. Is there anything i should be aware of in the engine bay that is sensitive to a good clean? And are there any know spots that i should make sure i get... i.e should i remove the airbox or anything else to get better access. In regards to the vacum hoses what should i be lloking aout for? Thanks in advance
  11. Trouble Starting

    OIC... Would you suggest trying something like redex or an alternative fuel system cleaner?
  12. Trouble Starting

    Rob, forgive me if I'm wrong but doesn't the IS have an electronic throttle. Its cable from go faster pedal to the servo in the engine bay but then its electronic. I was under the impression that unless the car is running depressing the wouldn't make any difference to the priming of the fuel system. I'm sure what you have suggested was mentioned before in a topic re: the same issue. I tried it out but doesn't make a difference. If she wants to start first time she does. If not she makes me wait...female prerogative I guess lol
  13. Trouble Starting

    IS200 doesn't have HT leads LOL Well as you can tell the machanical side of cars isn't my speciality ... bodywork is more up my street B) . Anyhoo whatever the leads are that connect the spark plugs to the coil pack (Correct me if i'm wrong)... i checked them to see if they were sparking anywhere they shouldn't be. I've found that its not just a cold start issue as it can occur when the engine is at optimal temp.
  14. Trouble Starting

    I've had this issue for about 3 months now. I've changed the battery, air filter, cleaned the inlet manifold, changed the plugs and checked the HT leads. Only occurs a few times a week... turn the key and the engine just turns over - Stop. Try it again and 9/10 she'll fire up straight away.
  15. I do prefer the old to the new IS. Before i looked at my IS i considered getting another BM having owned 2, but the 3 series saloon is horrid. I love the look of the my IS as it seems to fit in place wherever you put it. Urdan, Rural war zone lol the car just seems to blend it perfectly. I'm was considering a 5 series for my next, but am putting serious thought into an IS300.