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  1. got it working ! was fairly easy to change cheers for your help every one
  2. right here goes driving to work on a cold but crisp winter morning on my daily commute i pulled out and over took some french car and half way through the manuver my 'hand brake' light can on! i tested the brakes and all seemed ok. so i carried on to work. got to work check the brake lights and both were ok (i know now there are three!!), the fluid and had a good look at the calipers. the fluid was full of crap so i took the resy off when i got home cleaned it out and bleed the system so the float could move properly. check the brakes and light still on! balls! logged on to forum balls another brake light! right ive waffled for far far too long, what the hell is wrong with my high level brake light and how do i fix it?? eerrr!! any help would be much appreciated
  3. if youve still got the liner im about 30 mins away, not wanna see it go to waste! and i dont wanna pinch it if anyones got dibs on it already cheers phil