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  1. Im only guessing but id say its gone, no seating so youd be standing anyway for your service lol. i have no idea about ‘relax’ it wasnt around when i had my last lex. Its just going to take longer for me to travel to view the car now. Im certainly not spending £30k++ without veiwing.
  2. I obviously know they have not done it to annoy me personally. Im not upset, i never said upset. Surprised i will concede, before visiting i checked the webpage. No mention of sales not being offered. And like i said ive bought there before. Anyway, Its now harder to buy a lexus locally.
  3. Well thats the chicken and the egg! How many owners service their lexus at dealers after 3yrs? Prob not as many as lexus would like! To maintain a steady flow of vehicles to sustain a service dept…. You need to sell!!!
  4. So i bought my Ct new from my local dealer 5 years ago. Im familiar with their setup ,or so i thought. Been with vw last couple of years but have posted in the UX section this is what im researching to buy. The dealership is across town and i dont pass it often. As i was passing today i thought id pop in and get a proper look at a UX. Drove in, Parked in a allocated bay and entered the showroom. It was bare, no cars, no sales desks. Just a manned reception counter . So said ‘ hello’ and asked if i could look at a UX please?. The reply was not favourable, “ im sorry sir we dont sell lexus here anymore, we only do service / parts” apparently i can either drive to another city to their branch that still sells or they can arrange to have one delivered for me to look at, which seems a massive faff for a first view. The whole buying a Lexus experience from the dealership this time will not be as enjoyable. I have concerns wether as theyve moved sales if the service dept is still Lexus trained or even approved. All very odd. I guess you guys up country maybe used to travelling to a dealership but when you have one in your city that doesent have sales its like the branch is preparing to close. As i left I realised all the cars outside were other brands. They use the site to sell trade ins….. its devalued the whole experience.
  5. Hi, yes looks for sale…. Came across it on the facebook page….. 👍🏻
  6. Apparently has vibrating mirrors to shake the water off !!!
  7. Not sure if this has been posted before. Celsior Limo rear seat partition… @steve2006
  8. Perfect explanation, thankyou. Spending a few hours looking through the website/ brochures. Its all looking good 👍🏻
  9. Thanks for the replies,the hybrid in the CT for me as a first hybrid had a big impact on the way the vehicle drove and was just concerned by the comments in the ev mode thread, but yeah i get the battery assists the engine supply power for everything not just the drive. Certainly not going to affect a decision to buy but need to have expectations inline with what your getting. Still plenty of research to do lol.
  10. Hello!!!! Used to own an LS400, then a CT200h then left the fold and went vw. Enough said. Possibly returning as im looking to get back into a hybrid. Been researching the UX250h as it would fit my needs and came across the EV driving thread here. Little concerned people dont think their getting ev mode enough. The Ct used to go a couple of miles gently before kicking the ice in. Im sure the Ct battery was something like 500+volts up to 600v or so in sport mode. If im reading the UX specs correctly the battery is 216v which is considerably less. Has the hybrid been dumbed down too much? this would explain less EV mode driving. Im currently looking across all manufacturers with hybrids, some are as low as 48v which seems to be fitting the minimum to class it as one. Are owners generally happy with the drivetrain or maybe underwhelmed? hope this doesent sound to negative, i just research cars before purchase to avoid mistakes lol. steve.
  11. Bugger, i put new tyres on monday. Ah well at least its done. just had a letter from lexus of the summer event coming up so will look at the UX then. Next time round ill be better prepared.
  12. Hi, mark yes i have, we recently decided to step up to a ux so are using the time to save a little more for deposit. Ill just put premiums on then theres no possible issues.
  13. Hmm, thanks for the input, ill consider for a bit but swaying towards premium then .Ill still get the use for a bit and have no issues on trade in day.
  14. So ive less than 6months to go before before trade in time and looking at a new ux, however the ct needs new front tyres. the car is on a lexus finance pcp arrangement. tbh i dont want to buy premium like for like tyres and get 4/5months use then trade in. Seems a waste. Is there any reason why cheaper different brand tyres would cause an issue on the trade in? cheers.
  15. Only thing i can think of on your phone is under blutooth , the sync contacts setting. As it works in the other car its not the phone so is there a sync contacts setting in the car settings that needs changing? That could explain the difference between the two. Mine works so never looked into it too much.
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