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  1. Parking tickets

    Since owning my black ct, i just find parking requires a little more thought. My local mall parking has several spaces on their own, so if i head into town i get there early. At work i park next to guys who think the same with nice cars. In an area i dont know its a little harder but usually can find a spot im happy with or just walk a bit further. Always park on the end of a row and next to the passenger side if poss that way your 50/50 theres only a driver. I dont do door dents lol. Drives the mrs crazy looking for a space im happy with. Can appriciate two door cars are longer and need more space. It can be done,
  2. Parking tickets

    Never ever, call a parking co. They record call but you will have no record of the conversation. Email is best as its give a trail. Another trick they use after the toothless debt collector letters is to go quiet. People think they give up but in reality they have 6yrs to chase people. They give it a while then start again believing people will have forgotten any relevant information, while they still have it in a file. Hopefully your past the 6. As for contacting companies to cancel its a case of always researching the ceo and contacting directly. Customer services or store managers are usually useless. The parking co aim is to get people to pay out of panic and belief they have no course of action when actually with a bit of research they can usually be beaten.
  3. Parking tickets

    Exactly, and as im required to be there at contracted hours im not stopping anyome else from parking anyway. Not sure why my company brought them in there never was ant big issue with parking. Now there is lol. As its done n dusted ,no, ill let it sleep. Iol. They have been really good to me on other issues in my time there.
  4. The lexus story

    Clever stuff, i thought all books had to have the ISBN , surprised i couldnt find it.
  5. The lexus story

    Possibly never intended for sale? Like a inhouse gift book or something? Bottom of page .... library of congress no.... us market only? Not sure. When i looked up lexus books all i ever found was this one and the pursuit of perfection story. That had little pictures and was a bit heavy going, but still interesting.
  6. The lexus story

    None in front or back. Its a limited 5000 leather bound issue. Looks like printed in china for us market. I did research before order and theres a non badged non leather edition . A leather chrome badge version and the black chrome badge version ( i think lol) just kept checking ebay , theres usually some on there at varying prices. this is all the info pages......
  7. The lexus story

    So my book arrived today. Been looking at usa ebay for a while for the right one/price. Can only say im impressed, leather bound with the black chrome embossed emblem. Will finish the book im reading and crack on with this one, can only be interesting.
  8. Mould under rear lights

    Well its a job done. The bolts holding the light were surprisingly only hand tight however the bugger refused to slide out . After overtrying i snapped a piece of the black trim off . Oh well it happens. Looks ok all seated back in. The method i found worked for me was to tape under the lights to protect paint. Then at one edge feed in an old tshirt cloth soaked in some neat citrus prewash. The corners worked out easy but the centre part needed a thin screwdriver to push the cloth in more to make contact. Gently pushing the cloth along cleared the mould. Tried small brush and a old toothbrush but the angle wasnt right as the lens angles in at the bottom the bristles have to bend back which they wouldnt do lol.
  9. Mould under rear lights

    Its actually the lens on the tailgate so im guessing theres a similar panel ( cant think from memory) . However its tipping it down so rain stop play lol
  10. Mould under rear lights

    easy job for tommorow then . Weather permiting lol
  11. Mould under rear lights

    Good shouts guys, ill try both. ,
  12. Mould under rear lights

    Car is 1 1/2 yrs old .Just cleaned the 200 and noticed theres a small amount of green mould just starting under the tailgate light assy. Hard to see in pic but its there. Car is regularly cleaned using good practice. Obviously this is a small water trap between the plastics and paint. Has anyone else noticed this on theirs? Any tips to clean or will i need to remove the unit?
  13. When i had my Ls there was a trip betweeen work sites for a lecture we had to attend. I had 3 colleagues with me and the guy behind in his tt had a passenger. Lets say we were making good progress to the meeting and with a slight bend in the road approaching i pulled over to let the tt passed. He pulled in behind me. When we arrived i asked why he didnt fly passed? His reply was that was all he had. The Ls had plenty more to give. Reminded me now how much i need another lol
  14. LOC club stickers

    Was a year ago but im sure two came in mine, log out and check gold member sign up. Sure it says club stickers, then next level up gets tshirt too.
  15. LOC club stickers

    Cant remember wether theyre silver or white but through the smoke glass their subtle. Perfect