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  1. floggit

    Air noise back right

    Totally normal, theres a vent beside the rear seat behind the driver. Cooling fan kicking in for hybrid battery. Mine was noticeable through the hot weather but dont notice it now. Just keep an ear on it. Dont hear mine with stereo on
  2. floggit

    OCD Madness.

    Clean machine, nice job. That is a stunning colour !
  3. I just wont be going , hadnt planned on changing this year and im pretty busy next weekend . Wirth finding out about though. Therell prob be another in 6months lol
  4. Thanks for the replies, i may not bother then as i wasnt thinking about looking until next year.
  5. So these have probably gone out around the country and my invite arrived yesterday. It states i have a personal upgrade package is now ready and will be tailored to my personal needs. It also is so sensitive it can only be discussed in the showroom by a senior salesman! So has anyonone attended these before? Are they amazing deals that cant be missed or is it just the way of dressing up the sales drive in the slow months? Ive another year and half to go on my pcp and havent considered what my next model will be so there cant be a tailored package as this hasnt been discussed. Basically are these worth attending ? my pcp has another 1,1/2 year to go although im over half way id have thought financially it would be to early?
  6. floggit

    The lexus story

    Agreed, its helps if you have an interest in the ls400 as thats where most of the storys based. I did find it an iteresting read particulary how dealers were set up and the way lexus affected the other brands. Prob never read again but nice to have and its the usual lexus quality piece.
  7. floggit

    Dash Cam

    Yes mines a sport so normal black tint.
  8. floggit

    Dash Cam

    Good choice, your pictures are so much better than mine. You can see reg plates in rear cam. Had mine 6months now and been faultless + if it needs resetting or adjusting its in arms reach . My mate has a rear cam and everytime he shuts his tailgate it moves. Just one less problem with the duo.
  9. floggit

    Dash Cam

    Not the best pictures, but busy day lol. The duo works for me. Yes the rear is a little restricted but i find the video playback is fine. Better than the pics show . Its swings and roundabouts .this is the quick easy solution and if for any reason it needs resetting its easy to do. Cams in rear windows require more work to fit and obviously move with the tailgate. They will give a better picture obviously. The duo does work though else it wouldnt sell.
  10. floggit

    Dash Cam

    I have the duo in my ct and its perfect. I will put pics up tommorow for you. It does requires 2mins getting the right height to face out the rear but the rear cam pics up either side of rear screen. When i first tried it i downlosded and viewed the rear cam journey and it is good enough to get registrations. But then if your hit youd stop anyway. People will recomend two cameras or different brands but this one has been excellent for me. Pics tommorow
  11. They do-suggest placing in another spray bottle with better spray pattern but i dudnt have anything to hand. First peoduct of this type ive tried. I did try just spraying but it didnt seem to cover well then read bottle and it does say to agitate for full coverage. Tbh it hasnt left any marks in the paint so it seems ok. it smells ok but i wouldnt splash it all over 😂
  12. Ahh, yeah that was the autoglym magma iron fallout remover. Tbh first time ive used it but seemed to work well. Basically spray on then soft wipe over with a mitt/cloth then leave for 5mins. Feels rough on paint and i had doubts how easy it would come off but powerwashed off fine. Used most of bottle to get around car so 1bottle 1 use really.
  13. Well no it wasnt really a dirty bucket lol. after a year and a half of ownership in still happy with the paint finish on my ct. Just finished the morning giveing her the summer coat of wax. basic list was... preassure wash each stage... citrus prewash snowfoam wash fallout remover claybar remaining tar removed wax windows/tyres dressed she came up well after few winter washes due to constantly raining when i could wash her lol.
  14. Lovely car, are you going to lpg this one? Seem to remember you have prior knowledge
  15. floggit

    Ls430 blue /black, plymouth

    Followed for a bit this morning on way to work. Clean. Nice. Think it was blue but it was early lol