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  1. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    Vias Technology MML-T1 ipod integration recieved and fitted, It now looks like I have a poltergeist in the car, it was worth the money just to not have to agree with the car every time you start it... and now I can listen to Barry Manilow and Abba all day.... Vias Video
  2. It is about 5 or 6 inches higher than the high pressure one but BEHIND the radiator, it's difficult to see, you will find an air con rubber pipe there, run your hand down it and you will feel the valve... it's a pain to get to but not impossible... Look down where the red spot is... And you will see it.... Good luck
  3. The later 430, post 2005 doesn’t have a clutch on the front of the compressor, it doesn’t work like 99% of other ones... All the magic works internally... so no way to tell if it’s engaged or not.. find someone with Techstream and they can read live values for all sorts... If you google LS430 aircon test you can do a diagnostic yourself IIRC it’s press recirc and auto button as you turn on ignition... top center console display then gives fault codes... google is your friend..!!
  4. IMHO the ultimate Lexus.... 2005 LS430.... (but I might be slightly biased)
  5. Droning usually comes from resonators (center box) or cats, if you have changed the resonators and the rear boxes then it must be the cats... you will probably find that welding the rear boxes needed some use of a hammer which has dislodged the honeycomb in the cats and is making the noise... try to knock the cats gently with your hand, if they rattle or sound hollow ( the honeycomb can shatter and get blown out the tailpipe in small bits causing a hollow sound) then they have failed... a decent exhaust shop should find the culprit...
  6. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    On the original check over I noticed the brake pads were getting low so I ordered some PowerStop Ceramic brake pads from Rock Auto, they arrived a while ago and I fitted them when the 430 came out of the paintshop, I have used these pads before and they are excellent, they are more progressive than the original pads and have a better initial bite, they are also better at feathering out when you come to a standstill. The best bit is they are very low dust pads and keep the wheels nice and clean, these two pictures are from the LS430 and my wifes IS250, both have done a similar amount of town driving, the difference is marked... They are also nice and cheap, only around £40 delivered from the USA and that's for front and rear sets... I have just ordered a set for the IS, the pads on it are OK but I have to clean it so it's a no brainer....!!! I have also just ordered a Vias Technology MML-T1 ipod integration for the 430, I had one in the old one years ago and found it excellent, it also presses "I Agree" every time you start so it's worth it just for that...!!! https://www.vaistech.com/product/mml-t1/ They currently have $30 off in an Independence Day Sale..!!
  7. Totally agree, use the wrong offset with spacers will ruin the suspension geometry that Lexus spent millions in developing, uneven tyre wear and undue stress on suspension components will happen. Not to mention ruining the ride and handling... Just do a google on failed wheel spacers and see how common it is.... do you want someone with them driving past your childrens school...??? You also HAVE to inform your insurance company of ALL modifications. They will not like it..... Have an accident with an undeclared modified car and you will end up paying the whole claim yourself when the insurance company refuses to..... Just my 2p.....
  8. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    It's another reason not to spray any more than you need... the shop who did it may have done it completely right but it had been painted in the past and not prepared properly, flaking is usually caused by not flatting or cleaning the panel properly, it usually occurs where they don't repair and the area is just covered in a thin layer of colour and the clear coat, tends to be worse on plastic panels.... It's one of the reasons my shop sands most of the paint off the bumpers, they then don't get so many comebacks.. Every paintshop will get comebacks, mostly down to other things beyond their control.... My guys painted a Yaris for me well over 8 years ago and it still looks great.... I see bodywork as a service item if you want to see your car at it's best.....
  9. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    It was just the door panel, above the plastic panel at the bottom, that was painted to blend the colour in, to do the whole car you would have to strip them down, and paint the plastic panels and then the sill covers, plus the roof which painters really hate painting as they are awkward... it's an awful lot of extra work for no real improvement, you can't tell which panels have been painted and which haven't. It would more than double the cost... Thanks, get it done, it'll look great..... I know what you mean but I sort of like it, it looks better in the flesh than pictures. I'm going to mockup the chrome tape and see which I prefer... I had a fight with the painter as his view was the same as yours but even he said it looks good...!!!
  10. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    Cheers, they painted both front wings, bumper and bonnet, both rear wings, one rear door, boot and rear bumper, you get the car back filthy inside and out and the paintwork has been flatted and polished but will be covered in swirl marks from the rubbing compound, it then needs further polishing and a dam good clean up... BUT, it is cheap at £400, especially as it's mica paint... I prefer it like that as I'd rather do it myself... The bodyshop does mostly trade work from local car retailers but will do work direct from the public.... I have used them for years so get the rock bottom trade rate so if you want something done PM me and I will introduce you.. they are in Hull... Thanks, looking good for 13 years old... Thanks, yes, I was surprised, they are well painted and there was no sign of rust around them after 13 years so guess they have it sorted... makes them real easy to fit, no hours of measuring and tape...!!!
  11. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    Got the 430 back this morning, then spent several hours with my machine polisher, and finally a good polish by hand and the paintwork is pretty good now... I shall let the pictures do the talking... One thing I did do was get the bodyshop to paint the chrome strip on both bumpers, these are plastic inserts and after a few years go dull grey instead of chrome, I bought some chrome vinyl tape to redo them to original but I'm liking them body coloured at the moment, think I will leave them for a while and see how it goes... That rear arch came out well... Not too much more to do now....
  12. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    The 430 heads for the paintshop tomorrow... it does look nice but 13 years has taken its toll in one way or another.... The worst bit is the nearside rear wheel arch (car is on a wheel free ramp hence the big gap!!) The rear bumper has a dink top to bottom in the middle And a dig in the corner... Bootlid has a big scratch down the edge here (touched in) And more scratches and chips here.... it also has damage around the number plate area where various different plates have been put on in the past... The front has lots of rash that always shows more on the darker colours, difficult to see much here but it annoys me... The front bumper has been painted before and the quality is a bit suspect, the paint is very flat with little shine and the lacquer is peeling in several places... There are also some large chips out of the bonnet and boot.. So not that bad and yes it's what you would expect from 13 years and 130,000 miles but I'm sad and want it looking the best it can... so bonnet, both front wings and the front bumper will be painted as well as both rear wings, the boot lid and rear bumper, the nearside rear door will get painted to blend the colour in.... There is not much in the way of repairs, most is just flatting and painting so it's only £400 for the lot so for a small outlay it will be near mint bodywise... As you can see I took the rear badges off to clean them up before they go back on the new paint... you can see why you don't see debadged 430's... they still have locator holes for the badges... virtually unheard of these days... They would look something like this if debadged... Think I prefer it with badges.... I also took the grille off to strip it down and give it a good clean... looks weird without one.... More to follow....
  13. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    Yeah, my old Merc CL500 had significantly wider and taller rear tyres than front, this has 225/45/17 front and 245/45/17 rear so a massive 20mm wider...!!! I think it is the SE-I SE-L and the ISF of course, the IS350 is the same but we don't get that (shame)....
  14. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    Nothing done on the 430 but the 250 is done and finished... Bought it for my good lady, it's a 2006 Lexus IS250 SE-L with Nav, we have the original bill of sale at just over £33,000, we paid a lot less than 10% of that for it...!!! It is a one owner full service history vehicle but had some cosmetic issues... It has now had a front end respray, along with the rear bumper, the wheels have been refurbished, it came with a nearly new set of four matching tyres but the front nearside had got too friendly with the curb and had various chunks missing, none were to the cords but I wasn't happy with it, it would have been OK on the rear but the 250 has larger rear tyres..!! So a new matching tyre was fitted... a 2017-18 sat nav disc and a dam good valet and it is looking like a 2 year old car... It has been serviced by a Toyota and Lexus specialist for a number of years and has had all the fluids changed recently and new discs and pads all round, it drives spot on and hopefully will give years of use... That bonnet looks better... Rear bumper looks new and is a closer colour match than the picture portrays.... The rest of the paintwork responded well to a good polish.. The wheels were very poor, now looking new again.... The inside was pretty grubby but responded well to a clean and feed, new genuine mats fitted... 430 hits the paintshop Monday.....
  15. Haylands

    Lexus LS430 Build Thread... Mark two...!!

    Just noticed this yesterday..... If you look at the US spec water rads you will see that they supply them with or without the "Tow Package" The Tow package will be an external oil cooler for the gearbox, so it appears that they just fit them as standard here... as I said on the other thread.... "The replacement cooler will cool the gearbox oil to a sufficient degree, the ideal gearbox oil temperature will be around 90c, it can reach 170c+ inside the torque converter when doing grand prix starts or driving up steep hills for a protracted time, or towing a heavy trailer or caravan (Not likely in a 430..!!) Most of the time the gearbox oil will be within spec and no cooling will be needed, Lexus have to respond to all sorts of abusive driving as well as very hot climates so they fit a rad... Is it really needed by "most" drivers in this country...??? probably not... The replacement coolers can be screwed to the bottom of the front aluminum bumper support, this gives them a very large heat sink and they will dissipate the heat just fine. The only downside I can see is that the original system will actually heat up the oil to operating temp quicker in the depths of winter whereas the replacement won't. I think the difference would only be a few miles of driving though..." Sitting in traffic inching forward doesn't heat up the oil much... it's loading that heats the oil...