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  1. Just done the first "repair." The original sat nav surround had succumbed to some abuse and had numerous scratches on it, I have seen a lot like this although I'm not to sure how it was done, you couldn't do it with rings so maybe it was sharp fingernails... anyway it looked horrible and had to go. A trip to the local Lexus dealer revealed that this part is only £565.20 incl VAT................... a second hand one was sought... I got a mint one from the breakers for £35 and set about taking the dash apart.. If you want to do this or something similar it is very easy to take the entire dash out with just a few tools, the most important of which is a set of these... They are just a few pounds a set and are designed not to damage the trim, use a screwdriver and you will damage something sooner or later... The other handy thing to have when working on a dash is a magnetic pickup, these are real cheap to and will stop you dropping bolts and nuts and creating rattles..!! Before you start, unsure the handbrake is set and press the shift lock button and put the gear lever in it's lowest setting.. With the 430 you start at the bottom, the first panel just prises out, do it at the sides, one at a time, then remove the panel and unplug the wiring harness from it. When taking all these parts out it is a good idea to use a towel or soft rag to help protect the front of the panel as you turn it over to unplug it, especially the screen unit itself. Then there are three pozidriv screws holding in the cubby and CD changer cover, this is where the magnet comes in handy... Don't forget the middle one, it's quite far under.. Then use a pry here and the other side to remove the cover from the CD changer and remove, unplugging the harness again. When this is out the next is the radio and CD changer which is in one unit, it is held in with two 10mm bolts, one each side, then it pulls out, unplug again.. I use a 1/4" drive socket set with a rubber handle to the ratchet, with the best will in the world you will mark something if you use a metal one..! The main screen is held in with four 8mm bolts which are hidden behind the temp buttons, I have found it best to hook the bottom out first, then the top.. The switches are cranked so pull them out carefully, there is enough lead to not have to unplug them to remove the screws which you will see behind. Then the screen just pulls out and unplugs and you are left with this big hole... every plug behind there is unique so you can't plug them back in wrong..! Then take the screen unit to a table, lay it on a towel and remove the four screws that hold the screen to the face, swap with the new one and as the saying goes, reverse the above to replace... When replacing the bolts through the temp switches you can't reach with your fingers and they will fall out of the socket, use a couple of thicknesses of tissue paper over the head and push them in the socket, it will hold them while you get the threads started and the only thing to fall will be a small piece of tissue... I do have a set of sockets with small magnets in for this but the tissue does work well.... So, put it all back together and that looks much better...... Totally unmarked and as good as new and I saved £530.20 plus some labour...!!!! I just had to take the old one apart to see how the motorised vents work... very neat, looks like a couple of small electric motors with gears and some sort of spring clutch... I also picked up some front bushes and a recently reconditioned air con compressor so that's the next job.... Well I don't want to get bored...!!!
  2. Never have liked wood, got rid of the wood wheel in my old Merc CL500 and covered all the real wood with fake stick on carbon fibre..... I got told off a lot on the Merc forums for that... I might do the same to the Lexus wood......!!! Malc, these type of things tend to happen when expensive cars get old and cheap... I think i have caught this one before too much harm has been done, it had a good check over yesterday and the bushes were the only sign of someone tinkering underneath, at least it still has all the underbody covers.. It will sit on a ramp for a few days next week whilst the wheels are refurbished so I will be checking everything else then..
  3. If you read it on a laptop or computer there are numerous paragraphs and no "wall of text" I can't help if you read it on a phone, formatting doesn't work across all formats on this Forum...
  4. Well, OK, maybe build thread is a bit steep but there are always things to be done on an old car and I'll update this thread as all those little things (and a few big ones) get sorted out to bring this 430 back to as near mint as is possible. As some of you will know I had an LS430 about 10 years ago, it was young and mint and I loved it, I sold it because I was having trouble getting in and out of it due to an old serious back injury that left me screwed and wired back together, my mobility was getting worse and I needed a taller vehicle... well to cut a long story short, two new hips and one new knee have brought me back to a much better place so I thought I would have a Lexus again.... Up steps the 460 and I bought one, a cheap one with a few issues... the issues started to multiply when the ECU's started failing and I cut my losses and outed it through the trade... I decided to return to a 430... We then became a bit busy with our latest life plan so finding a suitable candidate took a back seat, we are sorted now so I have bought a 2004 LS430 facelift in Blue Onyx Pearl with Light Gray leather 123,000 miles, full history, nice clean condition, no dents scapes or rust, near mint interior, drives as it should and has 4 new Pirellies. I love the colour combination and the guy was keen to shift it as he had already got it's replacement so a deal was done at £3,700.... It's only going to get used for maximum 6 months of the year so it will have to get used to it's own company for long periods...!! Had it just over a week now and sure enough it has a few issues, first is one front parking sensor has failed, that was fixed with a £4.78 generic one ordered from China which will be here sometime in the next few weeks.... Next came the air con, it wasn't working, there was gas in it and the only fault code showing was 28 which I believe is the sun sensor and has little effect on it's working, some more looking and I noticed that the air con compressor clutch is engaged all the time even with it's turned off... This is a common fault with these so a quick text to Paul Frost and a reconditioned one is mine..... To check it had enough gas in it I took it to KwikCrap to get the gas recharged, I had to show the guy where the low and high pressure valves were but there is not much they can do wrong as it's all handled by a machine and they didn't charge me as it didn't work afterwards, anyway, while I am wandering around the car park and admiring the Lexus from afar (yes, we all do it) I noticed that the tyres seemed a bit small in the arches... a quick check and yes the new Pirelli P7's less than 1,000 miles old are the wrong size...!!! but, worse than that they are only a 91Y load and speed rating... 91 is rated at a load of 615kg, the 430 should have 96 a rating of 710kg so as you can see they are well under, the speed rating at V is 149mph the Lexus should have W rated at 168mph, now I know these tyres would probably be fine but the problem arises with the insurance company, they will try anything to get out of a claim these days and a basic mistake on load and speed rating has led to numerous refused claims according to an insurance assessor I know.... So four of these have been ordered Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 245/45 R18 (100Y) It is OK to have a load and speed rating in excess of the specification from Lexus. These are A rated for wet grip B rated for economy and Class 1 noise at a very quiet 69db. They should arrive next week and will be fitted after the original wheels have been refurbished, they are starting to look tatty... Hopefully I can offset some of the £450 they cost with selling the P7's on eBay.... Talking of wheels I bought this off ebay for £35 I am not a lover of wood and leather steering wheels and will be having it made slightly thicker and recovered totally in grained leather with matching stitching, although that won't be getting done till May as the guy is on holiday... Today I had time to get it up on a ramp and was expecting to see a degraded bush on the front lower arm as the Lexus does thud over potholes, what I did find made me laugh, someone has tried to deceive an MOT tester and has filled in the split bush with Tiger Seal or some other polyurethane sealant...!!! Another quick call to Paul and two new ones are mine... I'm going to visit Paul tomorrow, although he won't be there, his number 2, Colin will be, I'm picking up the compressor and bushes as well as a few other odds and sods but mainly a spare key, mine only came with one, Paul has some and there is a guy in Leeds who I will pass on the way home who can reprogramme a second hand key to work with the Lexus including the smart key function... If you don't know who Paul Frost is, he owns Europe's biggest LS430 breakers, he also sells reconditioned parts as well... PAUL FROST Autotek Lexus Spares Direct Cottonhall Street Darwen Lancashire BB3 0DW 07590 072646 Going to see if he has a spare expansion bottle cap as mine fell in two when I took it off...!!! There are always a few bits and bobs to be sorted on a new car, I do enjoy getting them to where I want... more to follow....
  5. Don't know, was phoning around and got told it several times... most places round here charged about £40-£50 before the price rise... even KwickCrap is less than £50
  6. If you need your aircon recharging get it done ASAP, The price of the gas has TRIPPLED and some places are charging £130 + to refil a system, shop around and some are still at the old prices...
  7. Ratchet spanner, stubby spanner, obstruction spanner or a 1/4" drive socket set, they tend to have a driver with very fine ratchet mechanism and flexible drives... A few here.... http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/spanners-wrenches?pageNo=1&pageSize=21&sort=we_recommend I used to spend some of the money I would have spent on Labour on some tools on every job I did, you soon end up with a very comprehensive tool set, donkeys years since any nut has been an issue... Good Luck
  8. How is the space tight, do you mean no room to turn a spanner or no room to get one on, or something else......??
  9. Unbalanced audio

    I have found in the past that those tape adapters don't line up well with the tape head, which gives your symptoms and others, if the sound is OK on a cd or radio then the adapter is the issue...
  10. I just bought a pair of plates from our local Lexus dealer as I prefer having Lexus at the bottom of the plate than some unknown firm... It was £18 for the pair and they didn't want to see any paperwork, they are good quality and are made of aluminium not plastic...
  11. Looks nice, wheels need a refurb and by the looks of the scratches to the side of the front bumper the owner lived down a country road.. check the rest of the sides for bush rash, silver is very good at hiding scratches... Then get the longest warranty you can....
  12. Pete, It has a primary and secondary filtering system with quad main Racor filters filtering down to 5 microns, it also has a KTI fuel polishing system that will polish the diesel and pump it from one tank to another (It has four tanks and holds 750 gallons) you can get filters down to 1 micron for the polishing system but this is not deemed necessary on an old 2 stroke normally aspirated diesel, dirty fuel or dirty tanks is one of the main reasons for engine problems when in a big sea so the previous owner has spent a considerable sum on ensuring the fuel is clean and kept that way. Thanks for the thought though...
  13. Jon, A boat is a hole in the water you throw money in...!! they are not cheap but there are now plenty of DIY yards around that will let you work on your own boat, as with most things labour is the biggest spend and I plan on doing 99% of the work myself... to get it hauled and the bottom pressure washed is only a few hundred dollars... This boat is set up to live for extended periods away from the dock in which case there are no mooring fees, once out in the islands the only costs are fuel and food, having two small diesels Barefoot Lady does 3.5 MPG (Imp Gallons) which is very good for a boat, a lot do less than 1 and some do GPM..!! It "should" be cheaper than running a house.. IMHO I think your guy is part right, with the coolant being changed at the correct intervals the anti corrosion additives should work well and you will be OK, if the vehicle stands for long periods or does a lot of under 50 mile trips (it takes at least 50 miles to fully warm up an engine and get even temps throughout) this can lead to sludge building up within a cooling system, the sludge causes corrosion which leads to the internal failure of the radiator and damage to the gearbox, even topping up the coolant with normal tap water can start the process off... The air to air oil cooler is an insurance policy, with it you will never have to worry about a new gearbox. The choice is obviously with the owner, mine was already done so I don't have to decide... if I did I probably wouldn't bother as I over service my cars anyway... Also it is very difficult for him to advise on an item designed and tested by someone else so his advise will always follow Lexus protocol...!! Mine will get a good check over in the next couple of weeks, apparently a lot of maintenance has been done but I will be checking anyway.... The previous owner stated he changed all the fluids but I will be going over the whole car soon and make sure it is all OK....
  14. Well if your interested... It's a 1976 Hatteras 42 LRC (Long Range Cruiser) It has been totally refitted during the last four years, every major component has been rebuilt or replaced, the previous owner spent close to three times the price we paid on the refit, it cost 27 times more than the Lexus.... Brief specification... The Hull is solid fiberglass approaching an inch and a half thick and is built like a tank, that is why it is worth refitting a 42 year old boat Detroit Diesel 4-53s that were completely rebuilt, along with her transmissions, in 2016 less than 800 hours. 7.5kn at 1,500rpm using 3.1GPH (Detroit Diesels are 2 stroke diesels and very simple, these are around 3.5ltrs and 4 cylinder) Rocna Fortress 33 kg anchor with 240 feet of chain, 300 feet of rode—new 2014. This is heavy ground tackle. We have never slipped anchor, even in gales. Bruce standby anchor with 300 feet of rode. Fortress emergency anchor with a lot of rode. Sea anchor Garmin radar, Garmin 7212 touch screen chart plotters at both helms, new 2014 Raymarine autopilot with remote, new 2014 Raymarine depth sounder, new 2015 Active AIS, transmit and receive, that plays on the Garmin. Pipewelder deck crane (we use it as an emergency crane) Trinka hand built 10’ rowing, sailing, power dinghy with 2 1/4 horsepower Honda outboard, new 2014. This is a beautiful, beautiful tender. She rows and sails like a dream, and powers well at hull speed. KTI fuel polisher, new 2014 Full steering system overhauled 2016 Cruise RO 20 gph water maker, new 2015. All parts are off the shelf and available world wide. Three Standard horizon VHFs with DSC, MMSI, etc. New 2014 and 2016. We use three radios often in busy harbors or in bad weather. Icom Single Sideband radio, new 2015. Long range VHS and SSB antennas. We have received VHF nearly 50 miles offshore, and received SSB from thousands of miles away. PSS dripless shaft seals, new 2016 Racor dual manifold primary filters (4 filters total) with vacuum gauges, new 2014 Bilge pump cycle counters, bilge high water alarms, new 2015 Custom Glastop settee, new 2014 Teak and holly sole, new 2014 We have replaced five port lights in the last few years, and rebedded the others. They’re tight. No leaks at all Two new custom built teak side doors. Deck nonskid paint will be new as of 2018. Freshwater & Sal****er washdown pumps Clipper anenometer and wind direction, new 2016 Bottom soda blasted, epoxy barrier coated and painted with Petit Trinidad in 2016. Hull has no blisters. Two main props and two spare props in lazarette reconditioned and balanced in 2017. One is new. All canvas and isenglass new 2015 Shaft Shark line cutters ahead of props. Shaft Savers to dampen shaft vibrations (and to make space for the Shaft Sharks). 6 group 31s plus three cranking batteries. They are Exide 31XPDs New 2018 Two Solbian 200W flexible solar panels on the bimini 2015 Three Cruisaire units, one for each community compartment. Two are relatively new. One is older. New sea water pump and most hoses new 2017 Wedge desk with monitor on arm to make forward V birth an office. Mast trimmed to allow 17 foot clearance in fresh water (with folding anchor light down and anemometer removed). You can get under all the bridges on the Great Loop. 10 Taylor fenders, plus two large ball fenders Heavy duty twin 30 foot snubbers, plus one light duty 18 foot snubber. Lifesling rescue throwable with line. Emergency boarding ladder Swim platform and folding swim latter Stainless railing. No teak on deck, except for bow pulpit. New carpet fore and aft in 2014. Washer/Dryer Princess propane stovetop and oven, new 2014 Corian counter top, new 2014 Raritan PuraSan Type 1 MSD, new 2016 All sanitary hoses and PVC new 2016 Vacu-Flush toilets use 1/2 pint of fresh water a flush. 2017 Freshwater and deckwash pumps new 2017 Four person life raft, new 2015, Westerbeke 7.6KW Gen Set new 2014 450hrs Brownies 120V surface air supply (a hookah) with 60 feet of hose and a secondary regulator and mouthpiece 2014 Spotless engine room Beautiful teak and mahogany interior A serious amount of money has been spent on electronics, twin 12" Garmin headunits with integrated radar, transmit and receive AIS, programmable autopilot , there is around $6,000 just in HD maps alone... We were very lucky and happened to be in the right place at the right time..... The gearbox oil cooler is the one being sold on eBay I haven't had it in the air to see it yet but it's got to be better than letting the original fail and take out the gearbox... The naivety of most Americans in their own country is astonishing, I do actually enjoy being there though.... weird...!!! Panama City FL, where the boat is, is very close to Alabama so they say "yau'll have a nice day now" We hired a GMC Yukon XL, they are massive and we enjoyed the 4,000 miles we did around Florida, the roads are easy and most of the locals are very friendly and helpful... Anyway back to the important bit... the Lexus is still doing well, I popped into Lexus this morning and ordered a set of number plates with my personal reg on and asked for some carpet mat clips, they found some clips and gave me them FOC and the number plates will be ready in a few days.. Been having a look around and cleaning it a bit and the 4 new tyres are the wrong size...!! they are 225/45/18's and it should have 245/45/18's it's only 18mm less on the diameter and 20mm on the width, not a huge issue but another reason to get rid of the Pirelli run flats which are quite noisy and hard... The aircon does have gas in it as the valve hisses when I shoved a key in it but not enough to get the air cool... it was cold the day I picked it up so difficult to tell... I'll pop and see a little man I know who can top it up.... It has one front parking sensor that has failed so I have ordered 6 new ones for the front from some guy in China who can make 6 and send them halfway around the world for a total cost of less than £25 for all of them, and he is still making a profit...!!! Apart from that it all seems good...
  15. We don't plan to spend too long in the USA, their terrorist paranoia has led to Homeland Security making it difficult for foreign nationals to own US registered boats or cruise in US waters, it's much worse than it used to be... they think we are all terrorists...!!! We have had to unregister and undocument the boat in the US and then register it with the SSR at Lloyds and will sail it under the red ensign... we plan to head south and spend some years exploring the 700 islands that make up the Caribbean.... Lots do it, Barefoot Lady is an ocean going full displacement trawler and is set up to live on the hook, we will avoid marinas as much as we can, however if we were looking for property in a foreign land I think we would buy a boat and live in a Marina... there are some great ones in Southern Florida... Just get good hurricane insurance...