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  1. Thank you for the kind words chaps, yes this is a great car and it looks like it will be staying on the forum... provisionally sold... As to another Lexus, there doesn't seem to be any after the 430 that I like...
  2. Thanks you but don't be sorry, the change in circumstance is a good one and I can now afford to buy what I have wanted for a while... A last of the L322 Range Rovers, this one a 5.0ltr Supercharged Autobiography... Apparently the Lexus is nearly as reliable...😂
  3. Only just put it in cars for sale, maybe it needs to be approved...!! No LPG on this one... More info here...
  4. Due to a change of circumstances I have to sell my 430, I hope it is alright to post that here, it is advertised in the for sale section with full details but when I browse this forum I always miss the for sale section, just didn't want a member missing out if someone is looking for one..!! Thanks
  5. A change in circumstance means the LS430 is now up for sale... see the for sale section... Offers invited..
  6. You should be able to see if the bushes need changing, they are viewable with just a bit of jacking up. If they are well worn you will have a similar feel to warped discs, a pulsating pedal... If they look like this they will need changing... FYI, I change brake fluid every three years and coolant at 5 years, makes me feel better....!!
  7. To remove the wheel first disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes for the capacitor in the airbag to lose charge.. Use a trim tool to remove the piece of trim around the cruise knob, it has fixings front and back that will just unclip with a bit of persuasion.. you will then see the T30 torx screw on that side... The bright silver screw... Then you have to remove the switch panel on the other side, place you finger where mine is in this picture and you can feel an edge, it doesn't take much to pop the switch panel off, it's only the top bit that comes off... This is what comes off, don't worry the rest is fine as it is and no bits will fall out... Then you can see the airbag bolt that side, the bolts are tight so be careful you don't slip off and damage something with the spanner.. When they are both undone (they are held captive so they won't fall out) you can lift off the airbag, just turn it over, top towards you and unclip the horn wire from the bottom, you then have to remove the two airbag connections that look like this... You have to prize up the yellow tag in the middle, I used a fine screwdriver, they are an all plastic plug so no bother with shorting it out or effecting it with static... This shows the yellow tag on the orange connection where it needs to be to remove the plug, pull the plug straight up off the airbag, I used a small plastic trim tool to prize it off... remove both of them and put it somewhere safe... You then have this in front of you... If you need to change any of the buttons on the left and the wheel buttons on the right then this is far enough, to remove the cruise buttons you will have to take the wheel off to remove the back cover to get to the screws. To remove the wheel unplug the connector at the top of the wheel that goes to the squib (clock spring) then undo the 19mm nut but leave it on a few turns, make sure the wheel is straight, grab it both sides and yank it quickly to remove it from the splines, mine came off reasonable easily, if yours doesn't then a cheap three prong puller would work... Remove the wheel feeding the airbag wire through the wheel.. You are then left with this... DO NOT PLAY WITH THE SQUIB, DO NOT TURN IT.... It is like a clock spring inside and will only tolerate turning a few turns each way, if you turn it you can damage or snap the wires inside and they are not cheap to replace... Refitting is the above in reverse, if you put the wheel on a couple of splines out and it's not straight when you drive it, don't go far before you correct it, the clock spring is a steering wheel sensor as well and it will illuminate fault codes if it's not straight.... That's it...
  8. Indeed, Febest are an OEM manufacturer... Just a word of warning, I tried to change just bushes in the bottom arms of the 460, the arm broke before the bushing came out... they are very awkward to do...!!
  9. Look at the condition of the wheels, I know Lexus wheels suffer from corrosion but they are awful....!!! I'd rather fit the LPG myself as you never know what some cowboy has done, very easy to make a car work on LPG, just overfuel it everywhere.... it'll run nice till it knackers the engine...!!! There is a link in my signature strip... Good luck with the search...
  10. That sounds like a car that has lived near the coast and will be rotten throughout, if rust has got to the stage of being on an advisory then it will be everywhere... My advice.. walk away... Mine has no visible rust anywhere underneath...
  11. Thanks for the thoughts guys, yes cancer is a PITA, hopefully she will beat it again then we can go back west and sit and sip cocktails on the poop deck... As to the steering wheel I love it more the more I drive it, the last time I changed a wood wheel was on the old CL500 I had, I then wrapped the rest of the real wood in genuine fake carbon wrap.... now do I have the gonads to do that to the Lexus...!!!!!
  12. I used to be a wood and Marmite man but the splinters really got me down......!!
  13. Make sure you take it for a good testdrive to see if you like it, I went from a 430 to a 460 and really didn't like the car... the 430 (and400) drive like a Mercedes, IMHO the 460 is totally different and drives like a BMW... nothing wrong with it but the ethos of the car is totally different and won't suit everyone... Watch this video of my 460 with a worn strut, do this test on all four corners WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING, it should be like the first side I bounced... The front two were gone as well, this, along with electrical issues with the display and the fact I didn't like driving it led me to sell it on... So just make sure you like driving it....
  14. It would be a boring old world if we all liked the same thing, me, I'm a leather and Marmite man...... LoL....
  15. Yes, we love it, just got it fixed from the damage caused by Hurricane Michael and she is sat in a Marina being looked after by friends..
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