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  1. Sorry, must have thought I was on the other forum I subscribe to, pretty sure you can't get them off without removing the bumper, it is only a 10min job though, much easier with two as well... Good Luck
  2. Most proprietary leather cleaners/conditioners will remove it, or saddle soap, I usually slather on a thick coat of conditioner, leave it for 30 mins, then wipe on, and off, some more when it has had a chance to soften the stain.... Be careful if you have perforated leather as it's a pain to get out of the holes if you lay it on thick...!!! Mind you some years ago I bought a Grand Voyager to take extended family on holiday as it was cheaper than hiring one for a week, the beige leather seats looked black, I totally wetted them out with Mr Muscle and then scrubbed them with a scrubbing brush, made sure I washed it all off and they came up like new, I fed them once a week for a month... I sold the car to a mate who had it for 3 years and no detriment came to the leather, still looked good when he sold it, so you can go mad as long as you make sure you clean it well off the surface....!!!!!! Lots of kits around to restore headlights, it doesn't last long as the UV protection is the first thing that goes, hopefully Jon can find out what they used...
  3. Chris, Yep, I'm in no rush... we have now found a truly immaculate SC430 for my brother, 2007 60,000miles, Full Lexus history incl cam belt, one lady owner, Jean stain on drivers seat which has come off, apart from that, superb... so just a decent LS to find... Any details on the UV coat, didn't know they did such a thing... Cheers
  4. Jon, Looks nice, wonder how long the headlights will last, the Toyota ones lose their UV protection when you polish them and they are back yellow in a few months... hope the Lexus ones are better plastic...!!!
  5. Jon, good idea, if you have a nice one, keep it and spend some money on it, not a lot around to replace it at the moment... Don't forget some pictures when you get it back....
  6. Malcolm, Decent respectable car dealers are unfortunately few and far between these days and when looking for a Lexus you don't get to pick a dealer, you are stuck with the ones that have the car you are after.... Phil, That red Lexus is a southern Irish import, and no matter what the seller says it will NOT be a UK spec car, it will be an EU spec RHD and as such will be different... They are hard to sell and are not worth what a UK spec car will go for, there is also no way to check the mileage apart from what the dealer says as it has no MOT history, paperwork is easy to forge and clocking a Lexus can be done with some software and a mobile phone and lead... I'm not saying it's not a good car or buy but it has a lot of risk with it.... The hunt continues.................
  7. Right, not a good idea to get your brother to check over a car when he is waiting for two cataract operations, the 430 was the biggest pile of crap you have ever seen, every panel needed repainting, wheels were awful (no surprise there) the interior was appalling, every seat was damaged, not worn but damaged, the center console and dash was chipped scratched and worn... I could go on..... It had been hit in the rear and the bumper was badly bent out of shape and so was the rear panel, there was evidence of water ingress into the passenger compartment (rust up under dash and even the seat belt metal ends were rusty!!) and the boot.... several stored fault codes that I didn't bother going into... And it was described as immaculate, with no bodywork damage, it had both rear arches scraped, golf ball dent on rear wing, damage to front bumper and one front wing, as well as the already mentioned paintwork damage everywhere.... all four doors had been repeatedly smashed into whatever was in the way and one rear door was actually bent where it had been smashed into things... I'm not saying who is selling it but it is a 2006 Canterbury Blue with Ivory interior, if anyone wants the reg or more details of it, so as to avoid it like the plague then let me know... Nothing else on the market interests me at the moment, I want a facelifted LS430, all on sale at present are the wrong colour or age, or so ridiculously priced I'm not paying it.... I'm in no rush, something will come up... I don't want a low mileage car I would rather have a high mileage, low mileage cars suffer from more problems than high in my experience. The SC we looked at on the way down looked lovely in the pictures and again was described as immaculate and the bodywork was pretty good but the inside had been "smart repaired" on both seats, the door card and areas of the dash and the work was not very good, it also had the rear silencers removed so sounded like an 18years olds Corsa... We also went to look at a 16,000mile SC430 at a Lexus dealer, (my brother doesn't agree with my dislike of low mileage cars) they are asking £17,000 for it, top money, it again was awful, front bumper badly damaged and scraped, dent on the roof, serious stone chips down the nearside, damaged leather on driver's seat, both headlights badly sun damaged, Lexus response, I couldn't believe it.... Leave a deposit and we will get the mobile painter to sort the bodywork and the trim, so another smart repair that will last a few months and then look awful, and we "may" change the headlights or have them refurbished ie, polished and it will return in a few months!!!!! They would also "probably" change the cam belt......... What is it with Lexus, as bad as the private dealers..... Rant over....
  8. It's not that one, hate the colour personally.... I'll let you know when we have picked it up, don't want to Jinx it... It's not on eBay though.... At the moment we are waiting for the AA as my brother who is taking me has locked his keys in his car......Doh.......... We are driving from Hull to Middlesex to pick it up and stopping on the way to look at a nice SC430 which my brother fancies, he's been looking for one for a while... If he buys it the logistics of getting all the cars to where they need to go will be a nightmare and a lot of driving...!!!!!!
  9. The clue was in the first sentence....!!! Deposit paid, pick it up tomorrow......
  10. You lot keep on talking about an off topic car, I'll go and start a new thread about my new one, which is a 430, not a 400..........
  11. I am weird and much prefer the look of the 430 to the 400.....!!!
  12. See this thread.... Irrespective of the faults the 460 IMHO is NOT a Lexus, it is Lexus's copy of a BMW or Merc, the 430 "feels" like an early LS400 and that's what I want, a good 460 is a great car, sadly just not a Lexus.....
  13. Well after a few months off, recovering from 460 ownership, I'm back to a 430..... My southern Lexus inspection technician (my brother actually) is examining a nice example tomorrow and if it lives up to the hype it will be the latest mode of transport.... I'm not saying anything else, I don't want to jinx it.....
  14. I thought I'd posted the end result to this but apparently not.... I gave the Lexus a good clean up and used it a few times, the first thing that happened was the PRND lights in the dash went, then the TPMS died and wouldn't show the values, as you scrolled through the menu it just wasn't there!!! Then I noticed the voice command had packed up, and finally the trip computer and all of it's functions were blank, the item you were looking at MPG, distance to empty was there but no value...!!! I returned to Lexus for advice, apparently it was failing ECU's, those features are spread across the values from three different ECU's, they believe one was dying and either taking the other two with it or confusing the output from them... the cheapest ECU was around £800 the most expensive over £2,000. They had never tried a second hand one (well, the main dealer never would, would they...?) so didn't know if they would work on any 460, they have to programme the new ones when they fit them and they didn't know if you could programme a second hand one to work with another car (specific programme once only is getting very popular with manufacturers now, one ECU will ONLY ever work with the car it was programmed to) I contacted several of the ECU repair places but they had never seen Lexus LS460 ECU's so had no knowledge of them and could not offer a repair service.. So I cut my losses and sold it through the trade, it was unfair to sell it privately in the condition it was in, I lost a decent chunk of money but hey ho, you win some, you lose some... So, beware, if you are coming from a 430 then I would avoid the 460 for as long as you can, if you do want one, make sure you take one for a good test drive as they do not feel like a 430 or 400, they feel too much like a BMW to me... And having had all three now and taken them apart more than once I can honestly say that the build quality of the 460 is much lower than the 430 and on another planet compared to the over engineered 400... BTW Jeep is still going well, done about 6,000 miles in it, no faults and sailed through it's MOT with no advisories.... (It's still not a Lexus though...!!!) Now where did I see a nice 430....
  15. Maybe we should rename this thread to LEXUS (SAGA) OWNERS CLUB CHAT.......