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  1. Cant make sunday guest al see ya all at wigan.
  2. sorry bit slack I've never done up motors before, thats why am asking loads of questions. Whats the correct offset.
  3. quick question folks, Am looking at getting some new wheels. I've got my eye on some 17" wolfrace asia tec zen titanium chrome. Any one Know what they are like and would they fit on a lexus is200? Or would i be better off sticking to my original lexus wheels that are in good nic. Also what is the max size wheel i can get without changing my arches. Hope someone can help.
  4. Is wigan the next nearest meet to me? I live in leeds.
  5. what type of paint do you recommend for the fuse boxes...spray? looks naughty.
  6. platinum ice thinking red what do you think?
  7. I'am wanting to clean and paint my callipers at the weekend. I was going to brush them down with a wire brush to get rid of all the loose muck. Then paint with some satin white hammerite and finally spray with colour of choice. I'am guesting you dont have to remove them when painting. Is this the best way? Any advise would be greatful. p.s I was also going to do my manifold covers and radiator mounting brackets in the same way
  8. hi for one more? am here at last my dream has come true im a lexus owner. I've always wanted one since my dad got an is200 in 2000. Im well happy with mine no problems as yet. I found this web site while scanning through the internet looking on how to improve me motor. You lot seem like a sound bunch of people. I see ya like photos al sort that out asap. I've no questions to ask yet but no doubt i will soon so i hope you'll be able to help when i do. cheers....
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