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  1. Ta for the replies, I will NOT be looking for someone who posts loads of comments on a forum lol, and wont be with anyone with a Lexus, as i haven't heard the end of it since he got one lol (No dig just a joke). Well i will miss the word association game so gona jump over and post my last word. Good Luck with the Lexus and hope next years JAE is a little drier for you all, but was fun lol. See ya
  2. Hi, I have no use for this forum now as i am no longer with my partner who had the Lexus IS200, Please could someone advise me how to unregister or if the moderator can do this please do so. Thank you for having me lol, Good Luck to all and Lexus are a nice car but would prefer a VW Golf, ouch can say it now im going lol. Bye Bye
  3. Well done Jamie, Proud of you hun, Thanks to Rory and his brother Danny too your a great help and helped Jamie a lot. Sorry for the insults. Also to the other guys who helped (sorry dont know your names) Thanks as you did a good job All in all it was a good day, i was freezing, soaked to the skin but still had time to enjoy it. BIG DISSAPOINTMENT - Didn't win the tints
  4. Well I don't mean to be cheeky here but after all the hard work Jamie has put into this none of you are being really supportive. Its for everyones benefit and its one day not asking for much. From all the people that are coming surely someone can turn up a little earlier and stay that extra 30 mins. Thanks for the people who are helping and for the people who have replied to say they cant! Jen
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