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  1. auto glym contains chalk u will notice this if u use it on plastic door handles, use a good quality wax such as harlys
  2. Heres a few pics mate looks better in the flesh though
  3. Just thought id let you know about how well a car cleaning kit iv reccently used worked on my black IS200 Sport Iv been doing alot of research into what product to use and decided on DT Concours 1-2-3 Pack and my results where stunning I ordered the kit direct from The kit i bought was the 123 kit and costed £43.90 delivered The kit arrived within 1 days and contained 4 x 100% cotton towels (of a good size), a 30gm Clay Bar, 1 x bottle Clay lube (250ml), 1 x Paint Cleanser (250ml), 1 x Carnauba Wax (250ml) and instructions on how to use the kit. Started at 4:30 with an average looking IS200 and finished at 7:30 with a Stunning prestige car show room quality IS200 You do get instruction on how to use with the kit but i found them vauge in places i followed some user posted instructions The main thing to remember about the kit is that if u drop the clay bar used in step one then bin it dont try and clean you can buy a spare from the site for about £7 might be worth getting a spare before you start I would say i have about one more full use out of the kit but i did lay it on quite thick Hope some of you will try this kit and be as happy as i am with the results and yes i have used Auto-glym , Mergiuers etc before and this beats the Cr*p out of all of them
  4. Xbox 360 : Pash nero Forza 2 Gears of war
  5. Yeah i like the chrome pipe aspect of that , where can i get a longer oil breather pipe from ?
  6. I want to fit an induction kit to my IS200 S but i dont know which one i like the look of the pro-lex but there are other brands out there , is there a clear favourite or is it just personal preferance? HELP!!
  7. Hi finally got my validation through new to this site and the IS200 love the car really impressed , but want some new alloys iv got a black IS sport and i was thinking about some black 19's with chrome lip does any1 have a black on black IS or any that could offer any advice for a good set ?? cheers
  8. did the prolex one come with instructions
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