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  1. I also used to have an RX8, 230 hp model in titanium grey! Even spent a grand getting a set of OZ alloys for it the wek after i bought it, that i never even put on!!! I agree with sercombe, it was a fantastic car but the fuel costs were shocking, I once filled the tank( bout £60) then done 170 miles bedfore the fuel light came on!!!! I thought there was something wrong with it!! That was driving a little spirited, byt even still its really bad! A I also agree with the terrible customer service, from about a month after i bought the car from a Mazda dealer it started to make a horrible grinding noise from the rear brakes every time they got hot! The car went to Mazda no less than 6 times, they would do something that made the noise stop for bout 2-3 weeks then it would start again! They could give no explanation and said I would just need to clean the brakes out every couple of weeks!!!!!!! Had it bout 6 mths and got sick of it, lost bout 3k on the car by the time i sold! You nade the right choice staying with the Lex
  2. I'm also addicted and not proud, i think the main reason im hooked is that its the only site of this kind I can get onto at work!! I also find that its alot easier to use than myspace and facebook and alot easier to customise, i think it is almost like having ur own web page! Bebo supposedly has more users than Myspace and facebook these days, they say around 32 million!! As far as the age range, i've seen people on it that must be about 80 and as young as 8 or 9! Was thinkin bout setting up a lexus page and putting up pics of the cars on the page of all the folks that signed up, just an idea cause i like having a good nosey at all the work that everybody does to there Lex! Obviously I wouldnt want to take anything away from these forums, tthere would defo be a link for here on the page! Might even get a few more peeps to join the LOC,
  3. Recently i have turned into a bit of a bebo fanatic, its kinda like myspace only a little bit better! Just wondering if anyone on here is signed up to it? Was thinkin about setting up a lexus owners page , would any of you guys sign up? This is a link to my page if any of yous want to have a wee look!My bebo page
  4. Red with the white stickers looks the dogs! Thats what I have on my Plat Ice!
  5. I am looking to convert my sat nav screen so that i can watch a DVD on it as well. I found this post! Link its defo what i want to do, however the company that is recommended is miles away from me! Does anyone know of anyone who could do this in Scotland or maybe the North of England?
  6. Probably take the PI springs off my list then!! Cant be doing with that kind of hassle! Been looking through previous forums and i'm totally confused as to which springs are best(id ideally want coilovers but cant quite stretch to them just now)! My main point in lowering the car is to stiffen the suspension up as much as poss, and improve the handling. What springs would be best for that?
  7. Was planning on lowering the lex in the next couple of weeks(was thinking either eibach or P.I springs) Seen these GMAX springs on ebay, does anyone have experience/opinions on these? They seem a good price! Can they be use with original shocks? Link to ebay
  8. defo do it, it looks great on any IS! I plan on getting my rear windows tinted in the next couple of weeks!!
  9. I left my girlfriend in the car herself for a few mins and i think she was playin about with it, so maybe it was changed by her?! Its not touch screen but do you mean move the pointer up to the little compass and click on it? I'll give that a try when i get out of work! cheers
  10. I have a '05 IS200 se with factory fitted sat nav. Up until a few days ago the map on screen always rotated so that no matter which direction I was travelling the pointer always pointed at the top of the screen! A couple of days ago this changed so that the pointer now goes in the direction of travel e.g if am going east the pointer points and moves right. Does anyone know how to change this back to the way it was? I've had a quick play around with the sat nav and cant figure it out! Cheers
  11. Had my IS200 SE for a couple of months now, just getting around to signing up to the club Car's pretty much standard just now, just painted the calipers last week! Got a sport grill on order from the dealer(should get that in a couple of days), getting it lowered next month hopefully then am gonna start saving for new alloys and a supercharge
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