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  1. I need chrome. I don't do gold. All I need is the L badge nothing else in chrome. B4 next week cos the car is at a show
  2. Hi guys I'm needing the product codes from the boot badges for my GS300 on a W reg 2000 I have just had the boot lid resprayed and need the "L" badge the GS and the Lexus badge I saved. What's the code to order said badge? Thanks
  3. Depends which model you want. The Mk1 is great, the Mk2 is harder to find. Mine is a 2000 Black Aristo V300 Mk2 on a W reg so cannot be imported until 2010 Try to find one with low mileage good condition and all the MOT's a service history is good. GET A HPi report!! To save money, get one already in the country Autotrader is best, avoid Ebay due to most of the cars are naff and have bad history. Ask on the Aristo forum too I'm a VIP member there. Best place to find out which model you want.
  4. Hi and welcome. Our Aristo Mk2s have the same boxes. So the gearbox would fit from a 1997-2004 model. Try asking all the tuning shops about gearbox issues. Mine is a late 2000 model, but the 2JZ unit will accomodate an earlier box. If not just get a recon from a specialist. I'm about to fit a transmission cooler and better fluids to prolong my gearbox's life.
  5. Hi everyone. I need a 2002 Lexus chrome emblem for my new grille. It needs to be 105MM X 70MM my old grille emblem is 95mm X 70 and won't fit. Does anyone have one in great condition or know of anyone with a paypal account to buy one. I have emailed Lexus direct to request one. The emblem is mounted by one screw and three mounting places. Hope someone can help. Cheers.
  6. What fuel should I put in my new Aristo. It is running stock at the moment and I don't know what fuel the previous owner ran it on. If it ran on 95RON can I just fill my tank up with BP 97RON without draining the fuel tank. I'd use shell but I have fallen out with my local garage because they are nobs. BP are great. Octane booster? Shall I need this when running BPU but not use running a stock motor? Please help as I need to know before Saturday the 20th Thanks
  7. Did final test drive to check all parts of the car are ok. No smoke, no rattles and the turbos work perfectly. For a standard tune car it flew. Under the oil cap was typical muck no sign of head gasket issues or oil issues. The oil was so clear on the dipstick puts my old Honda to shame. Auto box oil was excellent too. Next Saturday I will be picking up my 2000 W reg Aristo V300 Vertex edition. Sweet. Who should I use to buy parts and mods? Can you leave feedback on who is the best and most pro companies to use to modify my new Toyota. If you are the companies please introduce yourself so I can get to know you all better and find out what shows you attend and I'll get down or up when I can. Cheers everyone Thank you.
  8. Hello to all Aristo V300 Vertex owners I have just bought my 1st Vertex edition yesterday and I need some advice. I'm thinking of some modifications straight away. With the car running standard boost and has no modifications. I'm after modifications to help the turbos spool up and work better and harder. Would you guys think a stronger head gasket and cam belt set up would protect my VVTi 2JZ engine under hard acceleration. It only has 45.000 miles so quite a young engine. I hear a dump valve would protect my turbos and an intercooler set up would create more Hp. If you guys who have performance Aristos can point me in the right direction this will be great. :D
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