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  1. Finally found the time to get my Aristo back together in and around building our 2JZ powered S15 Silvia. I've still got to MOT it, but I'm really happy with the look with the new T&E Vertex aero fitted. I'm sure I'll be getting pulled over by the police quite often, as it's the type of car that makes you look like you're up to no good :D
  2. Okay, found a bit of time today, and as above I can confirm that they do not fit .. Well to be more specific, the front discs and calipers 100% fit, I have them on the car sitting pretty. They obviously require the brake shield to be removed, but that's quite easy with the aid of a trusty angle grinder. The rears are the problem. The distance between the mounts on the hub is roughly 1" closer together than the distance on the UK Supra caliper... Absolutely bloody fantastic! After spending £150 on rear calipers, £170 on rear discs, and £65 on pads I was pretty chuffed to find that out :tsktsk: .. Oh well, I'm not giving up that easily, and I'll be chopping stuff up and making brackets tomorrow to see if I can get them to fit in a safe way. Unfortunately that means that unless your particularly handy with fabrication, the answer is: Fronts = yep no problem, Rears = nope I'm afraid not.
  3. I'll be able to tell you in a week or so. I'm just waiting for some rear discs to be delivered. I really hope there isn't any issue. I presumed the setup on a Mk2 to be the same as the Jspec Supra. Maybe a little naive.
  4. I'm really getting somewhere with the repair to my crash damaged mk2 now. I just need both front lower arms for the drives side. I don't suppose anyone knows of a breaker MK2 Aristo or GS300 other than the champagne one on ebay? Or does anyone know if the arms are the same as any other Toyota? like the old Aristo/GS300 or a Soarer or something?
  5. Does yours work for the Aristo? What details are you putting in to get it to work?
  6. Ahh okay, I have a download, which I think consists of 4 discs. The EPC program and 3 data discs.. It must have been specifically compiled just for a Supra I guess.
  7. Okay, I've tried that in the model/catalogue field and it says "Appropriate vehicle cannot be found". I presume I don't have the information file or something?.. Info: I have the European Area Version, and the Japanese Area Version installed, and 3 files totalling 3.16gb on the Cdrive., TMCEPCW2 TMCMSTW2 TMCTMPW2
  8. I've finally managed to get my head around the Toyota EPC searching for JZA80 parts, but I could really do with finding some Aristo specific part numbers. Do I need to add an Aristo folder? or is it under Lexus and I need a code or something? Edit to add: For that matter, it'd be useful to get it working for my JZX100 as well. Any help appreciated :)..
  9. Sorted thanks :) It's 205
  10. How do you find the paint code for an Aristo? It's a Mk2 1999 Aristo Vertex in black. Does anyone know the paint code? Cheers :)
  11. What's the best way to increase the negative camber dramatically on the front of a Mk2 Aristo? Ideally I'd like to bring the top of the wheel in rather than the bottom of the wheel out, but I fear it's unlikely to work this way if it's like the other Toyota suspension setups I've seen.
  12. Chips--91 Aristo Twin Turbo auto MK I Ahhh--92 Aristo Twin Turbo auto MK I---Cambridge Norkep--93 Aristo Twin Turbo auto MK I Dave E-- Aristo Vertex V300 auto MK II Yoshi - Aristo Vertex V300 AUTO MK.II Tempo-- 1993 and 1995 Aristo Twin Turbo Auto MK I Rallure -- 1992 Aristo Twin Turbo mk I Peejay -- 1995 Aristo Twin Turbo auto MK I - Portsmouth Paul Reece -- Aristo Vertex V300 Auto MK II Mattanna -- 95 Aristo Twin Turbo Mk I Vertex badged as gs 300 Aristopheles -- 1994 Mk1 Aristo V300 Twin Turbo - Central London gsw--1993 Mk1 Aristo twin turbo - manchester Leeky -- 95 Aristo Twin Turbo Auto MK1 - Reading....not for much longer though Naz -- 1999 Aristo Vertex V300 Twin Turbo auto MK II - Manchester skeet94 -- Aristo Vertex V300 MKII Gazwalker -- 1999 Aristo Vertex V300 MKII Aido -- 1999 Aristo Vertex V300 MKII - Black Tosh--1999 Aristo Vertex V300 MKII Pearl White (FOR SALE) M666 TJS -- 1995 MK I Aristo Vertex TT MANUAL - NE England jimmytt -- Aristo V300 Vertex MKII - Portsmouth Kes--1999 Aristo Vertex Mkll S300 - London Jackal--1997 Aristo Vertex Mkll V300 - Northampton PhilMorrison-1999 Aristo Vertex Mk2 Black - Birmingham, ex mk1 owner too.
  13. Settings are someting that we keep quite close to our chests, but ackerman is not something that alot of people take into acount as they should. Obviously we crave as much lock as is possible, and alot of people thing a 0* difference on full lock would be benificial. In our experience we need a bit of drag on the trailing front tyre, as it helps with faster approaches and slowing down on full lock into a corner. On our new S15, we have some rather trick, and rather expensive roll centre corrected hub knuckles, that also change tie rod end mounting positions to improve the ackerman. We've yet to measure it on full lock yet, as the car hasn't been aligned yet, but on eye, it looks like it should be pretty perfect. Nothing matters until you see if it actually works on track though, so that'll be the moment of truth.
  14. Haha :D. Well I have a bit of experience in pulling standard arches to fit stupid wheels. This was an S13 200sx I made for a laugh. It has 18x13" ET-10 and 18x10.5" ET+2 :D. And yes, of course the Aristo will be done properly, and won't look anywhere near as stupid :winky:
  15. Thanks guys :) I made a decission today. I am actually going to try to fit the wheels you see on the S15 above onto my JZS161 Aristo :D. They are 19x12 ET0 and 19x10 ET-13 haha :D wish me luck..
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