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  1. Thanks for the quick reply.... between the time I posted and now I have already fixed it lol, Found a link on how to take the instrument cluster out took it to peices and found several corroded connections, cleaned them up with a nail file and put it back together and now its fixed :S pretty random but im happy it was a cheap fix.... and only used a pen knife! lol Thanks again! Gaz
  2. Hi Again.... Using my Dads car for a few days while im getting settled in Uni down in Oxford went to a lecture in it came back had lunch went to go to another lecture and tried to start the car dash lights came on then all went dead. Openend the bonnet and fiddle with the battery cable which was loose so tightened it and had juice again, had to wait the 6mins for the immobiliser then started the car and off I went only to notice that non of the dials where illuminated and werent moving. The car had a problem when it was bought 3 years ago where the dash wasnt working but this was fixed by an electrician for £40 and was some solder or wiring on the circuit board that had shorted.... something along thoes lines anyway. First thing first, Is there any fuses specifically for the dash lights and dials? My problem is that im 220miles from home with non of my tools and have no idea where to begin with removing this dash, Ive had alot of experiance with more basic cars and am trained mechanic but where do you start with such a complex looking dash, every clip/screw is hidden and my lack of tools is gonna hinder me some what. Any one with any information? Any Ideas? or Local that could assist with the fix, or know a good place local to take it!? I cant afford to take this to a garage and have them charge me £200 labour for a job I could normally do with the right tools :( Thanks Guys! Gaz
  3. Thanks for your reply... the detials had to be from Lexus themselves which I obtained by e-mailing lexus and suprisingly they gave me the exact information of the originally equipped battery which was nice of them. Thanks Again Gaz p.s. please see my new thread as I have another problem!
  4. Anyone got any info or know where it would be? Its not in the owners manual.
  5. Hi guys, Im doing a project for uni about batterys and need to know the manufactures recommended specs on a GS300 Sport 1999 battery... Info needed includes the CCA/ CC (which is the cold cranking amps), Ah (amp hours) and the overall dimensions. Any copies of official lexus documents which have this info on would be awsome, I was hoping I could find this information in my owners manual and was going to scan it but I cant seem to find it. Cheers Guys Gaz P.S. Need this by friday :(
  6. Im abit confused why I should touch the other sensor when the error code is for the one that I have removed. This sensor was removed so I could take the up-right off to change the wheel bearing. It was removed once and refitted fine without touching the wheel bearing then removed a second time, wheel bearing fitted then after putting back together the ABS, VSC off and VSC lights were all on. Error 31 on ABS and 43 on VSC... will remove these codes as suggested and see if I still have issues, which I think I will. Will be scoping the sensor tomorrow anyway to see if its still working. Gaz
  7. Thats with the ignition on I do the brake peddal thing yea? I shall try this when it stops raining and then see if the error comes back. Will let you know how i get on later, Cheers.
  8. Again thats gonna come in very handy, thank you. I did the diagnostics as you suggested and am still getting 31 from the ABS light - front right ABS sensor Malfunction 43 from the VSC light - ? dont know what that is ? After reading the ABS fault finding PDF you sent it might be that the sensor is not fully in all the way as i struggled to get it in due to the seal that didnt seem to squash in easily. However if this were the case i would have though that the error would not be found untill the vehicle was moving but the light came on instantly. Worst case the sensor is knackered so, where does it connect to the loom and how much would a new one set me back :( Gaz
  9. cheers for that, they should come in very handy. I have used a Bosch KTS diagnostic system on it but this could not read the ABS control unit for some rerason but did manage to read and remove a past fault in the engine managment. However when it was connected via the OBDII the ABS light started flashing and gave a code 31 which i found out from a previous thread is Front Right ABS sensor malfunction... the one I removed :S I cant believe I damaged it though as was extreamly careful but it was left overnight not connected to the hub. I am going to a place to try some more diagnostic equipment on it and to scope the sensor to see if it is working or to find out why it isnt. Thoes wiring digrams will deffinatly help with that too. :) Cheers again guys
  10. cheers guys. I did disconnect the battery but that didnt work and the lights for ABS and stability/traction control are still on after several ingnition tests so im guessing somethings gone wrong some where. I cant believe i damaged the sensor when removing it as i was very careful. cant find a fuse blown or anything either? can someone confirm which fuses I should check and what else could cause my problem. thanks again guys Gaz
  11. take the what out the battery? lol you mean just disconnect the battery yea, does it matter how long for? cheers
  12. Hi guys I have an ABS fault code after removing my front off side ABS sensor, its been refitted properly but now I need to know how to clear the fault code to see if its gonna come back or if it was a one off due to the removal of the sensor, Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gaz
  13. Hi... im gonna be taking my dads GS300 of him soon its a sport model and is on a V plate. It needs abit of work on it and I am hoping you guys could give me some info and advice about this car. Basic question, what "Mk" GS300 is it being on a V plate... Im guessing its the Mk2? Need parts such as cam belt kit, plugs and possible an exhaust so was wondering if you guys know of any specialist shops/ websites where I can get these parts cheaper than dealers etc. I also need some random parts such as a replacment stero cos the screens gone on mine, need undertray and inner wings as there hanging off. Could also do with the washer bottle and motor for the light sprayers. Im sure im giving the impression this cars abit of a dog but I just want to get it back to its former glory and tidy up and im sure you guys can appreciate that :) Cheers for any help Gaz
  14. GazJenno

    Gs300 Undertray And Inner Wings

    As per title, but am also looking out for any other GS300 parts like bonnet, wheels and a replacement sport front bumper. cheers Gaz
  15. GazJenno

    Stuttering/stalling/hesitating Gs300

    Thanks for that... will come in hand, pitty I dont have the KTS available to me now to check the actual values. Wonder if it can be done by monitoring the volts. I still cant see why it wouldnt give a fault code if its the TPS or Throttle motor... if the motors not keeping up with the pedal position sensor the TPS would pick that up and should give me a code. Will clean it all out tmoz and watch whats happening with the opening and closing of the throttle butterfly. Gaz