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  1. Mine has an option to track where you have been as well as storing previous destinations.
  2. I had a similar problem with my old Infiniti. There was no locking wheel nut in the glove box. I was told by Infiniti and Nissan to speak to Mercedes. None of which could help me. I bought a thing called a "Lazer" wheel nut tool from Halfords, cost around £20. In the end I found a local (Stockport) company that provided the correct locking wheel nut key, I just had to send them a photo and I got it the next day through the post. (Cost about £30). I have just been trying to find their details, but haven't found them yet. Annoyingly when I sold the Infiniti I found the original locking wheel nut underneath the boot liner, in the void where the jack is.
  3. Never been charged for courtesy car. Just replace the fuel.
  4. I loved my old Lexus RX300, but it only did 18 MPG! I then had a couple of Infiniti's (EX30d & G30). Both diesels best I got was 35 mpg. The CT200h I have now is averaging 55 mpg. At times it has reached 60 mpg. There is not the power or torque of the previous cars though.
  5. My previous car was a 2.2L Diesel Infiniti. I am very happy with my CT200h. If I was going to be critical it would be: * The Boot Cover doesn't go over a Waitrose shopping bag * I wish I had gone for electric/memory seats The fuel economy is great, last time I checked I'm averaging almost 60 mpg
  6. I previously had an RX with the Mark Levison sound system. I thought it was brilliant.
  7. Nice idea. Been talking to her about it tonight. I think she would rather we sold it when she goes to Uni, and the money we would get from selling it and what we would have to pay for insurance, tax, maintenance etc all go towards her tuition and accommodation fees. It will just mean it will be "Taxi of Dad" in-between terms. She has her head screwed on.
  8. Thank you, that was helpful. I hadn't thought of getting a trickle charger. If we do keep it, it will probably get a run out once week whilst she is away. Ideally I would just sell it and just put her on the Lexus insurance for when she is back, but my insurance company won't consider anyone under 23yrs.
  9. Thank you for your constructive advice. Taking it to Uni is impractical. There is no parking and there is no need for a car at her College. They only have 8 week terms at Oxford, so declaring it SORN and then reapplying each term holidays seems impractical. I think we will store it off the road, but keep it taxed and insured. Thank you.
  10. Thank you. She went to a state school & college. It is all her own hard graft. When the pandemic broke out she got herself a job as a lab tech in a high school and has spent a large amought of the last year carrying out CV-19 tests on students and staff. I was just asking a question if you can get temporary tax and insurance, so we can SORN her car whilst she is away, but have her able to drive it when she is back between terms.
  11. She has paid for all her own driving lessons, insurance, tax, maintenance, fuel etc. Driven herself to and from work every day through the pandemic, and amongst all that has secured herself a place at Oxford, starting in October. So I think she is educated. I resent that comment. I was asking for genuine advice and experiences from others.
  12. Youngest passed her test about a year ago. Our original plan was to put her as a named driver on Wife's 15 yr old 1.6 Mini Cooper. Literally no-one would insure her. Maybe it was a bit naive of us to think just because it was an older car the insurance would be cheap. So we sold her the car (for 5p), transferred ownership and low and behold she get insured. So the the same car, at the same address, is suddenly insurable. She has a black box fitted and is really careful about it. She had a fit when it went in for a service and the garage were test driving it and went over 30mph (she monitors the telematics on an App). She made the garage write a letter to her insurers that it wasn't her driving! It does look like I will have to insure the car for her whilst she is at Uni and not earning.
  13. Thanks. I am covered to drive her car (3rd party) under my policy. Adding myself or Wife as a named driver is just not do-able. At first it was Wife's car, so we tried to add Youngest as named driver, and nobody would insure her. We transferred ownership to Youngest, then all of a sudden she could get insured. I think we are going to have to bite the bullet and pay her insurance for her whilst she is at Uni.
  14. So did you keep it taxed & insured the whole time? I am thinking we should, then I can use it as a second car when the Wife takes the Lexus.
  15. Youngest will be going to Uni in October. She won't be taking her car with her (a Mini Cooper), but doesn't want to keep paying for insurance, road tax etc, whilst she is away, but wants to be able to use it when she is back. We can store it off the road, but not sure how the tax and insurance works. Can she get temporary tax and insurance? Thanks in advance.
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