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  1. Well got the EX. First thoughts: Yes it is a fair bit smaller than the Lexus It's much quicker, and smoother through the gears Less space in the back and boot So much more kit Quality is great Media pack etc I need to get my head round tomorrow. Then I'll post some piccies then it'll be so long.....
  2. Normski, I viewed actual car last night. Will hopefully collect on Friday. A few things did strike me when inspecting it last night. 1) it is a fair bit smaller than the Lexus. 2) No spare wheel at all. In the rear though where you might think go find a spare is a huge Bose amp thingy for the stereo!
  3. Link to the car http://www.manapremiere.co.uk/used-cars/search/538/infiniti-ex
  4. Hi Normski. The car is Granite Exterior with light grey leather interior. I know what you mean about the boot, it is a smaller car than my current RX. However in the sole person in it 90% of the time, and it's not as if I go camping or anything. Hopefully pick it up Wednesday as I haven't seen actual car as its not at my local dealership.
  5. Well the deed is done. Deposit paid for an Infiniti EX 30d GT Premium. Should arrive Tues/Weds next week.
  6. The spec is out of this world. Looking at a GT Premium model. Taking missus to look at one then will make the final decision.
  7. The EX I'm looking at cost the same as I paid for my RX but is so highly spec''d nothing so far with such low mileage compares.
  8. After 10 yrs of Lexus ownership, 6 of which were with my RX300 it's time to move on. After flirting with the usual Bimmers, Audis, Mercs I think I'm about to plumb for an Infiniti. I just don't like the new shape RX so that discounted another Lexus. So tomorrow I might just throw caution to the wind and go for an Infiniti EX 30D Premium. The only car I've come across more highly spaced than my RX. Views??
  9. I struggled, when I hand an IS 200. I ended up with Thule roof bars, and then relatively cheap bike racks from Decathalon. Must admit didn't enjoy driving with bikes on the roof, though it did mean I got jumped to the front of the queue at Centre Parcs
  10. This happened when my key snapped. Repeatedly trying to start the car drained the battery. I had to get a jump start and use a spare key. What other say about the transponder needing to be near the ignition is true also.
  11. I did try this but the key I got sent had a longer blade than the original.
  12. £55 seems expensive but at least neither of these prices is the "hundreds of pounds" that you were speaking of in your first post in this thread. True, but when first key broke, about a year ago I was quoted £125/150 for a new key. When second key broke I was naturally pi$$ed off facing prospect of paying what I thought would be "hundreds". It was only the Post on here that said he got keys cheaper than made me question, whether the price I had originally been given was correct. I still think it is expensive, especially considering it seems to be a fairly common experience.
  13. A previous post doesn't seem to have appeared. Dealership confirmed that it is £125 per key with the transponder, but £55 each without.
  14. When first key broke I asked at dealership, they quoted £150. The blade broke out of fob so cleanly when she was trying to start the engine it was stuck in teh ignition position, and she could move it back/out. So by the time I got to her and hour and half or so later the battery had drained.
  15. I know it is a known problem, but a second key broke in the ignition this Saturday. This time though there was no warning, no sign of any cracking in the fob casing the blade literally came out. Wife was driving at the time, she couldn't get the blade out of the ignition. By the time I drove to meet her with the spare valet key, and get the key blade out the battery was drained. So I then had a 3 and half hour wait for the RAC to come and sort out the car. I find it extraordinary that Lexus want to charge hundreds of pound for new keys when we all know the transponder can be easily swapped into a new fob, and there is no need to recode the transponder/car. :tsktsk: