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  1. I had 2 IS200's and an RX 300. The CT is very different car. It is not a drivers car, but still very good and very economical, especially compared to my old RX.
  2. I've used Sport mode a few times. I like the way the dash changes and goes red, and the acceleration is slightly quicker. Apart from that, it doesn't make it into a sports car.
  3. There was recently a spate of CAT thefts in my local area, from a variety of vehicles, not just Lexus. People were saying the replacements were £2k+ and often taking months to get the replacement parts, given CV-19 and Brexit.
  4. I've had 2 IS200, RX 300, Infiniti EX30d and Q50, until the CT200h I have now. It is a great car. My complaints would be lack of "poke". It also has a really small boot compared to the Q50 and the road noise is annoying. Plus side I am getting 50mpg+ It only costs £35 to fill up not £70/80. I like all the tech stuff. Damian
  5. Thank you. She won't start until October but as I say we were just talking about it.
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before. Is my CT200h entitled for any discount from the London Congestion Charge? It is likely that Daughter will be going to University there next year, and we were just talking about taking all her stuff down there, and it got us thinking. Thanks
  7. Mine is a 2019 CT200h. It has keyless entry. Walk towards it with key in pocket, internal lights, and puddle lights turn on. Then just open the door. My only gripe is it only works on the front doors. My former Infiniti it worked on all doors.
  8. Agree with the comment about the boot. First World Problem, but Waitrose shopping bags don't fit under the parcel shelf.
  9. I got an ex demo CT with Premium Tech Pack a month or so ago. I like the larger Nav Screen, but to be honest I haven't driven it as much as the Wife has. She doesn't like the screen, she finds it distracting, but likes the Bluetooth connectivity so she can listen to podcasts/audio books off her phone. Compared to previous cars I miss the full leather and electric memory seats, but like the MPG. I also miss the acceleration I had from previous cars but they all have much larger engines.
  10. We have had our CT (Premium/Tech Pack) for 2 weeks now. On the whole very pleased, Wife wouldn't drive my old Infiniti Q50 as it was "too big". (But she did use to drive my Infiniti EX30, and even our old Lexus RX300, go figure). Anyhow my only comments about the CT. I miss not having full leather and power seats. The road noise is noticeable, I think partly because you don't have the engine noise. The ride is quite firm, even compared to my Infiniti which was a Sport model on much larger, lower profile wheels.
  11. Thanks. I still getting used to driving a hybrid. The lack of engine noise is a bit disconcerting but I am slowly getting the MPG up.
  12. Hi. One reason I got the CT was because I can get the dog in the boot and take her out for country walks and on holiday. Does anyone recommend a mesh/grid dog guard that will stop her jumping over the back seats? Thanks.
  13. Here. Excuse the weeds on the drive.
  14. Hi after 7/8 years driving Infiniti's I am back in the Lexus Fold, and collected my CT200H last week. I got my first Lexus 18 years ago, an IS200 S, then had an IS200 SE, then an RX300. As the family has all grown up and pretty much moved out, changes in work means I don't need a large car. Before getting the CT I test drove the NX, but it was just too large for my needs, so hopefully I have made a good choice.
  15. Well got the EX. First thoughts: Yes it is a fair bit smaller than the Lexus It's much quicker, and smoother through the gears Less space in the back and boot So much more kit Quality is great Media pack etc I need to get my head round tomorrow. Then I'll post some piccies then it'll be so long.....
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