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  1. Basically, I bought a "keenly priced" car from an independent, later found out that it had been stolen/recovered before and repaired with slightly dodgy 2nd hand parts. I've been eating brake discs for breakfast, recently replaced a hub, OSF wheel has been pushed back and so castor is out, car is sometimes "sluggish" for no apparent reason and Lexus can't find any reason and think I'm nuts, and to top it all off I have balancing problems that just will not go away, even having balanced the wheels on a mounting plate rather than the center holes. Basically, the sheen has long since gone off it and I'm fed up. I never really had the full Lexus experience though, and before I move to BMW or the like, I'd quite like to do it properly. I would, and have thought about it many times, but having been burned already buying from an independent, my next car will have to come from the main dealer with a full 12 month warranty. Tell me now, the whole "automatic" thing bothers me, and I keep saying I'm too young for an auto. Should I just get over myself and forget about such things? lol sounds to me someone needs to tell u about hpi chekcing, and u need to open ur eyes when you buy a car?
  2. anwser me this? 1100 pounds of 670 dollars? Answer me this? $670 is a great price but if you can't get it to work here What is it worth? its worth a 7" screen/tv/dvd player/cd player or every penny if i can get it to work thats y i have this thread up?
  3. anwser me this? 1100 pounds of 670 dollars?
  4. Does any body know where i can get the styling kit from? apart from lexus!! Genuine or not? Any links would be wicked Thanks in advance Ben
  5. take it from your ignition, so then when u turn the car on the screens will turn on. if it has a remote wire, then wire the power to the battery and the remote to the ignition, or possibley dvd player/headunit. Ben
  6. right for all you people out there that no alot more than me please help!! if i were to buy an america head unit, it would onli pick up radio frequencies on odd numbers eg 98.3, 98.5, 98.6 but this is no good for us in england and we have radio stations such as radio 1 which are on 98.2 and power fm on 103.2 so wot im asking is there any way to change this? i know on japnese headunits use a much lower frequencie so u can just buy a frequencie booster but you cant in this case as fair as im aware? any help appreciated Thanks Ben
  7. i had this problem a few months ago in my golf, i have an alpine head unit. every thing i read up and everyone o spoke to said it will not be the alpine amp misfunctioning!! wot i found it was is a speaker wire was rubbing on a peice of metal which had cased the wires protective coat to be penertrated, at higher wattage this cause a short (v safe one at that) and causes the head unit to cut out as a safety measure!!
  8. can anybody tell me the offset and width of these wheels??
  9. yer thats wot i was thinking, ive also got a golf mk3 -90mm on 17's so usto having to make things fit, but its obvoiusly just abit of a different story on a 1000 poind car to a 6000 pound car lol someone said in another thread that on the front 19's hit the bottom sus strut? is this true? or only true if u run big sidewals?
  10. thanks mate anypics of these sizes greatly appreciated
  11. Hi Everyone This is my first topic and first post on lexus owners club as i only became a member yesterday! Basically ive found a set of wheels 19x8.5j and 19x9.5j with an offset of et43 is this possible on an i200? if so can any post some pictures for me? If this isnt possible can anyone tell me a recomended width and offset for 19's. and also wot i can get away with lowering it by, i have an arch roller so relativly small rubbing isnt a problem. Thanks in advance for any help Ben
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