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  1. Tte Supercharger

    Indeed this is now sold :)
  2. Bits Off My Car

    Am open to sensible offers
  3. Eibach Anti-Roll Bars

    Well they are not as stiff - but there is such thing as too stiff. It personal choice really. Obviously you will have less roll with the Hotchkis bars but camber changes, one sided bumps and potholes will be harsher. Also you will have the pain of having to import Hotchis bars from the USA.
  4. Eibach Anti-Roll Bars

    Very good piece of kit. He's been trying to sell those for a while.......it's an alright price as well.
  5. Bits Off My Car

    Hi Guys, Some more bits off my car: Blueflame Cat Back Exhaust: £200 - Example- Sold C-One Anti Roll Bars: £280 - Example - Sold JVC AVX810 Double DIN Touch Screen DVD Stereo + Bluetooth: £350 - Example TDI Exhaust Manifold: £300 Example links from where they were bought originally included so you can see the specifications Prices are collection only. Delivery may be possible at extra cost to buyer.
  6. Tte Supercharger

    Regretfully putting up my Supercharger kit for sale. Will include as extra to the standard parts: Induction kit, Larger FMIC (but not TTE intercooler), uprated hoses, K&N filter and decat manifold. HKS FCD also included. Supercharger and pipes are well polished. The Charger had an Oil change in January and has uprated pulley bolts along with a new tensioner and will come with virtually brand new 5pk800 and 5pk790 belts. £2300 - collection only due to size and weight. Supercharger will be coming off the car the weekend of the 17th/18th.
  7. Exhaust Systems

    you cannot remap the standard ECU so this cannot be done. The CEL is due to there being a sensor after the Cat which is there to check if it's working. If it's not there it's not working so it will chuck a CEL. You need an O2 simulator IIRC.
  8. Switchable Supercharger?

    Having taken apart the pullet i think a large part of the clutch assembly has been removed from the MB setup by TTE/Bemani. I don't think it would be an easy job getting it working again.
  9. Tte Supercharger Kit

    ToyMR2 you may be better off waiting for a cheaper kit to come out as this one is quite expensive. Also bear in mind that you will have to send your own OEM parts back to the seller which will work out quite expensive for you (being in Norway) as they require large items such as the airbox sent back to them. The seller is a tuning company in essex but they do not have the best reputation......i'm sure the kit will be fine though. I managed to fit the charger kit to my car in about 8 hours with breaks without any specialist tools. But if you really really really must have one now and are willing to pay over the odds......
  10. Intermittiant Starting Problem

    Are you 100% sure the correct Denso's were put in? Quite a few people have solved this problem with Denso IK20s (SK20s should be fine too though.)
  11. exhaust will get quieter over time as the soot builds up (or something similar) inside if its a little too loud at the moment.
  12. Uzi Wozzi - Check the rear tyre pressures as thats probably the cause. Also new tyres have a mold release agent on them when they are fitted. This comes off after a while and the tryes will get more sticky. Kevdood - Have you had your geo set to the WIM settings as that gets rid of the inner tyre wear problem your experiencing?
  13. yep as above just low coolant.
  14. Clicking From Throttle Body ?

    I thought clicking at idle was normal? It's modifying the throttle like an idle control valve.
  15. Abs Light On When Stopped

    have you got anything plugged into the obd port? this happens to me sometimes when i've just reconnected my scanguage. If you do have something plugged in then try unplugging and then plugging in again while engine is running. If that doesnt work turn engine off and try reconnecting. Its a tiny bit hit and miss.