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  1. Very good matey are you bringing both the ls400's ?? Oh and dont forget your spare keys? Hehe defo gonna bring 4 sets of keys and 2 cars lol
  2. I"m up for the meet again, got another ls400 in the stable now:P
  3. alanf


    Hiya m8 and a warm welcome to ya:)
  4. It was good to meet you matey and enjoyed our chat and what a nice LS you have really liked it Did the is200's supprise you a bit with how they went? Chris.. :D Hi Chris, aye the is200s did suprise me!! Thing is my wife wants one now Then it will be mods for her car OMG!!!!P
  5. Was really nice to meet you all at last, sorry I left for a while.(Locked my keys in the boot )Yaaaa even some pics of my old barge!!! .Looking forward to the next meet, take care all:)
  6. Hiya welcome steve, gratz on the baby and your new car m8:)
  7. Not sure chris, i pick up the car 2morro will ask then. Sorry about the delay in my reply but I only got the car back today. The tyres are made in japan and seem much quieter than the contis that have been removed. Hope this helps, while im here just like to mention the brilliant service at lexus bolton, especially mark :) Made both my wife and i feel most welcome even though I"m sure we were the poorest people in the dealership..hehe
  8. Not sure chris, i pick up the car 2morro will ask then.
  9. Just a heads up to anyone trying to find these tyres..Lexus of bolton have just fitted 2 rears on my baby, £150 fitted:)
  10. Hi Chris, I"m going to have a look on sunday , see if theres any decent spots for the photos,I"m up for chipping in on the shoot also...alan.
  11. Yeehaaaaaaa I"m of to Leicester this morning to pick up my baby :)
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