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  1. Lexus have already acknowledged the cd changer is a problem and extended the warranty to 5 years. I just had mine changed and the brand new one works like a dream. They also advised me that CD-R's cause the problem and this is borne out in other threads. Somethng to do with them being thicker than normal CD's although i am sure someone will post the true cause.....
  2. Hi all, A quick web search found http://www.battery-house.co.uk/button/1616.shtml. I just ordered one myself but as my daughter likes to chew the key it could be a dose of spit causing the problem ! Anyway, £1.65 including postage isn't bad. Couldn't find them in a shop.
  3. I had the same problem but do get the ERR3 after a few minutes of the CD attempting to load. The unit warranty has now been extended to 5 years so get to your nearest dealer for a replacement.
  4. Hi all, I have the old ERR 3 on my IS200 stereo so mentioned it when taking the car in for a service. The guy at Lexus Woodford advised me that the warranty, previously extended to 4 years, has now been extended to 5 years. This is handy as my IS reaches 4 years old in November so i was getting a little twitchy ! He said nop problem and has ordered me a new one in. Very helpful, especially when i enquired about a beautiful GS300 he has in. just need to persuade the wife now to part with some more money. Will be posting in the GS forum soon.
  5. I paid £466 at Lexus Woodford even though they didn't change the plugs. That included a set of rear pads on top.
  6. I emailed and called Lexus GB. They told me to speak to my local dealer when I spoke to them but the email reply stated that the replacemet/repair is at the discretion of the dealer. I hope Lexus Woodford live up to their 4 star rating.
  7. Hard luck with the damage. I also hate being tailgated. Probably guilty of it myself in my younger days, fast cars etc. Now have a baby and priorities have changed, better to arrive in one piece than get there with time to spare. Little trick I use during the day is to switch my headlights on while they are right behind me. Rear lights come on and they think I am braking and slam on their brakes. Gets them every time !
  8. I had my first experience with a Lexus dealer at Woodford. 60K service came in at £466.90 which included rear pads replacing and a minor repair under warranty to a radiator hose. The cost of the service was around £100 less than i paid so about £365. Seems favourable with the other post on this topic.
  9. OK boys, rush of blood there bad day etc... Although of the other 235 people that have viewed this post didn't see fit to poke fun. I guess that as this is an old query they just read the next, interesting, item. i suppose I will go back to just reading posts instead of taking an interest. Thanks for you time. PS. Thanks for the understanding from Administartor and Grim.
  10. He didn't like the colour you set of sarcastic *****. Sorry to bore you with my post but if you thought it was not worth replying to then why did you ?
  11. I had a Nissan 300zx before the IS and all 4 corners replaced with F1's. Did around 10k miles a year and found the rears wore down within that time. Very good tyres with lots of grip otherwise. Of course it could have been my fault lighting them up when i could !!!
  12. Hi all, Anyone else heard the rumours of an IS430 ?? A friend of mine who is on his second SC430 reckons the IS version is on it's way. Now there's a tuning project .....
  13. I have seen a few with the cheapest being around £2500 (comet I think last week with a tabloid splash). wee weed of as I have just spent £2200 on a normal wide screen TV.
  14. It has to be Michael Jackson at Roundhay park Leeds. Say what you like about the fallen prince of pop but he can really put on a show !
  15. It has to be the scary east german "The singing, ringing tree" approx 1976 ? Will-o-the-wisp Pipkins Rainbow Fingerbobs