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  1. I hate that chrome door trim. Was on the car when I bought it. I tried to strip it off and it was taking the paint off as the doors, so I left it on.
  2. Actually its a great running car. On my first tour here in Japan I had a Lexus SC400. It had a V8 in it and ran pretty good. They called it the Soarer here.
  3. To be honest, I am a new Lexus owner and not sure. It has the 160HP 4 cylinder motor. I guess from that you can tell me.
  4. Well since my beloved 2004 Competition Orange Cobra is in storage while I do my time in Japan, I bought this 2002 Toyota Altezza IS200. In the US its known as the Lexus IS300. It came with the "Lexus" badging already. When I bought the car is was very dirty and needed some tender loving care. First thing I did was clean the car inside and out. Then I tinted the rear windows. After that came the new wheels and tires. Now for the pictures!
  5. You can buy then stickers from LOC Really? Guess I need to start looking on the site to see where they are advertised. Thanks.
  6. Where did you get the stickers? I just painted mine yesterday.
  7. didnt you ask the same question a while ago? TBH better posting on the US forums as I guess you are military then someone could bring it out on the next rotation? or maybe try the australian or NZ club as its closer. Couldnt you get it from a dealer there also? did you try and get the dash sprayed ? No I asked a question about a dash mat, not the trim. I could try the dealer here, but being in Japan, I imagine its going to cost me. I didn't think about getting the dash sprayed, but sounds like a lot of work. Just thought maybe there was a wholesaler out there or something. Thanks for the tips.
  8. I bought this 2002 Lexus IS200 (IS300 in the states) here in Japan. I have pretty much got the car finally cleaned up and looking pretty nice. The only thing I need is some interior trim pieces. The 2-inch piece that goes around the radio to the top of dash and back down to the center console (U-shaped). I also need the piece that is about 2 inche wide right below the passenger's air bag. The person that had the car tried to clean it with Simple Green and stripped the protective coating. I either need the stock piece or maybe carbon fiber...not looking to spend a forture. Any ideas where I can pick this stuff up? Thanks.
  9. Car runs great now! Like a new ride! :)
  10. Just like I thought. Turned out to be a oxygen sensor. The guy before me used to use 104+ octane every time he filled up. I know that was the cause of it over time. Runs like a champ now!
  11. Thanks all. Man, I never would of thought of finding dashcover for a right hand drive car would of been so hard. Don't people that live in foreign countries that have these cars have problems with the sun beating down on the dash? Oh search continues.
  12. Thanks. It still has the stock exhuast. Hopefully that sensor doesn't cost a lot of freaking money.
  13. Thanks. I thought maybe in the UK somewhere they might sell them outright. I check Ebay.UK and couldn't find one.
  14. have you tried any cleaning or detailing products yourself ? maybe a pic would give us a better idea of your problem :) let us know how you get on Honestly, I am not looking to fix it. Can't be fixed. I just need a dashcover. I used to be in the detail business as a part time job. Any ideas where I can get a dashmat?
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