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  1. May've been taken whilst on an incline with the cruise control activated.
  2. Door mirror motor is a bit of a known issue with the 3GS. Think a number of members on Club Lexus have been there and done that. I'd probably be more concerned about the water pump failure - two members have had an issue, but one was lucky he wondered what the thick white smoke was coming from the engine bay. After being advised to not drive it, but have it lifted, he did, and forked out $650 (inc a $250 part) to fix the play in the pump due to failing seals. The other member claims (with no reason to disbelieve him) that his engine just gave up the ghost hundreds of miles from home, after having filled up not long before hand, without any sign of overheating. No warning lights, no temp rise on the gauge - just one dead and melted engine. Think he's forked out $3K on labour on a rebuild, with Lexus paying the other $7K of the $10K figure I think I'm remembering correctly. 02 sensors and a door mirror motor is cheap by comparison.
  3. Could be in behind the fuel flap for a neater install, or the seller could be American and slightly confused over the Gas option when listing. As for mileage, highly likely that's a bit of fudging to get into search results it'd be otherwise excluded from.
  4. Larry, I think you mistook my dry humour for being deadly serious! Read it again, only with added tongue-in-cheek - then it'll be taken as intended. :winky:
  5. I can just picture that conversation now....... Larry: "Hello, I'd like to become the 513th sale of the new 4th Gen GS....." Sales chap: "Certainly sir" Larry: "....but only if you do me your bestest, bestest deal!" Sales chap: "Certainly sir" <text message to manager>: "We've a real live one here boss! I'm going to throw in the paint protection treatment to clinch it, okay?" Sales chap: "Sorry about that, Mrs wanting me to stop off on the way home and pick up something nice for dinner. Now, about this deal, I've a real gem of a one for you....." Larry: "Uh huh....where do I sign?"
  6. Squealing could be a symptom of needing anti-squeal compound (or more of it) or the shim kit replaced. Either way, it's not mandatory to go with OE parts, especially when other R90 compliant parts can be better on the dustiness or/and initial bite, etc.
  7. Tightening the fuel cap is a free fix! Replacing it will cost a lot lot less than letting Lexus dealerships swap out a perfectly good ECU and O2 sensors. Ever since my one-time scare, I've not seen return of it since - so don't fret yourself into an early grave until you've seen to the above options first.
  8. I imagine your car will have been type approved, so it will be what is stated in the spec sheet at the time. I thought the 460 didn't appear until the facelift.
  9. Sounds like the LEDs have expired, if there's not a wiring issue. That said, check your owner's manual to see if there's a setting option to turn them off, if it's not a dealer job via Techstream.
  10. Nissan has it on one of their models, and no it's not the R35. @Wendle - Ouch! Knew it was a bit more than typical Ventureshield, but yeah, a front end respray could be had for the same £700.
  11. No sealant on this earth will make paintwork chip resistant, irrespective of cost to buy and DIY or have applied for you. If you want protection, then it is going to have to be clear vinyl - plain and simple. For those interested in venturing down that path, you should look at - in particular, the Xpel self repair vinyl. Wendle, as you're Kent based, you'd be wise to visit Kelly at KDS Keltec for a quote.
  12. Can't press down on the brake pedal - why? Which is still - still what? How did you start the car with a jump, if it couldn't detect the key? Next time the key isn't detected, remove it from your pocket and hold it against the start button - as your owner manual shows and explains. Chances are it needs a £2 battery change, but if that doesn't help, then you're not driving long enough to recharge the main battery and/or it's needing to be replaced. What mileage is the car at, and does it have a full service history? If it does, then you can contact the dealers and ask if they have any indication the battery has been replaced since the car was manufactured - assuming the battery is original Lexus branded rather than an obvious replacement such as Varta/Bosch/etc.
  14. IT IS NOT DUFF O2 SENSORS & ECU "UPGRADE" REQUIRED!!! It IS the petrol cap, plain and simple. Next time, push down as you twist on, and give it a few extra clicks. If you're still getting warning lights, buy a new cap first and see if it still remains after that. For further anecdotal proof the warning systems Lexus have decided to employ being less than thoroughly thought through, I give you the SRS Airbag light. Mine has been on more than off in recent weeks, without any rhyme or reason, but first appeared when I'd given the car a good thorough wash and rinse, and treatment. Thought I'd screwed up a parking sensor, but had a stored code cleared the other day, relating to the day I ran out of petrol. Quickly skipping past that tidbit of numptyism, SRS bag was off when the ex-Toyota mechanic plugged in the baby ODB reader, and after clearing it, plugged in the big £7K Snap on version to see if it could show up anything else. Nothing showing, they left it at that, and I said I'll see how it went from thereon in. Still no SRS Airbag light displaying after the System Check has completed - so I can only conclude the timing as coincidental when it appeared, and it was being used to indicate a code stored rather than an actual airbag/PDC sensor issue. So, don't be sweating bullets just yet - you've two things you can try first before resigning yourself to there being something else at play. Just be vigilant on the oil level - I'm 3K miles in on mine, nearing the 80K service, and already I've topped up with 1.5L of oil. Engine will be getting flushed and refilled with 5W-30 or 40, and monitored for consumption then. If it's still drinking it, then I will be inviting Lexus to prove I don't have the sticky ring issue some Club Lexus members have had, and seems to have resulted in an unlimited mileage drivetrain warranty extension. I love this car, but as much as there's a number of elements copied from the BMW E65 7 Series from '02, it's nowhere near as informative/smart, and that's before touching upon the asthmatic seat ventilation fitted! So, to reiterate, put your cheque book down - it's a tad premature to be waving it about, at the moment.
  15. Used Ferodo on my previous car, the Accord - and the discs were Brembo in the box - worked brilliantly. Wouldn't hesitate to reuse on the 300 if they are the best value again - will be looking into Tarox and Textar/Pagid to see if they cover our cars, and how they compare. So as indicated above, you won't really gain anything from sticking with Lexus branded parts except for peace of mind. Any good garage will be able to fit them cheaper as well, and you may as well shop around a few local motor factors to see which ones they offer cover the car. All pads and discs offered will be fully RE90 compliant, which you can read online what that means.
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